List of Free code Game


  • 2 DJS
    Dumb 2D game to gtd.
  • 2d 4x
    2d Sidescrolling 4x game.
  • a rosy cerebrum disk
    A 2D mini golfish game built in Gazelle.
  • acmejs
    Cross platform, low garbage entity/component JavaScript game framework.
  • agentvsagent
    A collection of simple games that can be played by computer programs developed by people of various levels of experience.
  • alchemy
    A simple web based game, inspired by android alchemy game. Rails backend you can create any elements you want.
  • Androtafl
    Androtafl a Tafl board game for Android.
  • angular sudoku
    Sudoku game built with angular.js.
  • animation smoother
    Based on Tween.js library and contains utility methods for interpolating game object positions.
  • artemijs
    This is port of Artemis, is a high performance Entity System framework for games, written in JavaScript, and is a framework to manage entities in a game world.
  • ash js
    A JavaScript port of Ash Framework an Actionscript 3 entity framework for game development.
  • Balloon Diaspora
    Scripts from the game Balloon Diaspora.
  • bananabomber
    javascript game backed by craftly.
  • battlecity
    The clone of popular game BattleCity (Tanks).
  • BattleCity.AI
    A classic tank game with AI.
  • bbgchallenge3
    The third in a series of friendly game making challenges in association with!.
  • beat em up
    Game Hack Feb 2013.
  • Bitcoin Potato
    A game of Hot Potato using Bitcoin.
  • BlockSnot
    making a game with coquette.js.
  • blog
    Node project for my blog / mini game.
  • blueBear
    2d game where the player maneuvers a little bear dressed in blue clothing through an imaginary world.
  • Bombertab
    A game demo based on Tremolo and BlastBeat.
  • bosnian dragon
    A browser game based on a short movie. Programmed in JavaScript using the EaselJS library.
  • botswana
    Browser based arena game with programmable bots written in JavaScript.
  • BrushMan
    Javascript game framework for 2d games.
  • building the game
    Source for the series of blog posts "Building the Game " on Tojicode.
  • bull
    Simple game , at pre alpha state.
  • ButtNucket
    A box 2d /Easel game.
  • dragon
    BXG Sample Game for Release 1.
  • cannon game
    A dual screen game in which you throw around cannon balls. Leverages Box 2D and to enable a touch interface for any browser.
  • cardgamemgmt
    TCG match and management webapp following the Open Packaging Convention (OPC) for game and card set definitions.
  • CAT16 ant attack in js
    Having a go at porting the old Spectrum game Ant Attack into js.
  • catapult
    Game asset and code file monitor and server.
  • CaveOfEpokothar
    a javascript rogue like game.
  • ces.js
    Component Entity System framework for JavaScript games.
  • Chess.js
    A chess game written in JavaScript.
  • ChessClock
    A game clock (also called chess clock) designed to work across all screen sizes (from mobile to ridiculous) using the latest web technologies ( TypeScript , Less and MVVM ).
  • chromecast gb
    Working Game Boy emulator for chromecast.
  • cljs ajax battleship
    A project done as a learning exercise while implementing the game Battleship in Clojure and ClojureScript.
  • cnnctfr
    Connect Four game with AI opponent.
  • cocos 2d base application
    My base code to write a new game with cocos 2d javascript.
  • cocos 2D JavaScript Sandbox
    This is where I play around using cocos 2D trying to prepare for GitHub Game Off.
  • colorcollect
    A mini memory game.
  • Columns
    clone of old sega mastersystems II game.
  • coquette
    A micro framework for JavaScript games.
  • crafty starter game platform
    A starting project for creating 2D 'platform' games with Crafty.js.
  • craftyjs ai
    AI Game techniques from Millington & Funge's Game AI book implemented in the CraftyJS framework.
  • css3memory
    A game of memory in which you will have to find three matching cards. (as a tribute to the CSS level used for the transitions).
  • dart playpoker
    A simple poker game written in Dart.
  • datum and wills
    A narative browser based voxel game that aims to introduce and teach javascript coding interactively.
  • DCPU 16
    A javascript emulator for DCPU 16 (the computer system in Mojang's new game , 0x10c). Works in browsers and Node.
  • dealitup
    drag and drop game card interface.
  • defuddle
    A collection of javascript games.
  • Demo1 Easel and Box 2D
    Simple game writen using EaselJS and Box 2D.
  • dicestream
    Hangout app for displaying rolled dice and game info inscreen.
  • diplomacy online
    A web based version of the popular "Diplomacy" board game made by Hasboro.
