List of Free code Database


  • adbcj
    Asynchronous Database Connectivity in Java.
  • addendum
    A strategy for managing database schema changes in Java applications.
  • android database
    An implementation of a model abstraction to work with sqlite3.
  • autopatch
    An automated database patching framework for Java.
  • azdb
    simple database persistence layer for java.
  • azzyzt jee tools
    A collection of open source software tools helping software developers to create database backed services using Java Enterprise Edition 6. It is designed to be integrated with popular Java IDEs.
  • bering
    A tool for database schema creation and refactoring. It is is modeled on Ruby on Rails' ActiveRecord migrations and is designed for use with java projects.
  • blur
    Blur is an open source search engine capable of querying massive amounts of data at incredible speeds. Rather than using the flat, document like data model used by most search solutions, Blur allows you to build rich data models and search them in a relational manner similar to querying a relational database.
  • c5 db migration
    Java database migration and versioning framework inspired by Rails ActiveMigration.
  • CapstoneLab
    This project allows a user to manage orders and inventory for the Java Tunes database.
  • Centaurus
    Centaurus will be an Java ODM framework for NoSQL databases.
  • chainquery
    A typed database query language for Java.
  • choco cake framework
    Java based framework oriented to database that store data in memory to help developers create Enterprise level programs.
  • Cobweb
    Cobweb is a Java applet for real time network visualisation; its strength lies in enabling the interactive exploration of networks. Therefore, it allows new nodes to be interactively added to a network by querying a database on a server. The network constantly rearranges to provide the most meaningful topological view.
  • couch transfer
    A Java library to support exporting and importing Couch databases.
  • crnickl
    CrNiCKL (chronicle) is a Java database for time series.
  • culvert
    Secondary indexing for structured and unstructured data in Big Table style databases.
  • d2 rq
    Database to RDF mapping engine and SPARQL server.
  • dari
    Dari is a powerful data modeling framework that makes it easy to work with complex data structures and persist them to one or more database backends. It's been carefully crafted over years of experience with real world challenges.
  • Database Concurrency Control
    ADS concurrency control simulation.
  • Database Practice
    Just little scripts in java for using databases.
  • Database Project
    csce 4420 team ~.
  • databaseliner
    Databaseliner is a tool for spidering a database to produce a referentially integral subset of data.
  • db evaluation
    A simple java database evaluation skeleton.
  • db preferences
    Database Java Preferences API implementation.
  • DbCompare
    Database content comparison tool ( Java ).
  • dbcompare
    a db compare module support controllable concurrent comparing data from db.
  • dbdeploy
    Java tools to manage agile database development.
  • dbinit
    DBInit is a Java service API that allows the incremental update of a database at the start up of an application ( web , stand alone, etc.). It works with H2 but should work as well with other databases.
  • DbSetup
    An API for populating a database in unit tests.
  • de.cinovo.q.connector
    The Java connector can access a kdb+ / kdb+tick environment in Q from Kx Systems. You can subscribe to Q processes[] /.u.sub[] technique or make queries to the kdb+ database using Q language.
  • DeciBell
    DeciBell is an Object Relation database mapper for Java.
  • doma
    Java Database Access Framework.
  • Dux TestingFramework
    Dux is a testing framework for the Java code that use database. Easy,Simple and Independent of any containers.
  • edacc api
    Java API for EDACC databases.
  • eeg database
    EEG/ERP portal enables community researchers to store, update, download and search data and metadata from EEG/ERP experiments. The system is developed as a standalone product; the database access is available through a web interface.
  • eleven0eight commons data
    common java database access layer.
  • evolve
    A java database migration tool like Django South and Rails Migrations.
  • fasttrack
    A Java Library that allows persisting, fast tracking any Java Instance in a single generic database table.
  • Firkin
    A Java library to simplify data access operations with a Riak database.
  • fly
    A simple Java framework to build modern web UIs for database centric applications.
  • flyway
    Flyway The Agile Database Migration Framework for Java.
  • foresight
    A standalone, in memory database for Java meant to teach me more about implementing an RDBMS...
  • geodb
    Spatial database bindings for Java.
  • GeoIP Java
    Java Interface to MaxMind Database.
  • GeoIP2 java
    Java API for GeoIP2 webservice client and database reader.
  • GitPetProject
    Java DataBase \XML\MThreading task.
  • graylog2 server
    Graylog2 is an open source syslog implementation that stores your logs in ElasticSearch. It consists of a server written in Java that accepts your syslog messages via TCP or UDP and stores it in the database. The second part is a Ruby on Rails web interface that allows you to view the log messages.
  • Habbo Server
    A Habbo Hotel emulation server, written in Java for the post shuffle client. Has it's own, unique, database.
  • HistoryGluon
    HistoryGluon provides features to store data (especially history data ) on NoSQL Databases with simple way from a number of programing languages.
  • Homeschool Tracker
    Java program using an embedded Derby database to track homeschooling information for multiple students.
  • hongo dbm
    tiny key value hash database written by java.
  • jack
    A set of scripts for generating fully functional Java database models from Ruby's ActiveRecord models and migrations.
  • Java DataBase
    Trying to create my own database based on Computer Science Center Database course.
  • Java DBFParser
    A java parser for DBF database files so information can be extracted and inserted on various types of databases.
  • java ee spike kata
    Multiple attempts as creating a simple web to database application in Java with TDD without a web framework.
