List of Free code Cocos2D Game


  • AerialGun
    AerialGun game from Cocos2d for iPhone 0.99 Beginner's Guide book.
  • Airmail
    This is the source code for the second Cocos2D game I ever made... and the first time I'd used particles, menu's, multi levels etc. So it's really, really rough... please bear that in mind before saying how crap the code is. It does work though.
  • AngryBirds
    cocos2d game coding test.
  • BCT
    A new game use cocos2d x.
  • BeatBean
    a cocos2d's game for iphone.
  • BigShot
    iPhone Game with cocos2d.
  • Boccerball Mini
    An iOS game based off of "Boccerball" implemented in Cocos2d.
  • Bubble Game
    Simple Bubble game using iOS Cocos2D.
  • BurgerSneak
    a simple iPhone game using cocos2d.
  • CarRacing Demo
    Car Racing game demo for iOS using Cocos2D 2.0.
  • CastleHassle
    A physics based cocos2d iOS game.
  • CatChuckr
    Playing around with iOS game development using cocos2d.
  • chucked
    yet another iphone cocos2d game.
  • cocos2d beginners
    Beginning Cocos2d iPhone game development.
  • cocos2d billiards
    cocos2d + box2d simple billiard game.
  • cocos2d ext
    Some usefull classes, categories I've developed to simplify everyday tasks of game development with cocos2d.
  • cocos2d Game Pad
    to the Game Pad. All you need to do is just pass image for buttons with selectors for buttonDown and buttonUp. You can add as many buttons you want. You will have TouchDown and TouchUp events for your buttons.
  • cocos2d iphone
    cocos2d iphone game framework.
  • cocos2d iphone blocks
    This is a basic kind of breakout game made in order to teach cocos2d for iPhone.
  • cocos2d ringo
    Simple apple throwing game.
  • cocos2d simple game
    Building a simple iOS game using cocos2d.
  • Cocos2dChallenge
    a little game to test your skill of cocos2d.
  • cocosShooter
    Cocos2d game sample project.
  • CocosWhackMole
    A mole whacking game demo for cocos2d framework.
  • ColouredStones
    ColouredStones game from Cocos2d for iPhone 0.99 Beginner's Guide book.
  • Concept Game
    Space shooter game using Cocos2d.
  • Connect4 iPhone
    An iPhone Connect4 game developed using Cocos2d iPhone.
  • devteach2012 metroid runner
    A sample game demonstrating how to build games on iOS using cocos2d. Presented at DevTeach in Vancouver, May 2012.
  • DoodleDrop
    Learn cocos2d game develop first test game.
  • duckhuntcc2d
    Cocos2d port of (unfinished) duck hunt game.
  • Dungeon
    Cocos2d, Menu, Rules, Dropping a token on a board. Moving token. Finitite State Machine running but no functionality. Mostly a combo of Bucky, Ueland, SDKTudor tutorials mixed together in a brand new idea based on an old mildewy forgotten game that still can fetch $40 a pop on ebay.
  • enemies n combat Cocos2d iphone tutorial
    The source code for the Enemies And Combat cocos2d iphone tutorial and combat how to make a tile based game with cocos2d part 3/.
  • factory
    A cocos2d based iPhone port of the old Mac game , Factory: The Industrial Devolution.
  • FastTapRedux
    Messing around with cocos2d and created a rough speed tapping game for fun.
  • FlyingBirdie
    A small Cocos2D game for iOS, similar to the helicopter game.
  • FourInARow
    A connect 4 style iOS game made using cocos2d iphone.
  • fuzzy runner
    Runner game using Box2d & Cocos2d.
  • Game BuildKit
    A BuildKit structured project layout for developing iOS games with Cocos2D.
  • Game Pad
    A Game Direction Pad for Cocos2d iOS.
  • Garban Game
    Game training project on iOS with Cocos2d.
  • Hangman
    Cocos2D implementation of the hangman game.
  • Helicopter
    First game in Objective C using Cocos2d.
  • HelloSpaceViking
    iOS, advancing with cocos2d via SpaceViking game.
  • HW snake
    A snake game for cocos2d.
  • Into The Fire
    A M?ori hangman based game for iOS... I got a tad distracted adding 3d support for Cocos2d while writing this. Will remove and update.
  • ios balloon burst
    A simple game to use in learning cocos2d.
  • ios cocos2d viking
    This is an iOS game follwoing Learning Cocos2D book.
  • iPhone Tetris
    A little iPhone tetris game written with cocos2d.
  • iPong
    Simple pong game running on IOS using ObjC and Cocos2D Box2D.