  • dotsters
    A game implemented in ClojureScript with the core.async library.
  • Doublet
    Android OS Dice Game.
  • Drag Game
    Drag Game assignment sva.
  • Dragon Tongue to text
    For the game Skyrim.
  • Dragonetics
    A javascript based game to help teach genetics through breeding dragons.
  • DragonFinder
    Augmented Reality Game where you search for Dragons in the real world. If you are lucky and find a dragon, you can fight or catch them to show to your friends.
  • ember falling bricks
    A JS game involving falling bricks, written in Ember.js.
  • enchant.js
    A simple JavaScript framework for creating games and apps.
  • endless sudoku
    a sudoku game with endless boards.
  • erlmud
    Erlang based game server.
  • f 14 fighter
    2d Javascript Game. You fly an f 14 fighter plane across the desert.
  • F.LF
    F.LF attempts a clean room implementation of the famous fighter game LF2.
  • far out fowl
    Far Out Fowl is a webOS game written by Frank W. Zammetti for use in an instructional tutorial on
  • firewall defense
    Firewall Defense: a simple web game illustrating how to integrate the Google Play game services web API.
  • FlockingJS
    A javascript browser game that uses flocking rules to govern interactive entities. Implemented with ProcessingJS.
  • fractal game
    A game where the user guesses if a plot of stock data is on a daily, weekly, or monthly time scale.
  • Freecell
    The solitaire card game written for the web.
  • fruit ninja
    the fruit ninja game by js.
  • Gamalto
    The JavaScript video game middleware.
  • game
    A simple game created using Sinatra and Jabbify.
  • Game Block 2D
    Just a little game in 2D.
  • game Collection
    An application to manage video game collections.
  • Game Framework
    Framework to develop Turn Based Games.
  • Game Here
    An experiment in opportunistic gaming for cs194 at UC Berkeley spring 2012.
  • game off 2012
    Build networks, destroy bugs.
  • Game Server
    A simple game server, single user, with state, client and server commands. WIP.
  • game shell
    Ready to go JavaScript shell for games or other interactive demos.
  • Game Social
    Socialize your gaming experience.
  • game timer
    A simple timer to use in combination with a render loop, providing timeout and interval methods.
  • gamecore.js
    Core class tools and object pooling for high performance gaming in Javascript.
  • gamedevwebtools
    A set of browser based tools primarily aimed for game development.
  • gameplan
    Plan your game yo.
  • gamEvolve
    Create and modify games using simple concepts.
  • gaming get
    An interface for a dcs get backend for UWCS' gaming nights.
  • gbajs
    Game Boy Advance in the Browser.
  • GDT Expansion Pack
    My massive expansion pack for Game Dev Tycoon by Greenheart Games.
  • gdt modAPI
    Official Game Dev Tycoon Modding API mod.
  • generator frozen
    A yeoman/yo generator for a Frozen game.
  • glidersoflife
    An investigation into the natural occurrence of gliders in the Game of Life.
  • gojs
    Go board game in Javascript.
  • grandbox
    Cross platform box2dweb powered physics sandbox game with future ability to create/upload/download levels.
  • GTEMiniGames 2011
    Mini games which uses cocos 2d for javascript and enchant.js.
  • guess Game
    Second project of SE.
  • habitrpg
    A habit tracker app which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game.
  • hull quiz
    A quiz game built with
  • ikariam
    Kronos Utils and other tools for the web game Ikariam.
  • invasion
    2D Alien Invasion Web game.
  • InvasionJS
    Game in JavaScript using melonJS.
  • Isometric
    A game based on cubes made using Three.JS.
  • isThereAFucking Game
    Is there a fucking ___ game ?.
  • jackdaw
    Collaboratively developed game project for LeedsJs.
  • jarm
    A little game where you make a garden. LOOKING FOR A NEW MAINTAINER!.
  • Javascript Game Of Life
    Full Javascript Game Of Life.
  • javascript pong
    A javascript version of the classic 1972 arcade game Pong!.
  • JerbalSpaceProgram
    The final project in Computer Game Programming and Web Programming.
  • Jiffy
    2D component based game library for javascript.
  • jiko
    2D stealth game with @tacoe.
  • jolly
    The Game of Life implemented with HMTL5 and JS.
  • js go
    Simple go game in javascript.
  • JS Robots
    Fight to the death with JS Robots! A JavaScript programming game.
  • JSGameTest 2D
    Test game project with Easel.js, Box 2d.js. Started from Nest Of Bees.
  • jsGB
    JavaScript emulation of the Game Boy console.
