Android How to - Android Security Example

  1. Android Calculate HMAC
  2. Android Compute SHA 256
  3. Android Create SHA256 from byte array
  4. Android Do AES Encription and Description with Key
  5. Android Encript AES with private key
  6. Android Encript and decrypt String with AES
  7. Android Encript String with AES
  8. Android Encrypt and decrypt bytes and String
  9. Android Encrypt and decrypt byte array
  10. Android Encrypt and decrypt with AES algorithm
  11. Android Generates a random 160-bit-value and returns it as hex-encoded string
  12. Android Generates a SHA-1 hash of password and salt and returns it as hex-encoded string
  13. Android Generate a random string
  14. Android Get AES Key from byte array
  15. Android Get MD5 String
  16. Android Get RSAPublicKey
  17. Android Get SHA 256, SHA-1 hash value
  18. Android Make a random byte array
  19. Android Test AES encription
  20. Android Verify data integrity using sha2