List of Free code DirectX


  • 3DModeling
    Here are implemented all possible transformations ( rotation, moving, scaling ). Also here are implemented number of algorithm for eliminating invisible lines and surfaces. Some simple algorithms for light. For layout are used DirectX libraries. (GDI is also supported).
  • D3 Community Development
    This is a project for the community to take up development of the DynamicDataDisplay project. Currently, it is primarily centered on improving the performance of the existing codebase using DirectX for drawing.
  • Dice & Paper Game Assistant
    This application will integrate live voice, webcam and chat feeds with character sheet management and dice rolling/combat management screens. The app will be built using WPF, WCF, SQL Server Compact Edition (with Sync Services) and possibly with DirectX or Live Services.
  • DirectX for WPF
    C# DirectX samples, based on SharpDX and rendering within a WPF user interface. Making it easy for a C# / WPF developer to start learning and programing with DirectX
  • DirectX Input for XNA
    The DirectX Input for XNA allows usage of DirectX compatibles Joysticks in XNA game development for windows.
  • DirectX Tool Kit
    DirectXTK is a shared source library of helpers for Direct3D 11 C++ applications.
  • EffectEd
    EffectEd is an HLSL code editor for Direct3D and XNA. It's a lightweight alternative to heavy applications like FX Composer. EffectEd's priority is to easily integrate in your daily workflow writing shader and effect code for DirectX (and thus, also for XNA). It has th...
  • JBBRXG11
    An extension to XNA 4 to allow use of DirectX 10 and 11 features, especially geometry shaders and tesselation.
  • LCARS MediaCenter
    This is a Project to develop a MediaCenter in an Star Trek LCARS Interface. Is completry written in C# and use DirectX for Displaying.
  • MachinaAurum
    Proxy Generator Aspected Oriented Programming DirectX 10 in XNA
  • Pulse-Tec
    A game engine in development using DirectX 11 renderer.
  • SlimDXControl
    SlimDXControl is a WPF control that wraps the complexity of managing a D3DImage for you. You just have to implement the actual DirectX rendering piece -- no messing about with device management or IsFrontBufferAvailableChanged.
  • Small Media Library (for Games and other 3D rendering applications)
    A .NET library that utilises DirectShow to render video into a block of memory that can be easily written to surfaces managed by rendering APIs such as DirectX and OpenGL, or used in any other way the host application requires.
  • Software Render
    Full Software Render developed in C# and XNA using the Ploobs Engine ( ). Mimic the stages of Directx 11 pipeline in software, including Vertex, Geometric,Pixel, Hull and Domain Shader programable in C#. Uses Barycentric triangle rasterization.
  • Studio Post Effect
    Studio Post Effect is an application to create advanced visual effects and pixel shaders, for both designers and developpers. You can then compose even more complex and advanced effects by combining primitve effects the way you want. Written in C# and managed DirectX.
  • TechNewLogic GraphIT - WPF 2D Line Chart and Graph Control
    GraphIT is a WPF control for drawing and analyzing 2D line charts. It is written in C# and utilizes no interop with DirectX oder other non-WPF technologies.
  • Vivid3D 2 - DirectX 10 3D ToolKit
    Advanced 3d toolkit built around the visual studio 2010 (pro or trial) ide. All editors and tools are coded as visual studio addins, in C#(The same lang as the engine). Currently has DX10 and DX11 renderers.Can add new api support via a single plugin. Uses CS-Script/SlimDX.
  • Zeta Engine
    A simple 3D game engine I'm writing mostly for personal/educational purposes but open for to anyone use. It is written in C++ using DirectX and Havok physics engine. The project will also include games I write with the engine.

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