List of Free code Cocos2D Framework


  • CMMSimpleFramework
    Framework for Cocos2d v 2.1.
  • Cocos Chipmunk
    A Chipmunk demo for cocos2d framework.
  • cocos2d intro
    A descriptive introduction to Cocos2d framework, with slides and sample code. Included is SRDraggableSprite, a subclass of CCSprite that can drag independently of other sprites.
  • cocos2d osx framework
    Cocos2D OSX built as a static framework.
  • CocosBox2D
    A Box 2D demo for cocos2d framework.
  • MGTouchResponder
    This library provides a high level organization for touches with the Cocos2d framework.
  • playingcocos
    Playing with the cocos2d framework.

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