List of Free code Hadoop


  • ades
    An analysis of adverse drug event data using Hadoop, R, and Gephi.
  • avro json
    Utilities for converting to and from JSON from Avro records via Hadoop streaming or Hive.
  • basic hadoop examples
    Code that goes with Hadoop presentation.
  • datafu
    Hadoop library for large scale data processing.
  • elephantdb
    Distributed database specialized in exporting key/value data from Hadoop.
  • feathers
    Java classes that can be useful for Dumbo programs that run on Hadoop Streaming.
  • geometry api java
    The Esri Geometry API for Java enables developers to write custom applications for analysis of spatial data. This API is used in the Esri GIS Tools for Hadoop and other 3rd party data processing solutions.
  • gis tools for hadoop
    The GIS Tools for Hadoop are a collection of GIS tools for spatial analysis of big data.
  • hadoop binary analysis
    Framework that makes processing arbitrary binary data in Hadoop easier.
  • Hadoop example 1 WordCount
    Hadoop example 1 WordCount.
  • hadoop examples
    Just playing with simple hadoop examples.
  • hadoop framework
    This is a prototype system that uses Hadoop to process hard drive images.
  • heritrix hdfs writer
    A Heritrix 3 writer processor for storing crawled data in the Hadoop Distributed File System.
  • hia examples
    Hadoop In Action Examples.
  • Ivory
    Data Management + Feed Processing Platform over Hadoop.
  • MaryJane
    A server which (eventually) writes data to Hadoop.
  • msgpack hadoop
    MessagePack Hadoop integration provides an efficient schema free data representation for Hadoop and Hive.
  • Omniture Data FileInputFormat
    An Apache Hadoop input format for Omniture daily data files (hit_ data.tsv). Works identically to TextInputFormat except for the fact that it uses a EscapedLineReader which gets around Omniture's pesky escaped tabs and newlines.
  • openmobius
    High level Java data processing framework based on Hadoop.
  • riak hadoop
    Riak data as input to hadoop m/r and output of hadoop m/r.
  • SciHadoop
    Integration code to enable Hadoop processing of data in NetCDF format.
  • seismichadoop
    System for performing seismic data processing on a Hadoop cluster.
  • SocialtextPOC
    Hadoop POC using data harvested from Socialtext.
  • sofia
    Code example to use Elastic Search as vector provider for a Mahout classifier (and for data exploration). On a related note will also contain sample code to move from the sequential setup to a distributed Hadoop implementation. In terms of data the example is based on the StackOverflow dump published among others on kaggle.
  • spatial framework for hadoop
    The Spatial Framework for Hadoop allows developers and data scientists to use the Hadoop data processing system for spatial data analysis.
  • spring hadoop admin
    Web application and API for managing and monitoring Spring Hadoop.
  • spring hadoop samples old
    Sample Applications for getting started with Spring for Apache Hadoop.
  • Starfish
    Starfish is a self tuning system for big data analytics. Starfish builds on Hadoop while adapting to user needs and system workloads to provide good performance automatically, without any need for users to understand and manipulate the many tuning knobs in Hadoop.
  • webhdfs java client
    Hadoop Web HDFS REST API's java client code with kerberos auth.
  • weibo analysis
    weibo data /network analysis with hadoop.

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