List of Free code XNA


  • Animated Sprite in XNA Framework
    This project show how to implement an animated sprite in XNA. The project was developed using C# and the XNA Framework and the Visual studio 2010 SDK.
  • AssimpXna
    AssimpXna is a custom model importer for Xna 4.0 using the Open Asset Import Library (Assimp).
  • Coding4Fun - XNA Effects - Ocean
    Sample code for the Coding4Fun article about how to create an endless ocean using C# and XNA
  • Coding4Fun Laser Tag
    Ever want to do some cool effects with lasers? This Coding4Fun project by Jeremiah Morrill shows how to leverage WPF and XNA to create a Laser Graffiti System.
  • CUDA Mass-Spring system simulation
    This is the work of my university thesis, it's a mass-spring simulation system built on CUDA, C# is the desired language but I have to evaluate the CUDA-C# integration first, I'll also try to use XNA but might switch to SlimDX if CUDA-Direct3D interop isn't possible with XNA.
  • Easy Pak
    EasyPak is a content packer for Xna. It is a fork Nick Gravelyn's EasyZip without the compression since Xna now compresses your files for you. EasyPak can reduce loading times by merging your content to minimize seek times. Loading the content requires minimal code changes.
  • Effector
    A shader effect editor powered by XNA and WPF of .NET Framework 3.5.This is for me to learn and expirament in general with the .NET framework 3.5, but if it becomes stable and operational I will upload files for download.
  • Holofunk
    A Kinect-based gestural live looping experience. Holofunk integrates Kinect body tracking for gesturing, a Wiimote for low-latency clicking, the BASS audio library for audio processing, an ASIO sound driver for low-latency recording, and XNA for a fast and attractive interf...
  • JigLibX
    JigLibX is a specially for XNA designed C# port of the Physic Engine "JigLib" (Link below)
  • Johnnylightbulb's XNA Stuff
    Personal projects using XNA, C#, and luck. Every once and then I parse a BSP file or hack up some HLSL code.
  • Kinect Head Tracking XNA 4.0 Demo
    Kinect SDK XNA 4.0 Head Tracking Demo
  • Little Tower Defense
    Ein klaines XNA Spiel in Entwicklung.
  • Open Tetris XNA
    Open Source Tetris built using XNA 4.0. Tribute to the movie "300" :)
  • Rock Band Stage Kit API
    The Rock Band Stage Kit API allows .NET and XNA programmers to access the strobe light, fog machine, and LED Light Display of the Rock Band Stage Kit. It is developed in C# 3.5.
  • RPG Maplestory XNA SDK C#
    a RPG Maplestory XNA SDK makes it easier for all people want to devolopded a Platform rpg in XNA - C#
  • Simple AI Engine for XNA
    Simple AI Engine for XNA featuring: gridded maps, A* pathfinding, pathfollowing, behaviours
  • Swarm Defense
    An XNA based approach to a tower defense variation.
  • Tiny Engine (XNA)
    Small prototyping engine and editor for XNA
  • x3dxamlxna
    a x3d browser written in XNA
  • XNA and Component Based Design
    This project includes code for XNA and Component Based Design
  • XNA and Level Validation
    This project includes code for XNA and Level Validation
  • XNA Animation Component Library
    The goal is to make a library of animation components that allows programmers to easily animate their models.
  • XNA Command Console (XNACC)
    XNACC is a component that adds an interactive command console to your XNA project. It supports many built-in commands, as well as custom commands, key bindings, simple functions (macros), console variables and can use functions in external assemblies. Implemented in C#/VS2...
  • XNA Direct Input Wrapper
    XDI is a Direct Input wrapper for XNA written in C#. It's based on the work started by soopahman 3 years ago. The goal of the project is to extend it to a GameComponent with a settings file system to allow support for any PC gamepad in XNA.
  • XNA Graphics Demo
    An graphics demo written in C# and XNA
  • XNA Pathfinding Library
    The project is a pathfiding library for XNA, featuring A*, Breadth and Depth search. It also has some performance controls and event handling triggered during the search for fine tunning.
  • XNA Quake 3 Lib
    XNA class library for supporting loading of Quake 3+ art content. Library provides XNA Content Importers for loading quake 3 contents (BSP, MD3, MD5Mesh etc)
  • XNA RogueLike
    The XNA Roguelike project is an attempt to develop a roguelike in C# using the Microsoft XNA framework.
  • XNA Tweener
    This is a library for XNA for doing animation movement - tweening. Can be used for movement, color changes, fades and whaterver you can dream up that has to be changed over time.
    XNA Content Pipeline Importer for native blender files (.blend).
    XNA projects of first russian XNA community
  • xnaMugen
    An open source clone of Elecbyte's MUGEN fighting engine. Built using: C# 3.0 dotNet Framework 2.0 XNA Framework 3 Visual C# 2008 Managed DirectSound
  • XNAnimation Library
    XNAnimation is a skeletal animation library for XNA. This library allows developers to easly manipulate, playback, interpolate and blend animations.
  • XNAPlatformer
    A Metal Slug/Contra style platform shooter in XNA
  • XNB filetype plugin for Paint.NET
    This plugin allows viewing and editing of XNA compiled textures from inside Paint.NET.

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