List of Free code String URL


  • angular rison
    Rison URL Object encoding service for Angular. Encode infinite depth javascript objects into a url friendly string.
  • autolink js
    Tiny little tool to find URLs in a string of text and hyperlink them.
  • countryico
    Get a country code icon url for a given country string.
  • Fast String
    WebApp that encode and decode strings in base64, rot13, html, url and others formats.
  • i64
    URL safe Base64 Integer Strings (BAS) and conversion tools.
  • jape
    Jape is an easy way to convert a JSON object to a string for use in URLs and APIs.
  • jquery. parsequery
    jQuery Plugin to parse or operate URL query strings (fork of jquery.query.js.).
  • node urlify
    simplifies converting utf8 strings to ASCII strings which can be used as readable URL segments.
  • query string
    Parse and stringify URL query strings.
  • speakingurl
    Generate of so called "static" or "Clean URL" or "Pretty URL" or "nice looking URL" or "Speaking URL" or "user friendly URL" or "SEO friendly URL" or "slug" from a string.
  • url generator
    URL query string generator.

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