Android How to - Android APK Example

  1. Android Auto update APK
  2. Android Check if Activity is installed
  3. Android Check if a package exists
  4. Android Check if package has installed
  5. Android Download and Install APK
  6. Android Get all packages from Context
  7. Android Get APK file path
  8. Android Get APK Icon
  9. Android Get APK MetaData
  10. Android Get APK version and name
  11. Android Get APK version Name by package name
  12. Android Get Non System APK file Path
  13. Android Get System APK Path Map
  14. Android Install Activity from apk File
  15. Android Install and uninstall APK Silently
  16. Android Install APK from Asset
  17. Android Install APK from URL
  18. Android Validate APK File