  • java sdk SDK for Java.
  • java seeder
    A lightweight db seeding framework.
  • javatator
    Javatator: Java database admin tool.
  • jdal
    Java Database Application Library.
  • jdba
    Java Database Access Layer.
  • JDBM3
    Embedded Key Value Java Database.
  • jDBMD
    Java library for the fetching and representation of database metadata.
  • jdorm
    jDORM provides a simple framework for Object Relational Mapping to databases in Java. The framework was designed with the intent of providing similar functionality and ease of use seen in ActiveRecord from the Ruby on Rails framework.
  • JDynA
    JDynA is a JAVA library for the management of persistable object properties in a dynamic fashion. The structure of domain objects can be modified by adding, removing or altering properties, also via web UI, without need for any change in the database.
  • jeospatial
    A geospatial point database library for Java.
  • JLevelDB
    Java access to LevelDB Google Project Database.
  • jnr netdb
    Network services database access for java.
  • jpospm security db
    jPOS Presentation Manager DB support for security core module.
  • judaw
    Easier connecting to and querying from your UniData database via Java.
  • kerpow
    An archival database GUI written in Java , using an embeddded Derby database.
  • legacy trade revenue importer
    Java app that parses a Fix Width.dat file, creates a.csv file, backs up files, & imports.csv into database.
  • libSDBConnector
    a java library to make Database connection in Java more easy.
  • Lobster web server
    A small java web server (with database wrapper).
  • Localization
    Localization Assignment with Java , Use of XML to store data instead of database.
  • MapDB
    MapDB provides concurrent Maps, Sets and Queues backed by disk storage or off heap memory. It is a fast and easy to use embedded Java database engine.
  • mdb commons
    Java database engine that uses annotations to create metadatas used for objects persistence. This releves the user from having to create a schema for a relational database and also eliminates the need for object relational mapping.
  • MiKOrganiser
    Some Java code to organise my Mixed In Key database.
  • miniproject
    Graphical tool to manipulate BOINC project database using Java.
  • modeshape examples
    A set of examples for ModeShape, which is a lightweight, fast, pluggable, open source, federating JCR implementation that can unify content from multiple systems, including files systems, databases, data grids, other repositories, etc.
  • noSQLite4j
    A lite NoSQL database for java. Really easy to implement.
  • onebusaway gtfs modules
    A Java based library for reading, writing, and transforming public transit data in the GTFS format, including database support.
  • oraxtra
    A little tool writen in java to trace the execution plan for a given database query.
  • p6spy
    P6Spy is a framework that enables database data to be seamlessly intercepted and manipulated with no code changes to existing application.
  • pdb
    PulseDB is a database mapping software library in Java , it provides a transparent access and manipulation to a great variety of database implementations.
  • PIDConverter
    A converter for the Nature Pathway Interaction Database XML into Java Objects.
  • play crud siena
    A module for the Play! web framework providing a CRUD mechanism when using Siena DB APIs.
  • play jpastats
    A plugin for the Play framework that allows you to see the number of database queries executed for a request.
  • Prog3TP3
    Simple database client in java.
  • PubMed Dataset
    PubMed Dataset is a Java library for the automatic creation of datasets using PubMed`s database articles.
  • recipesdb
    A Java based recipes database , to learn Hibernate/Seam, etc.
  • ruian2pgsql
    Converts R?IAN data to PostgreSQL database.
  • sagesmobile etl
    Java based ETL that extracts data from the mobile receiver and loads into a relational database on host machine.
  • schemaInject
    Java package for automatic database schema injection.
  • Schemaless DatabaseDotCom
    Use like a schema less, document database the way that NoSQL programmers are accustomed to. Unlike some NoSQL vendors, has SOQL and infinite scaling.
  • Search WebSite Java Example
    An Example about how to build a simple website to search in the database. This example searchs in a database of science articles.
  • sg cdb
    Java version of D.J. Bernstein's constant database (cdb) library.
  • simple java
    Code for the talk at GOTOCon Prague & Amsterdam about writing simple web apps Plain Simple Java , and another one at Topconf 3 tales of testing DB enabled apps.
  • simpledbconnectionpool
    A simple DB connection pool framework in Java , with a default contracting pool implementation and patterns for expansion.
  • spatial index
    R Tree in Java with storage capabilities and an api (i.e. Embedded Spatial Database ).
  • staccato
    Database migration management for Java.
  • Statastic
    A Java library for tracking statistics over time in a round robin database. A round robin database is a fixed size database with several time spans it accumulates statistics over.
  • steam database explorer
    A Java GUI that fetches and presents some information obtained via the Steam API.
  • stormRoomOccupancy
    Example of basic Storm topology that updates DB persistent state.
  • tmdb java
    A Java wrapper around The Movie Database API v3. It is still incomplete, pull requests welcome.
  • TurtleDB
    A mini distributed database engine in Java.
  • Umbra
    as explored as the accuracy from the other location sources is not good enough. Currently the minimum accuracy needed for saving the explored area is set at 100 m (600 feet). The accuracy is displayed as a disc around the current position. Umbra saves your exploration in an internal database (nothing is sent over the network ).
  • wca workbook assistant
    A Java application for processing Excel workbooks with WCA competition results for uploading them to the WCA database.
  • whisper4j
    A java library for reading and writing whisper time series database files.

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