Android How to - Android Network Example

  1. Android Check if an IP address an IPv6 address
  2. Android Check if it is valid IPv4 or IPv6 Address
  3. Android Consume Web Service
  4. Android Convert Int value to IP address
  5. Android Get a mapping of all assigned IP-addresses to their according broadcast addresses
  6. Android Get IP address from Context
  7. Android Get Mac Address
  8. Android Get Mac address from system file
  9. Android Get port and Host from IP address
  10. Android Get Wiki IP Address
  11. Android Run Wifi Settings

Web Services

  1. Android Access Web Services Using the GET Method
  2. Android Consume Json Services


  1. Android Bluetooth Communication


  1. Android Check Network state


  1. Android Connect to the web to download content
  2. Android Download a series of images asynchronously
  3. Android Download Binary Data from the web
  4. Android Download Image from a URL
  5. Android Download Image With Message Passing
  6. Android Download Text Content
  7. Android Use DownloadManager to download


  1. Android Talk to a Socket Server


  1. Android Use Near Field Communication