  • JsMagMUD
    MUD Project for JsMag's Game Development series.
  • JSMatchismo
    A pure JS implementation of Matchismo Playing Card Game of Stanford University CS193p lecture (Winter 2013).
  • jsSMS
    A Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator in JavaScript.
  • kanban game
    A game to teach Kanban based on getkanban.
  • kinect network game
    Experimental Kinect network game sample.
  • KodeKombat game 2011
    The game for 2011 is a modified version of PacMan.
  • L VE builder
    A web service for creating merged L?VE game binaries for multiple platforms.
  • letterpaint
    A small game to paint out letters. Demo for FirefoxOS.
  • link.js
    Lightweight toolset for game creation.
  • LinkThreeSix
    JavaScript connection game with real time scoring.
  • live cljs
    a clojurescript version of bret victor's editable game.
  • lobbypy
    A game lobby system.
  • lou extensions
    In game extensions manager for the browser game Lord Of Ultima (
  • lxjs 2013 game .js talk
    LXJS 2013 talk slides.
  • m3script
    Javascript library; makes novel game on enchant.js.
  • magnet game
    A refrigerator magnet game designed for touch devices.
  • mapfactory v5
    Map Factory V5 the game map database.
  • MapTime
    A javascript game framework.
  • marbles2
    Marbles Squared game source.
  • MastermindJS
    The classic Mastermind game written in JavaScript.
  • Matching fruits
    Create a Bejeweled like game for FirefoxOS.
  • megaman
    2D platform game testing.
  • Memory Game .js
    Memory Game written in Javascript.
  • mentat
    Mentat is a game of computation for the js13kGames competition.
  • minesweeper
    Minesweeper game that relies on quantum tunnelling for truly random superimposed mine placement.
  • Mini Game in Loading
    The idea is to have mini games in the loading view, so the wait is a little bit less boring.
  • mortar game stub
    A simple web game template.
  • mota
    A game written by javascript.
  • moundz
    Play Moundz Geosocial Game for Pro Android Web Apps Book and Beyond.
  • MQ 2D
    extremely modular quidditch video game.
  • multitaskor
    A simple game about multitasking made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare.
  • netgame.js
    game networking library intended for use with WebRTC DataChannels.
  • nihlapp
    NIHL web application for scheduling seasons and tracking game statistics.
  • node blackjack
    A node based blackjack game.
  • node pad
    Game controllers for node, only Dualshock3 support atm.
  • NodePong
    Pong game for two players and infinite rooms, built with
  • nullxp tinygames
    A collection of tiny games.
  • olympic bubbles
    Experiment using D3 and DataSift API to visualise sports mentioned in tweets about the London 2012 Olympic Games.
  • OlympicGadget
    Windows Sidebar Gadget for Olympic Widget Vancouver 2010 Games!.
  • omnifense
    2 player, turn based, offense/defense pseudo tower defense style game. Sort of.
  • On Game Start 2011
    My presentation at On Game Start 2011.
  • Online Tile Map Editor
    A web based tile map editor for all kinds of 2d games and applications.
  • pgn.js
    Advanced JavaScript chess games parser (PGN).
  • PineappleSunrise
    2D Javascript Platformer game.
  • pioneers
    Pioneers web game based on The Settlers of Catan board game.
  • piratescript
    Piratescript or Noobscript game for JSConf.
  • pixelattack
    Game for Ludum Dare 48.
  • PixieDust
    Game oriented JavaScript Utils.
  • planetary gamejs
    physics game , a gamejs app.
  • Platform 2D
    2D side scrolling platformer game. Work in progress.
  • playground
    Playground : The brand new game plateform !.
  • plover game
    A typing game to encourage stenography using Plover.
  • poker game
    It's a poker game done in javascript and or actionscript.
  • processing tower defense
    A proof of concept tower defense game written in Processing.js.
  • profiles game
    how well do you know your friends.
  • psm
    Panther Server Manager, manages PantherGames game servers.
  • pwdo runman
    Sample game for FFC Game Dev Workshop.
  • quicktigame 2d myarsenal
    Game dev JS modules to facilitate game dev with quicktigame 2d.
  • radius raid js13k
    Radius Raid is a space themed shoot 'em up where you must blast away unrelenting enemies before they destroy you. The game features 13 enemy types, 5 powerups, parallax backgrounds, retro sound effects, and locally stored stats.
  • reach
    A turn based, strategy game in JavaScript.
  • RecyclingGame
    A fun drag and drop game to learn about recycling!.
  • ren
    Experimental 2d game platform.
