List of Free code Cocos2d


  • AirHockey
    An Air Hockey using cocos2d !.
  • AngryChipmunks
    A simple Cocos2D /ChipmunkPro example project.
  • ARSpaceship
    cocos2d v 2.x + Augmented Reality Learning.
  • AWTextureFilter
    Apply a gaussian blur filter to your textures in cocos2D.
  • Balls
    A simple cocos2d box 2d experiment.
  • BG 1 01
    Cocos2d Beginner's Guide chapter one.
  • BG 2 01
    Cocos2d Beginner's Guide chapter two.
  • BladeHero
    Mainly an exercise for me to learn more about collision detection and touch controls, I hope to continue this project using Cocos2D at some point in the future.
  • BombTest
    Testing bomb effects in Box 2d & cocos2d.
  • box 2d test
    a simple cocos2d & box 2d app.
  • BrickCollison
    cocos2d brick collision example.
  • CCAlertView
    An alert view for Cocos2d.
  • CCBlade
    CCBlade Fruit Ninja Blade effect implementation in cocos2d.
  • ccisometric
    Isometric engine for cocos2d v 2.0, not based on TMX.
  • CCItemsScroller
    Cocos2d extension that can scroll items vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • CCLabelFX
    CCLabelTTF subclass for Cocos2d with blurred shadow support.
  • CCNode Screenshot
    cocos2d 2.0 / 1.0 CCNode+Screenshot.
  • CCNode SFGestureRecognizers
    GestureRecognizers support for cocos2d , just include category and you are ready to use gesture recognizers. Works with both 2.x and 1.x cocos2d.
  • CCPanZoomController
    A touch controller for cocos2d used for pinch zooming and panning around.
  • CCPickerView
    CCPickerView is a UIPickerView alternative for Cocos2D.
  • CCTouchDown Menu
    Cocos2D Custom CCMenu supporting TouchDown.
  • CinciCocoa DevDay
    June 25th Hack Day with cocos2d and box 2d.
  • clackers
    A cocos2d animation sample consists of multiple nodes.
  • Cocoaconf Cocos2d
    My cocoa conf presentation on Cocos2d.
  • Cocos Builder
    Cocos Builder, the visual editor for cocos2d.
  • Cocos Enhanced
    Some useful classes for cocos2d.
  • Cocos SliderButton
    Circle Slider Button for Cocos2D.
  • cocos sph
    Cocos2d SPH particle fluid dynamics with box 2d interaction.
  • Cocos Tools
    This project open sources some of the bits used in the Pocket Boy application, powered by Cocos2D and Box 2D. Physics, Music, customized classes, and other commonly used tools are included in this repository.
  • Cocos Toy
    Toy project with Cocos2D.
  • Cocos2 DSamples
    Sample projects using Cocos2D and Shephertz SDKs.
  • cocos2d
    Useful cocos2d classes I use in projects.
  • Cocos2d basic app with autorotation
    Cocos2d basic app with autorotation.
  • cocos2d GestureRecognizers
    cocos2d modifications to allow use of UIGestureRecognizers.
  • Cocos2D Iris Effects
    Iris style effects for use in Cocos2D projects.
  • cocos2d objective c utilities
    utilities for objective c cocos2d project.
  • cocos2d scene editor
    crate cocos2d scene that outputs native code.
  • cocos2d seeker
    Cocos2d HelloWorld project with default seeker & cocos guy example from documentation.
  • cocos2d SimpleAnimation
    cocos2d simple animation example.
  • cocos2d stuff
    random cocos2d addons i made.
  • cocos2d TalkingPet
    The very basic Cocos2D "Talking pet" application.
  • cocos2d utils
    various utility classes or tools.
  • Cocos2d v1.0.1 Water simulation
    Cocos2d v1.0.1 Water simulation.
  • cocoshop
    Visual editor for cocos2d.
  • CollisionSprite
    CollisionSprite is a lightweight replacement for CCSprite that gives you collision detection in cocos2d.
  • CZGSpinLayer
    CZGSpinLayer is a cocos2d CCLayer subclass that allows you to have a spinning "wheel" like interaction.
  • CZGTextureCreator
    CZGTextureCreator is a cocos2d based class that allows you to draw multiple images, then packs them into a single CCTexture so that they can be used in batch nodes.
  • DecoratedBox
    Resizable decorated box using cocos2d.
  • Detonator
    Cocos2D objective c project that looks like desktop. Touch icons and break into pieces with glass effect.
  • Double Pendulum
    Double Pendulum in cocos2d.
  • draggable falling snowflakes
    Using Cocos2d & Chipmunk Physics.
  • emjCCParalxNode
    a cocos2D parallax node with scroll and touches support. It also supports Z zoom values to add a 3 D effect.
  • flatnav lab
    Petit jeu en cocos2d.
  • GBox 2D
    Box 2D wrapper for cocos2d + box 2d , works perfectly with PhysicsEditor.
  • HLMenuItemCool Down
    Cooldown Buttons in Cocos2d.
  • JHBezierTest
    A cocos2d test for bezier curves and how their animations work.
  • JHMultilineTextUtility
    A utility to have multiple lined CCLabelBMFont in cocos2d.
  • MarioLand
    A Super Mario Clone using Cocos2D.
  • MenuLevel
    Menu level Angry Bird Style with Cocos2D.
  • MovingGuy
    Cocos2D Version of Moving Guy.
  • PacMan
    Cocos2d PacMan prototype project. No sound included.
  • PawAppsExample CCTransition
    Demonstration of all available scene transitions in Cocos2d.
  • polytest
    A cocos2d 2.0 rc 2 test repo for drawing a filled polygon.
  • ResizeHD
    This app resize all image @ 2 x and hd to half. It's very util for resize all images from retina display and images used in cocos2d.
  • ShaderTest
    Cocos2d sample Blur and Lighting Shader.
  • shipTests
    Messing with cocos2d and box 2d.
  • SimpleBreakout
    A breakout clone created using cocos2D and Objective C.
  • SimplePong
    Simple pong using Cocos2D.
  • Solitaire
    A solitaire work in progress, running on CoCos2D (Mac OS X).
  • TDAnimEngine
    Export Maya characters and animations to Cocos2D.
  • testbench
    An example integration of the TeamPlay SDK against a cocos2d boilerplate.
  • TextFightConcept
    Text Fight without Cocos2d.
  • TexturePacker PhysicsEditor Cocos2d
    Example project using TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor in cocos2d.
  • TuxDemo 2
    Updated version of TuxDem with the latet version of Cocos2D.
  • UsingCCSprite
    How to use CCSprite of Cocos2D.
  • wattn
    Implementation stub for the classic Bavarian cardgame "Wattn" using Cocos2d /3 d.
  • XLDashedLine
    Dashed Line with cocos2d.
  • Zissou 2d
    My Cocos2d clone using ARC and GLKit.
  • ZLCocos 2d
    my personal cocos2d utils repository.

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