List of Free code Game jQuery


  • jarsmith
    An OpenGL game engine written in node using the jQuery API.
  • JavaScript Playing Cards
    A playing card JavaScript and CSS library for creating standard deck games. Looking for developers to create game pack extensions to add onto this. The library is wrapped to allow it to act as a plugin for jquery (or another framework).
  • jchess
    A jQuery based javascript library for parsing and displaying chess games.
  • jWebAudio
    JavaScript Web Audio library designed for web games with both jQuery version and standard version.
  • Online Craps Table
    A craps game created with javascript and jquery.
  • PGN browser
    A jQuery widget for to browse a given PGN chess game. Use several sprites of 12 NxN px chessmen, from which the pieces are positioned with negative percents ( 100%, 200%, etc.), independently of N.
  • quizy memorygame
    jQuery memory game plugin.
  • siili
    Go Game Client/Server in jQuery and Express.js.
  • Snake 2d 2 players
    I work on game snake working on jQuery and i will try to make 2 players snake. Feel free to download and share the code under.
  • Web Chess
    Web based chess game using HTML5 and jQuery.

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