List of Free code String


  • 4th String Leagues
    4th String Leagues is a sports video game community site.
  • a2z
    A little JavaScript library for creating string ranges.
  • adaptive detection
    This module allows you to detect iOS and Android devices using user agent string.
  • angular l10n
    Support l10n (localization, i.e. string translation) for angular.js modules with directive `trans`. Support multi locale id and plurals.
  • Arnold
    Tiny JavaScript library for string manipulation.
  • atropa string
    JavaScript utilities for manipulating strings.
  • balloon detector
    Detects balloons from a png as string.
  • bop
    Bop is a very fast Boyer Moore parser/matcher for string or buffer patterns. It is optimized for using with pattern lengths <= 255 bytes.
  • brackets2dots.js
    Convert string with bracket notation to dot property notation for Node.js and the browser.
  • bytes.js
    node byte string parser.
  • byway
    Match a string using named params, or regexes, and get something back.
  • Case
    String case utitility: convert, identify, flip, extend.
  • chalk
    Terminal string styling done right Node.js module.
  • cheney
    A default user interface and string API for Quail.
  • ciment
    JavaScript comments library, help you to create a variety of comment String.Single line, block comments.HTML,CSS,Javascript comments.
  • closest match
    Find the closest match for a string from an array of matches, using string distance.
  • coffeete
    Simple templating with coffee script string interpolation.
  • component html
    A plugin to automatically convert HTML to Javascript strings for the component builder.
  • convert hex
    Convert to/from hex string and array of bytes.
  • convert string
    Convert to/from strings and array of bytes.
  • convertish
    A conversion library to cast different types using adaption. Implementation has schemaish examples and most examples are for string conversion. Used in formish.
  • CSSelector.js
    Generate a CSS selector string to target the given node.
  • cssesc
    A JavaScript library for escaping CSS strings and identifiers while generating the shortest possible ASCII only output.
  • Detect.js
    JS Library to detect browser, os and device based on the UserAgent String.
  • editdidwhat
    Compare two strings to see what has changed, and perform some string manipulation.
  • ember. string .interpolate
    Adds interpolated string computed properties to Ember (i.e. no more unreadable getter concatenation).
  • emeTools.js
    string transformation framework for javascript.
  • es6 template strings
    Compile and resolve template strings notation as specified in ES6.
  • esrever
    A Unicode aware string reverser written in JavaScript.
  • filesize.js
    JavaScript library to generate a human readable String describing the file size.
  • formatter
    Simple String Variable Replacement Formatter #node #browser.
  • fuzzy.js
    approximate (fuzzy) string matching in JavaScript.
  • fuzzymatch.js
    fuzzy string matching for use in autocompleters.
  • gachar
    creates random string. (A Z, a z, 0 9).
  • get cal
    Convert a string into a calendar item.
  • gmanjs
    A quick way to read into a string.
  • GQuartet
    Four string instrumentation for breaking down the classroom silos.
  • group.js
    Find group of characters in a string.
  • grunt java properties
    Copies files while performing string interpolation from Java properties files.
  • grunt replace
    Replace text patterns with a given string.
  • grunt string replace
    Replace strings on files by using string or regex patters.
  • grunt YHtmlToJs
    a grunt tast for read the block area html to js string variable.
  • handlebind.js
    MVVM string template engine based on knockout.js and ember.js.
  • hex
    Simple hex string encoder/decoder.
  • htmlsave
    HTML save string utilities.
  • identifier identification
    A JavaScript prollyfill for the proposed ` String.isIdentifierStart` and ` String.isIdentifierPart` methods, based on the March 8, 2013 draft of the strawman.
  • indyscala string interpolation
    Slides and sample code for 2013 01 07 String Interpolation talk at #IndyScala meetup.
  • IngredientRecognition
    Recognize food ingredient from raw Chinese string.
  • javascript string metrics
    Javascript methods to compute String Metrics.
  • JavaScript Strings
    JavaScript Strings Homework Tasks.
  • JS Backtracking String wordbreak and 8 queen problem
    Iterative approach (stack based) to solve string wordbreak and 8 queen in JavaScript.
  • jsesc
    A JavaScript library for escaping JavaScript strings while generating the shortest possible valid ASCII only output.
  • jsonml stringify
    Convert jsonml arrays to html strings.
  • kata
    String Calculator kata attempts.
  • keyword extractor
    NPM package for creating a keyword array from a string and excluding stop words.
  • kite string
    Node.js based web server and clients for remotely controlling active web browser sessions.
  • Knockout External Templates And ViewModels
    Library to allow the dynamic loading of view models for templates. View models specified in the template binding string.
  • l33tPassGen
    l33t Generator, base string cypher to text to l33t.
  • lexicographic integer
    create lexicographic string keys for positive integers without zero padding.
  • linksoup
    a javascript library that parses and exposes links found in string data.
  • Localization
    Minimalist API for string localization.
  • localized String
    JavaScript string localization implementation.
  • Lotus Templating
    JavaScript string templating experiment.
  • lpad
    Left pad each line in a string or stdout/stderr Node.js module.
  • lsb
    Steganography cheap trick hide string data in the least significant bits of an array.
  • matches selector
    Check if an element matches a given selector string.
  • mimetype js
    A mime type catalog for mapping file extensions to their mime type string.
  • molstring
    Produces a canonical string from a array of atoms representing a molecular structure.
  • moneytostr russian
    The tool to convert currency to string in English/Russian/Ukrainian languages.
  • node buildbot github
    A service which receives webhook events when a comment is added to a pull request and triggers a Buildbot build when a comment with trigger string defined in a config is found in a pull request.
  • node emoji random
    Creates a random emoji string. This is as useless as it gets.
