List of Free code Cocos2D iOS


  • AugRealityApp
    iOS Augmented Reality using Cocos2d v 2.x Tutorial.
  • CCCaca
    ASCII Art for Cocos2D iOS 1.1, 2.0 and 2.1 with ARC Support.
  • CCHelloWorld
    iOS, cocos2d , getting started with animation.
  • CCVideoPlayer
    Universal Mac / iOS VideoPlayer, compatible with Cocos2D , that is used in iTraceur.
  • cocos2d 2 .0 kamcord
    iOS framework for recording and sharing cocos2d 2.0/ 2.1 gameplays.
  • cocos2d kamcord ios
    iOS framework for recording and sharing cocos2d 1.0.1 gameplays.
  • cocos2d Sandbox
    A bunch of tests using cocos2d and box 2d for iOS.
  • GATetris
    A simple Tetris Clone for iOS, written in Objective C with cocos2d.
  • HelloBox 2D
    iOS, cocos2D , getting started with Box 2D.
  • HelloChipmunk
    iOS, cocos2D , getting started with Chipmunk.
  • joystick ios
    An objective c (not Cocos2d ) virtual joystick implement. You can custom the stick images to change the apperance.
  • kamcord ios sdk
    The Kamcord iOS framework for native iOS engines and cocos2d / cocos2d x.
  • MFLJoystick
    Joystick for iOS not Cocos2D. I wanted one that functioned as well as GTA Vice City, and there weren't any already existing.
  • NDControlGaugeExample
    An example showcasing NDControlGauge a gauge control for cocos2d for iOS.
  • NDControlSliderExample
    An example showcasing NDControlSlider a slider control for cocos2d for iOS.
  • Pipes
    Working on a Pipe Mania clone for iOS with cocos2d.
  • tommyBros
    A platformer using cocos2d for iOS.

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