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  • Humanizer
    A small framework that helps.Net developer turn their otherwise geeky strings, type names, enum fields, date fields into a human friendly format.
  • jquery methods
    Provide useful extra functionality to base JS objects (e.g. Array, String , Date etc) for use with jQuery.
  • JS Date Time Picker
    Whilst there are plenty of date pickers for jquery, I needed a date/time picker that could conform to multiple string formats.
  • nodutils
    Utilities for NodeJS to manage common operations over: string , numeric, array, date, file, url, cache, properties files, geo (gecoding and reverse, distance between points,...).
  • PhantomJS Date Polyfill
    A polyfill for PhantomJS 1.9 that enables parse of certain date strings either by Date.parse or the Date constructor.
  • protean.js
    The goal in this project is to create a JavaScript library will add some of the usefull helper methods that Ruby has available to it to JavasScript types like String , Number, Date, etc.

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