List of Free code Xbox


  • Box2D.XNA
    Box2D.XNA is a C#/XNA port of Box2D ( It is optimized for the Xbox 360, minimizing allocations per frame and CPU time. Both the core engine and all test cases are ported including an XNA renderer.
  • Bricks' Bane
    Bricks' Bane is a brick breaker game developed with XNA, for Windows & XBox360. Source code is meant to be educational, including a library of tools for game development. It also includes a .NET level editor which can be used to submit new levels that can become part of the game.
  • C# Synth Project
    A synthesizer made in C# that will allow midi functionality using only the compact framework for any .net device: (windows pc, xbox, or phone).
  • DarkWynter Xna Controller Harness
    Controller Harness in Xna and C#. DWControllers allows coders to hot-swap keyboard, mouse, and xbox 360 controller configurations in code simply and easily.
  • Dolphins Salaam
    This Library is a Cross Platform, UDP Broadcast solution for Peer to Peer network client detection. It is written in pure C# and is Mono and .Net compatible. It has been tested on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox and it is expected to be compatible with every other...
  • Finger Tracking with Kinect SDK for XBOX
    This project explained step by step how to perform finger and hand tracking with the Kinect for XBOX with the official Kinect SDK.
  • GODspeed - FTP client for JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 consoles
    Total Commander like FTP client designed to fasten and clarify file management of JTAG/RGH/DevKit Xbox 360 consoles.
  • Jemgine
    An easily extend-able 2D game engine written in C# with XNA 4.0 for Windows and Xbox 360. Includes level editor and powerful node-based scripting language.
  • Kinect Skeleton Recorder
    Records and shows XBox 360 Kinect skeleton data using windows forms. Saves the data as XML that can be read by other applications for use in animation.
  • Name
    A small XNA game in the Worms Style. It runs on the Zune, Windows, and Xbox with a few tweaks. The code is still in for per-pixel collision and deformable terrain however the current version does not use that code because of Zune performance problems.
  • ParallelTasks
    A concurrency library optimised for the Xbox360 (Compact Framework), designed to ease the development of applications with scale across n processor cores.
  • PartyBlam
    A free and OpenSource .NET library for 'hacking' the Blam! game engine's XBox container files.
  • PortableDI - Portable Lightweight Dependency Injection
    PortableDI is a very lightweight dependency injection container build to be portable to all common windows platforms like WinRT, Win8, WP7, WP8 and XBox.
  • RaycasterX
    RaycasterX is an MIT-licensed project geared towards the creation of a full raycasting engine for XNA. Currently RaycasterX is built against the XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP providing support on both Windows and Zune. Xbox 360 support will be added when a version of XNA Game Studio...
  • Tower Defense 3D with C# and XNA
    A classical Tower Defense but in 3D. Developped in C# and using XNA, this game is aimed to be released on both Windows and Xbox 360. This project is a part of a course for the 1st y of IT MASTER in Besancon, France.
  • TRA: The Unknown
    A Multiplayer only FPS, created in C# using XNA for the Xbox 360
  • Xbox Controller as User Interface
    This application allows users to use their Xbox 360 Controller for Windows as a user input device. It allows users to dynamically select a key layout and create custom layouts to use and distribute. It is written in pure C# and references the XNA framework and the WIN32 API.
  • XGAE
    XNA Genuine Artificial intelligence Engine (XGAE) - artificial intelligence engine for XNA platform: Windows and XBOX.
  • XNA 4.0 UI System for Xbox 360 and Windows.
    Easily create a polished UI for your XNA games.
  • XNA Basic Starter Kit
    The XNA Basic Starter Kit is a mashup of many basic features of an Xbox Live Indie Game.

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