List of Free code neo4j


  • amanzi index
    Multi property indexes for Neo4j Graph Databases.
  • batch importer
    batch importer for neo4j data import.
  • Big Data Import
    A caching system that interfaces with Neo4j for importing very large amounts of relationships.
  • bitcoingraphdb
    A Tool For Importing the Blitcoin Blockchain into the Neo4j Graph Database.
  • community
    Neo4j Graph Database Community Edition.
  • data generator
    Tools for generating large datasets in Neo4j.
  • graph Algos
    Graph Algorithms for Neo4j.
  • graph cluster utils
    Test bed for various partitioning algorithms on coloured Neo4j instances.
  • graph collections
    In graph collections for the Neo4j graph database.
  • graph gen utils
    neo4j, chaco files, gml files, metrics files, in memory graphs , etc.
  • graph search
    A simple neo4j driven graph search.
  • graphavik
    A object to graph mapping framework based on Blueprints and inspired by Frames and Spring Data Neo4j. Planned to be such usefull as Spring Data Neo4j (even more) but without any vendor lock.
  • graphipedia
    Creates a Neo4j graph of Wikipedia links.
  • graphity evaluation
    Graphity is a graph data base index (currently based on @neo4j) that supports fast retrieval of social news stream like twitter / facebook. Its runtime depends only linear on the amount of retrieved items. It thus scales! This repo contains the source code of graphity together with an evaluation frame work against several baselines.
  • hands on spring data
    Exercises for learning Spring Data JPA , Mongo, Neo4j and friends.
  • java shop categories
    Java implementation of a shop domain model with categories and products, using the Neo4j graph database.
  • JavaFX Spring with Neo4j
    JavaFX in Spring with Neo4j.
  • JavaNeo4Granny
    Granny's Address Book , ported to run on Neo4J.
  • javascript plugin
    JavaScript plugin for Neo4j Server.
  • lazyscales
    LazyScales is an experiment with musical scales, (guitar) fretboards and Neo4j, the graph database.
  • LunchSelector Java
    A web based application to demonstrate neo4j.
  • neo4j
    The World's Leading Graph Database.
  • neo4j enterprise
    Neo4j Graph Database Enterprise Edition.
  • neo4j examples
    Examples projects for Neo4J (embedded server, remote using REST, Spring Data , Gremlin...).
  • neo4j framework
    Graph Aware Neo4j Framework.
  • neo4j google analytics
    Better visualization of google analytics data for the flow between your pages using neo4j and circos.
  • neo4j java rest binding
    this repository is deprecated, it has moved on to java rest binding.
  • neo4j osm routing
    Route calculations using Neo4j graph database over OSM data.
  • neo4j partitioned api
    cleaned version of neo4j_ api _test.
  • neo4j places and people
    A sample modeling application showing how to track people who passed through some place using Neo4j.
  • neo4j relcount
    Graph Aware Relationship Count Module.
  • Neo4j Spring Integration
    A transaction manager module for neo4j that enables tx handling from Spring and sample code.
  • neo4j terse protocol
    Spike for a terse JSON /HTTP protocol for neo4j server.
  • neo4j tutorial
    A koan style tutorial in Java for Neo4j.
  • neo4j wrapper
    Wrapper implementation of the Neo4j Graph Database API.
  • Neo4jVaadinDemo
    A project that demonstrates how to build Vaadin applications that use the Neo4j graph database.
  • neode
    A declarative fluent interface for building sample Neo4j datasets.
  • NeoProjectManager
    A project manager based on Neo4J graph database.
  • nerlo
    Erlang to Java adapter/facade; access neo4j from within Erlang.
  • nosql
    Neo4j + Mongodb sample codes.
  • sdn twitter graph
    A sample twitter graph application written with Spring Data Neo4j.
  • sdn webinar
    Spring Data Neo4j Webinar Demo.
  • social network workshop
    A tutorial for creating a social network system based on Neo4j.
  • spatial
    Neo4j Spatial is a library of utilities for Neo4j that faciliates the enabling of spatial operations on data. In particular you can add spatial indexes to already located data , and perform spatial operations on the data like searching for data within.
  • spring data examples
    Source code examples for JPA , MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis.
  • spring data graph
    Provides support to increase developer productivity in Java when using a graph database like Neo4j. Uses familiar Spring concepts such as a template classes for core API usage and provides an annotation based programming model using AspectJ.
  • spring data neo4j
    Provides support to increase developer productivity in Java when using the neo4j graph database. Uses familiar Spring concepts such as a template classes for core API usage and provides an annotation based programming model using AspectJ.
  • spring data neo4j javafx tableview
    This is a showcase demonstrating how Spring Data Neo4j can be displayed and edited in a JavaFX TableView.
  • spring data neo4j showcase
    Showcase for our blog entry about Spring Data Neo4j.
  • spring roo addon neo4j
    Spring Roo Add on for Neo4j Graph Database Persistence.
  • SpringData Graph Sample
    A sample spring data neo4j graph sample.
  • SpringNeo4JWebApp
    a SpringMVC web app I created using Neo4J and the Arbor JS graph framework.
    My Works on the Twitter Storm Framework during Summer Research Fellowship Program 2013 at SERC, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  • structr
    Java framework for mobile and web applications based on the graph database Neo4j.
  • typology
    Typology is a graph based data structure for text prediction (right now based on @neo4j). It enables to suggest users what words they will type next. It was developed by Rene Pickhardt, Paul Georg Wagner and Till Speicher. This repo contains the main data structure as well as en evaluation frame work, applications built on top of typology and much more stuff.
  • vertx neo4j graph
    Vert.x module to read and write a neo4j graph database.

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