List of Free code JPA


  • active collections
    active_record style querying for jpa.
  • activiti jpa api
    acitiviti api for hibernate.
  • Batoo JPA
    Batoo JPA Fastest JPA Implementation Ever! Over 15 times faster than the leading JPA implementations.
  • ClientesApp
    Ejemplo de aplicaci?n con jpa UNTDF.
  • controle login vraptor 3
    Controle de login com VRaptor 3 e JPA.
  • Croquette
    A collection of Java beans annotated for persistence in a semantic web dog food server using Empire (aka JPA+RDF meets SPARQL).
  • derbyfood
    Simple j2se JPA project to manage the boring lunch sample.
  • Empire
    JPA implementation for RDF.
  • Fixy
    YAML Test Fixtures for JPA.
  • guice jpa
    Unofficial Guice extension for JPA with support of container managed persistence units and transactions.
  • hades showcase
    Sample project to show how Hades eases JPA repository implementation.
  • hibernate jpa api
    Clean room definition of JPA APIs intended for transitory use in Hibernate JPA development.
  • hibernate metamodelgen
    Annotation Processor to generate JPA 2 static metamodel classes.
  • jdbi annotation
    JPA annotation extension for jDBI.
  • jpa annotation processor
    Sample code for JavaOne 2012 talk CON7928 Writing Annotation Processors to Aid Your Development Process.
  • jpa cloner
    The JPA cloner project.
  • JPA NestedSet
    A NestedSet implementation for use with JPA (2).
  • jpa passive logging example
    A JPA changes (Create, Modify and Delete) model logger that does this passively.
  • jpa query by example
    Simple framework for creating JPA queries by Example.
  • jpa repository
    Repository programming model with JPA 2 and Specification pattern provides a simple and easy way to build the data access layer.
  • jsonquery jpa
    translates JSON queries to JPA queries.
  • Kundera
    A JPA 2.0 compliant Object Datastore Mapping Library for NoSQL Datastores. Please subscribe to:.
  • org.meri. jpa .tutorial
    Examples and test cases for JPA tutorial.
  • osemManagerDifferentVersionDifferentContractorNOTBeingUsed
    A JPA like Java Object/Search Engine Mapping (OSEM).
  • pypapi
    Desktop Application Framework is an application framework based on JPA 2 persistence provider and Qt toolkit.
  • query
    CDI Extension for JPA query utilities.
  • querybyspec
    Java DDD specification and repository library. Provides both an in memory and JPA implementation to query by specification.
  • simple jpa hibernate guice desktop app
    A simple proof of concept of a desktop Java application with database access using JPA, Hibernate and Guice.
  • simplejpa
    SimpleJPA Java Persistence API (JPA) implementation for Amazon SimpleDB.
  • tubs Data Access
    TUBS Data Access layer using JPA.
  • wiseml
    Package for marshalling/unmarshaling wisebed resource files in XML, RDBMS and RDF format. Uses JiBX bindings, JPA /Hibernate and Jena.

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