List of Free code String Object


  • fuzzymap
    Fuzzy string matching for object key replacement.
  • grunt frep
    A find and replace Grunt plugin, based on frep. Replace strings with an array or object of RegExp or string replacement patterns.
  • jsExtensions
    Useful extensions for the basic JavaScript objects; Array, String etc.
  • juicy
    Juicy extends JavaScript's Number, Object, Array and String with some useful methods.
  • node plist
    Mac OS X Plist parser for NodeJS. Convert a Plist file or string into a native JS object.
  • object inspect
    string representations of objects in node and the browser.
  • pathval
    Object value retrieval given a string path.
  • Serializer
    The object of the defined type is restored from the character string and the character string to the object with Type.
  • string direction
    tring Direction is a JavaScript library for detection of direction of ` String ` objects in JavaScript.
  • strp
    strp is String Object extentions for node.js.

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