  • JetPlane
    A Cocos2d iPhone game..
  • JoyboxNinjas
    Simple port of cocos2d tutorial ( to make a simple iphone game with cocos2d 2 x tutorial).
  • JumpCube
    A simple game based on Cocos2d.
  • launch it
    A prototype/demo iPhone game using cocos2d iphone and Box2D.
  • lumio
    Lumio is a new puzzle game for iOS developed using Cocos2D. Available free on the App Store.
  • Match Game
    Learning Cocos2d and Objective C with a simple card matching game.
  • Memory Game
    iOS app with cocos2d.
  • microcosm
    A Game Editor for cocos2d.
  • MonkeyJumper
    A "test" game made while learning the workings of cocos2D.
  • MonsterWaves
    This game is a simple refactoring of the Ray Wenderlich Tutorial "How To Make A Simple iPhone Game with Cocos2D 2.X Tutorial".
  • munchem
    Simple cocos2d iPhone game I'm building to learn more Objective C.
  • MyShooting
    Just a simple sample shooting game with cocos2d for iPhone(http://www.cocos2d
  • NapiRPG
    Testing an RPG game with Cocos2D.
  • Ninja
    A ninja game using the cocos2d framework.
  • NoSoEnchantedForest
    My First Game using cocos2d.
  • OldSchoolBreakout
    Breakout game developed to learn some cocos2d / box2d.
  • ortEnglish
    A game for english learners using cocos2d.
  • pacman cocos2d ios
    PacMan game for iOS written in Objective C using the Cocos2D framework.
  • Pinball Table
    cocos2d box2d Pinball Table game.
  • Pixel based destructible ground with Cocos2d iPhone
    Pixel based destructible ground with Cocos2d iPhone. Based on the engine used in iOS game Micro Miners.
  • platformer
    A basic platform game using Cocos2d, Box2d and Tiled as level editor.
  • PracticePompaDroid
    This is a Practice Project of 2D Game using Cocos 2D Here is a part of the awesome tutorial: to make a side scrolling beat em up game like scott pilgrim with cocos2d part 2. This will be use as a starting Project when creating cocos2D Sliding Game.
  • Puzzle Game
    Simple iOS puzzle game using cocos2d.
  • q boardgame
    simple board game sample code for iOS5 with cocos2d framework.
  • Rock Paper Scissors World Masters iOS
    multiplayer rock paper scissors iOS game using Cocos2D and Game Kit.
  • Rocket Defender
    Basic iOS shooter game powered by Cocos2D.
  • RPG
    A simple demo of a game with a tiled map built using the cocos2d engine.
  • sample cocos2d game to make a simple iphone game with cocos2d tutorial.
  • ShooterDemo
    A small Cocos2d iPhone based demo game.
  • simplegame
    Monocle Studios simple Cocos2d iPhone game from our "Getting started with Cocos2d" whitepaper.
  • slamDunk
    a simple game using Cocos2D.
  • Snake
    Cocos2D implementation of the classic snake game.
  • SneakyJoystick
    A Joystick for Cocos2d games. It's pretty solid. Give it a try! This will be updated to always work with latest trunk of Cocos2D.
  • SpaceViking
    Space Viking game development base on cocos2d book.
  • SpiderX
    Charge's first cocos2d iphone game.
  • Square Game
    Kiran Rao's Square Game. Ported to IOS. The project does not include the cocos2d libs folder and the OpenFeint Library. If you want to compile it you will have to download them.
  • submerged
    iOS game using Cocos2D & Box2D.
  • SWGameLib
    A set of helpful codes to start developing an iOS games, based on Cocos2d for iPhone and Chipmunk.
  • Test Game
    Sample code for getting started with the Cocos2D iPhone Game Engine.
  • Tetris Game
    using cocos2d(not cocos2dx) in mac ox game.
  • TileBasedAdventure
    My first attempt to create a (sort of) RPG game using Cocos2D.
  • TotemBalance
    TotemBalance game from Cocos2d for iPhone 0.99 Beginner's Guide book.
  • Tower Defense cocos2d
    Tower defense game I'm making in my spare time.
  • TowerOfHanoi cocos2d
    A tower of hanoi game built using cocos2d.
  • Trent The Sheep
    Permutation and Combination Cocos2d game.
  • TumeriQ
    Open source game development SDK based on Cocos2d.
  • Ultimate Cocos2d Helper
    Ultimate Cocos2d Extensions Library. I am looking to help you get those games out there faster than ever! Also clever stuff!.

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