List of Free code Minecraft


  • bloc'm
    A Minecraft NBT and McRegion file reader.
  • Craft .NET
    Craft .NET is a C# library written for the use of managing Minecraft servers and associated files on the Windows platform.
  • ForgeCraft
    ForgeCraft is a C# Minecraft Beta server based on LibMinecraft. It has been released under an open-source license to allow the community to help us develop it further. We welcome all patches, and will merge them at our discretion.
  • MapUpdater
    MapUpdater is a simple application that connects to one or more ftp servers, downloads your minecraft world data, generates images and uploads them to another ftp server. c10t is the only renderer currently supported.
  • MCServe
    MCServe is the minecraft-server which takes advantage of the performance of the .NET Framework
  • Minecraft Backup Assistant
    Minecraft Backup Assistant helps you to backup your Minecraft saves. It features fast backup, ZIP backup, restoring, Cartographing the save and more. It's developed in C#.
  • Minecraft GPS
    With Minecraft GPS you'll never get lost while spelunking deep underground in the game Minecraft.
  • Minecraft Tools
    This project includes various .NET-based tools for working with Minecraft, including a speedy map renderer and an easy-to-use mod installer.
  • MinecraftLauncher
    A WPF project to launch various versions of the minecraft client.
  • Minemapper
    Minemapper is an interactive, dynamic mapper for Minecraft. It uses mcmap to generate small map image tiles, then lets you pan and zoom around, quickly generating new tiles as needed.
  • Perfect Sphere
    Originally created for MineCraft, this little app creates voxel designs for perfect spheres.
  • TPM
    C# program that edit and mix Texture Packs for game Minecraft.
  • VoxelEngine
    Minecraft style terrain engine in SharpDX, SlimDX, C# XNA 4.0

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