  • right sudoku
    RightJS based sudoku game.
  • risque
    a game of world domination based on Risk.
  • rlutil
    C and C++ utilities for cross platform console roguelike game creation.
  • Roboduel
    Programable robot fighting game with its own domain specific programming language.
  • Robotagram
    The original game that popped out of the attic !.
  • Robotlegs AS3 Signal Game Loop
    Testing a game loop made with signals and robotlegs.
  • roshambo
    A simple 2 player Ro Sham Bo (Rock,Paper,Scissors) game to resolve pointless conflicts online.
  • RTS Eagle
    A real time strategy game based on UTC engaging multiple players in all out war featuring the world as the arena through Google maps.
  • rts13k
    And for my next trick, I shall squeeze an RTS game into 13kb of javascript code!.
  • same game gravity
    The Same Game Gravity Desktop version code licence GPL v3.
  • Sams GlowRunner Clone
    A clone of the Android game GlowRunner.
  • Sandcastle Builder
    xkcd: 1190: Time: The Game.
  • shell
    Tetris Game // The Art Of Shell Programming.
  • shiv
    A 2D space shooter game, dedicated to one of my coworkers.
  • ShowerDefense
    A Tower Defense Game.
  • simland
    A webbrowser game inspired by a classic.
  • Simple Game Framework
    An object oriented JavaScript API to develop simple, shape and sprite based games.
  • simple Unity 2D Game
    Source code for Raycast by d Coye Interactive.
  • SimplePlatformGame
    simple 2d sprite game with unity.
  • skifree.js
    A JavaScript port of the classic PC Game , Skifree.
  • solitaire anywhere
    JavaScript game from 2003. "Powered by your browser!".
  • Space Shooter
    A simple 2d Space Invader type game.
  • SpectralKitten
    Desktop and Tablet Client for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
  • starship
    a starship bridge simulation game. see the design doc here:.
  • super hexagon stats
    Cool stats for a cool game.
  • T004 ai game platform
    This project is a rudimentary artificial intelligence game platform.
  • tabletfoosball
    A fooball game for touch devices. Play table football, also known as fussball, foosball or kicker, on your favourite touch device.
  • tank tag
    A web browser based game using mobile phone as a controller control tanks and tag each other!.
  • telemachus gamejs
    shoot'em'up game , a gamejs app.
  • Terrainatron
    A war gaming table terrain generator.
  • Texas Hold Em JS
    A JavaScript Texas hold em game in the browser.
  • the game
    It's the best game ever written. Ever.
  • ThingTS
    A TypeScript framework for 2D game development. ThingTS focuses on object composition with reusable components rather than inheritance hierarchies and utilises the Entity based approach to game development.
  • threejs leapmotion tabletennis
    An experimental sandbox for exploring the Leap Motion and Three.js APIs by creating a table tennis game you play with your hand.
  • tinyMapEditor
    a JavaScript tile map editor for 2d platform games.
  • torwolf
    A game of communication, deception, and media.
  • TouchPage
    Easy to navigate game and video browser for kids.
  • translation telephone
    A fun online version of the classic "Telephone" game pass a message through 20 random languages and see what comes out.
  • ttb game
    Turn based strategy game , educational development.
  • Utensil
    Javascript lightweight toolkit for app/ game development.
  • UVB
    AI competition for a snowball fight style game.
  • VirtualTruco
    VirtualTruco is a truco game server for virtual players and IA development.
  • voxel hello world
    a template voxel game repo you can use to build your own voxel games.
  • voxel label
    A three.js plugin that adds labels to your game players (avatars).
  • voxel spider
    blocky spider creatures for your voxel.js game.
  • vrowser
    Server browser and Crawler for many games (L4 D2 , TF 2 , CS:S, KZMOD, The Ship).
  • webfighter
    An r type inspired 2d game for the web.
  • Website
    The Children in Need Whack a Cake game website.
  • wildcards
    A party game for horrible people.
  • WimyLime
    Rhythm Game using YouTube.
  • wizard game
    nko: wizard programming game.
  • world js
    World JS: History Simulation is an attempt to show you a brief history of humankind via a game in 4 parts: the cognitive revolution, the agricultural revolution, the scientific revolution and the future.
  • worzone
    Game programming experiment with Bacon.js (no more RxJs).
  • wpilot
    A "proof of concept" remake of the famous XPilot game , this time in a web browser near you.
  • xcjs
    xc.js Javascript framework for cross platform 2d games.
  • Xeneron
    A 2D physicsy shooty buildy game in SPAAAACE.

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