List of Free code Game Engine


  • 2d Game Engine
    a tile based Javascript/HTML5 game engine.
  • 2D Physics Engine
    2D Physics Engine in JS. The idea was to make a physics engine for web games development.
  • 2s2d ge
    A minimalistic 2d game engine in javascript.
  • a 2d
    A 2D Game Engine for Javascript.
  • akihabara
    A game engine for making classic arcade style games using Javascript and HTML5. We're starting moving on a re organized repo here:
  • bdge
    Badly Design Game Engine, an HTML5 Javascript game engine.
  • Bezier Pathways
    Contains a bezier pathway plugin for use with Impact Javascript Game Engine as well as a utility for creating the pathways.
  • box 2d html5
    A 2D Physics Engine for HTML5 Games.
  • box 2d html5 old
    (Deprecated) A 2D Physics Engine for HTML5 Games ? new and improved version here: 2d html5.
  • canvace.js
    canvace.js is the JavaScript game engine of the Canvace Platform.
  • canvas prime
    A minimal OOP HTML5 game engine that uses extendable classes for its engine and objects without any libraries.
  • cgame
    Low level Javascript + canvas + HTML5 cross browser 2D game engine.
  • chem
    2d canvas based rapid prototyping game engine.
  • coconut
    A 2D game engine built on top of cocos2d javascript.
  • craftyjstut
    This is a Tutorial for the Crafty JavaScript Game Engine.
  • DartGameEngine
    Game engine for 2D + Physics games.
  • Director
    A Director plugin to be used with the Impact javascript game engine.
  • elation engine
    Elation Javascript Game Engine.
    JavaScript 2d Canvas game engine.
  • enjine
    A basic JavaScript game engine for HTML5 compatible browsers.
  • Entity Component Game Engine
    Javascript Entity Component Game Engine.
  • EoAEngine
    End of Ages Browser Game Engine.
  • F.core
    A programming library for building HTML5 game engines.
  • Farkle
    A game engine for the Farkle dice for manual play, automated play and an API for extensibility.
  • G5 JS
    A simple yet powerful HTML5 game engine.
  • game engine
    Basic 2D JavaScript and Canvas game engine.
  • gameblocks.js
    Game engine framework for JavaScript, used to make LineRage.
  • GameEngine
    JavaScript + Canvas 2D Game Engine.
  • gamekit
    Minimal, Promise/A based HTML5 canvas game engine.
  • gin
    gin a simple & efficient HTML5 game engine.
  • grape 2d
    A javascript game engine with support to 2D.
  • Gunner
    An html5 2d platform game engine.
  • head on.js
    The JavaScript game engine for velociraptors.
  • hexwelt
    A 2d game engine for turn based strategy games with hexagonal tiles.
  • html5 2d game engine
    2D Game Engine with HTML5.
  • HTML5 Game Engine Working Name
    A 2D, tile based game engine written in Javascript and using the features of HTML5.
  • html5 isometric game tile engine
    A html5/javascript isometric game engine.
  • HTML5 Keen
    The original Commander Keen game "Marooned on Mars" ported to HTML5! (With the help of the melonJS game engine).
  • HTML5MapTiles
    A Map Tiling game engine that runs in HTML5 + JavaScript, optimized for mobile browsers.
  • hydra
    An HTML5 game engine for the many faces of mobile WebKit.
  • Hydroxide
    Awesome HTML5 game engine.
  • impact astar for entities
    This plugin for the Impact Game Engine and added pathfinding to the entities. It also has a basic path following function, a example for path drawing function and a debug panel for showing the path of all entities.
  • impact line of sight
    This plugin for the Impact Game Engine adds line of sight to the collition map, which also can take entities in his calculations!.
  • impact pixi
    Pixi.js renderer module for Impact game engine.
  • impact steering behaviors
    This plugin for the Impact Game Engine adds steering behaviors for entities.
  • Irenic
    Irenic is an HTML5 game engine.
  • iso tile world engine
    isometric game engine that loads TMX maps.
  • isoCan
    Isometric canvas based game engine.
  • JasperEngine 2D
    An Object Behavior Based 2D Game Engine for Javascript. Under development.
  • Jixel
    Jixel is a HTML5 JavaScript game engine which draws from Flixel for inspiration.
  • Jjump
    2d Javascript Game Engine.
  • jomohojs
    HTML5 Javascript Game Engine.
  • joy.js
    A Joyful 2D HTML5 Game Engine.
  • Js OOge
    A Javascript / HTML5 2D State Based Game Engine.
  • jsplatformer
    a 2d javascript game engine.
  • juliet.js
    Javascript engine that allows you to make animations and simple games in browser.
  • lithium engine
    Experimental modular game engine for HTML5.
  • lovejs
    JavaScript 2D game engine.
  • LuluEngine
    A 2D game engine framework in JavaScript.
  • mangame
    Javascript Game Engine for HTML5 Canvas.
  • NoobJS
    A 2d Javascript game engine.
  • npos 2d
    2D game engine written in Javascript and HTML5's 2D Canvas context.
    Photon Server Documentation | Exit Games: Network Engines.
  • pig 2d
    FSS(Fast and Small but Strong) html5 2d game engine.
  • PixelAether
    Javascript Game Map Engine built on Meteor.
  • PlainText
    Text based MUD game engine.
  • Plethora
    Plethora is an isometric game engine written in Javascript released under the three clause BSD.
  • plunder
    An animation system for JavaScript game engines.
  • primojs
    The component oriented 2D HTML5 Canvas game engine.
  • pulse
    HTML5 & JavaScript Game Engine.
  • punx
    a derpy 2d ( 2.5d ) canvas sidescrolling game engine.
  • Quintus Level Editor
    A simple level editor to be used in conjunction with Quintus Game Engine.
  • Rapid Physics
    A game physics engine made in ActionScript 3.
  • Red Locomotive
    A Javascript engine for Complex 2D and 2.5D games.
  • Reitsuki
    Html5 Gal Game Engine.
  • rodengine 2d
    Javascript 2D game engine created for educational purposes. Uses Box 2d Web for physics.
  • Rosewood
    2d Javascript gaming engine.
  • rxr
    Yet another 2D , canvas based, JS game engine.
  • spurge.js
    HTML5 2d Game Engine.
  • squarepig
    A simple HTML5 game engine.
  • stella5
    HTML5 2D Game Engine.
  • Storymoto
    Storymoto JavaScript game story engine.
  • TheRenderEngine
    The Render Engine is a cross browser, open source game engine written entirely in JavaScript. Designed from the ground up to be extremely flexible, it boasts an extensive API and uses the newest features of today's modern browsers.
  • wamt.js
    HTML5 2D Game Engine.
  • xybox
    Game engine for browser based games.
  • YOSS
    Retro Space Shooter in HTML5 and created with the Impact Javascript Game Engine. Try it at

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