List of Free code MineCraft


  • 3D Minecraft Skin Viewer
    3D Minecraft Skin Viewer Using Three.Js HTML5 3D Engine.
  • BrowserCraft
    A 2D version of MineCraft written in pure HTML and JavaScript.
  • BurningPig
    A Minecraft 1.6.4 Server in Node.js.
  • cubes
    Block based WebGL game engine where the blocks are made out of blocks. Trying not to be yet another Minecraft clone.
  • DOMcraft
    Failed attempt at a 2D Minecraft HTML game.
  • jsmc
    Pure JavaScript Minecraft server.
  • mcserve
    wraps minecraft server and gives you a web interface.
  • Minecraft Decoder
    Minecraft random string decoder (not in game).
  • Minecraft JS
    Canvas implementation of Minecraft as a platformer.
  • Minecraft PE Proxy
    Proxy for Minecraft Pocket Edition to connect to internet servers without app modification.
  • minecraft sundial
    A clock and dial widget for minecraft HTML maps.
  • Minecraft Valuation
    A simple HTML 5 site, dedicated to giving an up to date valuation of the game Minecraft's company, Mojang.
  • mineflayer
    Create Minecraft bots with a powerful, stable, and high level JavaScript API.
  • Mineload
    Monitor Minecraft server status.
  • ModPEScripts
    A collection of scripts for the ModPE Script Runtime used to modify Minecraft PE.
  • node minecraft protocol
    Parse and serialize minecraft packets, plus authentication and encryption.
  • nodecraft
    Minecraft server in node.js.
  • SpaceCraft
    SpaceCraft 2D experimenting with a MineCraft inspired 2d game.
  • TrainGame
    Tinkering with a 2D minecraft inspired railway game.
  • voxel avatar
    Overlay an image or video on a minecraft skin in voxel.js.

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