List of Free code Game HTML5


  • 99th
    Html5 game made with cocos2d html5.
  • Abacus
    Open Source HTML5 Game Framework.
  • ActionReflex
    A JavaScript/HTML5 game built with melonJS. A clone of the 1986 ZX Spectrum arcade.
  • agent8ball
    An HTML5 Pool Game...with bombs!.
  • AlienInvaders
    A HTML5 Tutorial Game.
  • angrybirdsx
    The Angry Birds game using cocos2d html5.
  • B Go
    An experimental Single Page Web Application of the board game of go written using HTML5, javascript, C# and MVC 4.
  • BlocksJS
    A lightweight HTML5 game framework.
  • centroman
    html5 js bomberman like game.
  • CharTouch
    HTML5 Kanji/Kana touch game.
  • Cocos 2d html5.Tetris
    Tetris game written in html5, using cocos 2d html5 library.
  • cocos2d HTML5 traffic control
    Traffic Control game written using cocos2d HTML5.
  • colotari
    2D platforming game written in HTML5.
  • consfyre
    HTML5 2d spaceship building and flying game.
  • Digger
    HTML5 version of a Boulderdash game written in TypeScript.
  • disunity
    Turn based strategy game in sci fi setting with HTML5 user interface. Rules are mostly inspired by the Game Of Thrones board game.
  • DxBall
    A HTML5 2D Game.
  • exolon
    A JavaScript/HTML5 game built with melonJS. A remake of 1987 ZX Spectrum shoot em up.
  • game html5
    HTML 5 2d Game.
  • Game Of Life HTML5
    Game Of Life implemented in HTML5.
  • helicopter
    A remake of the helicopter game in HTML5.
  • hibachi
    A new HTML5 game library that gets out of your way.
  • HTLM5 GoL
    Game of Life testbed for HTML 5.
  • html5 farming demo
    a simple HTML5 farming game demo.
  • HTML5 Game Dev Workshop
    Resources for my HTML5 Game Dev Workshop: Code, Art, Sound, Examples and the game Underwater Tomato Ninja.
  • html5 game fundamentals
    A creative commons book on building games with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • html5 gamedev
    Materijal sa, za i uz HTML5/Javascript Game Development radionice.
  • html5
    A website for the HTML5 Game Development group on Codecademy.
  • html5 space fighter
    HTML5 Space Fighter Game.
  • html5 tron
    A tron game written in html5.
  • html5arcade
    collection of html5 games.
  • HTML5Game Android Sample
    A small html5 game running inside an android window.
  • IodineGBA
    A Game Boy Advance emulator written entirely in JavaScript and powered by HTML5.
  • JamTemplate
    A "HTML5 Game Template" for Game Jam.
  • javascript boulderdash
    An HTML5 implementation of the c64 classic Boulderdash game.
  • jsfxr
    Dead easy game sound effects generator. A port of sfxr to HTML5.
  • jsgame
    JavaScript + HTML5 Game Libraries.
  • luv.js
    Minimal HTML5 game development lib.
  • ManVsBee
    A basic 2D html5 game.
  • marblerun
    A JavaScript and HTML5 based social browser game.
  • Match3Gem
    a match 3 game written in JavaScript with Cocos 2d html5.
  • Micro Machines
    An HTML5 conversion of the original Micro Machines Megadrive game.
  • omni arena
    HTML5 Arena Game built with Omni.js.
  • pentagine
    Lightweight library for HTML5 2D Game Development.
  • PerfMarks
    Basic Benchmarks to measure HTML5 performance and support for game related features.
  • pine
    An HTML 5 gaming environment based on Raspberry Pi.
  • PixelPlatformer
    Platformer html5 game developed in Entity.
  • poker helper
    HTML5 offline poker helper. Indicates % in texas holdem poker game.
  • quidgame
    HTML5 Game with js Game Soup and Box2Djs.
  • RealtimeMultiplayerNodeJs
    Demo of creating an realtime mutliplayer game in HTML5 that uses a client server approach in which the clients send only sampled input to the server.
  • RocketBox
    HTML5 application/ game /demo toolkit.
  • Romano
    An object oriented Javascript/HTML5 game application framework.
  • Shattered
    LPC HTML5 game entry.
  • space
    A simple HTML5 space game using RaphaelJS.
  • Tablenet
    Experiments on an HTML5 Tabletop gaming platform designed for multi device interactions between multi touch surface computers and mobile devices.
  • templateHTML5game
    my test game with cocos 2d html5.
  • TowerDefense
    Tower Defense game implemented using JavaScript and HTML 5.
  • TumbleweedJS
    modular HTML5 game framework.
  • tuteijs
    TuteiJS is a free and open source javascript library for html5 game development.
  • vilify
    An Open Source HTML5 Game by the Codecademy HTML5 Game Development Group.
  • web bowling
    HTML5 bowling game that uses a mobile device as the controller.
  • webapps annex
    Annex is a Reversi/Othello game implemented with HTML5/Javascript technology.
  • wepuzzleit
    Demo PoC game for various advanced HTML5 js APIs.

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