  • node exparser
    A string scanner/parser for finding sequences of expressions.
  • node historian
    Command line pasteboard string storage in node.js.
  • node icu wordsplit
    `npm install icu wordsplit` Break string into words in many many languages. Simple icu boundary analysis module bindings for node.js.
  • node keysym
    Convert among X11 keysyms, unicodes, and string names in node.js.
  • node linkscrape
    A Node.js module to scrape and normalize links from an HTML string.
  • node ridict
    Node module for doing Regressive Imagery Dictionary string finding.
  • node strsplit
    split a string by a regular expression.
  • number string representation
    Take a decimal number and convert it to its string representation in node.js.
  • paper cups
    A small cozy web chat app, like paper cups and a string back in the days. Usually surrounded by lots of French chatter?.
  • ParseIt
    A multi line string parsing utility.
  • parser
    Parser the Programming Language string to Syntax tree.
  • pattern
    A Javascript micro library for string substitutions.
  • persistent hash trie
    Pure string :val storage, using structural sharing.
  • PiFX
    Web interface to control a string of WS2801 LED Pixels from a Raspberry Pi.
  • pluck
    HTML5 plucking string based on Paper.js.
  • Pomo
    Pomo is a JS implementation of GNU gettext in a compact module; it reads PO files, eventually MO files, and can load them from AJAX , special <link> tags and literal strings.
  • props
    Parse immediate identifiers from a js expression string (useful for template engines).
  • py2js
    String Util library for javascript.
  • qap
    Qap is a quick parser/matcher for string or buffer patterns ( optimized for pattern lengths <= 255 bytes ).
  • quo
    On the surface, Quo is a customizable ? some would say programmable ? social network status demultiplexer. What it really is, underneath, is a string processing pipeline. But not everyone has to know that.
  • range bucket
    generate and parse string key ranges (for use with levelup).
  • RegexpBazza
    Game. Create string for regexp.
  • ret.js
    Tokenizes a string that represents a regular expression.
  • routi
    A simple string based router using parts of express.js' routing component.
  • RPSyntaxHighlighter
    An NSAttributed String backed syntax highlighter for iOS.
  • rssi
    Ruby like simple string interpolation for Node.js.
  • scorer
    generate the ordinal score of a string.
    Selkirk String Quartet Home Page.
  • simple js hasher
    Hash string into various.
  • sixarm ruby string to class ? Ruby ? String #to_class method to convert a String to a Class.
  • spice
    No frills string interpolation library.
  • sqinf
    String Quartet ? ?.
  • str
    Chainable string manipulation library.
  • string calculator javascript
    This is a string calculator in JavaScript. It also contains a script to run the jasmine tests from the command line using rhino. The script also runs jshint.
  • string calculator kata
    Code for doing the string calculator kata.
  • String CalculatorSimple
    String Calculator Kata done in Javascript with Jasmine.
  • string decoder browserify
    string _decoder module for browserify.
  • string extended
    String extensions that can be used standalone or integrated with extended.
  • String Iterator
    Helper tool for iterating over a string.
  • String LitWrapper
    Small tool for wrapping long string literals in source code.
  • string pants
    How can such pants be so sexy?.
  • String Scanner.js
    A library for scanning JavaScript strings.
  • string score
    JavaScript string ranking 0 for no match upto 1 for perfect... " String ".score("str"); //=> 0.825.
  • string to jsify
    A string to js transform for browserify.
  • String to Military Alphabet
    Takes a string and converts it to the Military Phonetic Alphabet.
  • string toolkit
    A JavaScript implementation/collection of my favorite ActiveSupport String methods and some of my own.
  • string update processor
    A util for processing a string change to see if its valid or not.
  • stringalong
    String together links. Like a playlist for the Internet.
  • stringex
    A string extensions library for node.js.
  • stringtheory
    A simple app for storing string translations to help me learn Angular.
  • stringtools
    String Tools collection of utilities that involves strings.
  • text table
    generate borderless text table strings suitable for printing to stdout.
  • texter
    A string manipulation library for JavaScript.
  • timberhitch
    Generate a string for a process that can be used in logging.
  • title case minors
    A list of the minor words that shouldn't be capitalized in a title case string.
  • to camel case
    String to camel case.
  • to capital case
    Convert a string to a capital case.
  • to constant case
    Convert a string to a constant case.
  • to dot case
    Convert a string to a dot case.
  • to no case
    Remove an existing case from a string.
  • to pascal case
    Convert a string to pascal case.
  • to sentence case
    Convert a string to a sentence case.
  • to slug case
    Convert a string to a slug case.
  • to snake case
    Convert a string to a snake case.
  • to space case
    Convert a string to a space case.
  • to title case
    Convert a string to a title case.
  • type of is
    Sensible / unsurprising JavaScript type detection and comparison using a combination of ({}).to String and constructors.
  • ua parser
    user agent string parser in javascript.
  • ua parser js
    UAParser.js Lightweight JavaScript based User Agent string parser. Supports browser & node.js environment. Also available as $.ua, Component package, Bower package, & AMD module.
  • uas parser
    A user agent string parser for Node.js. Uses data from user agent
  • user agent.js
    nodejs user agent string parser.
  • util marc
    This NODE module enables you to read existing MARC records from a file, string , or from a Z39.50 source. You can also use this package to create new MARC records. The standard for machine readable cataloging (MARC) records is documented at
  • wave on a string
    Watch a string vibrate in slow motion. Wiggle the end of the string and make waves, or adjust the frequency and amplitude of an oscillator. Adjust the damping and tension. The end can be fixed, loose, or open.
  • weibo mid
    Convert [Weibo Open API]( mid to base62 hash string.

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