Android How to - Android Bitmap Example

  1. Android Blur a Bitmap
  2. Android Center a Bitmap
  3. Android Compress Bitmap
  4. Android Convert a byte array to a bitmap
  5. Android Convert Bitmap to byte array in PNG format
  6. Android Convert Bitmap to Drawable
  7. Android Convert byte array to Bitmap
  8. Android Convert Drawable to Bitmap
  9. Android BitmapCache based on LinkedHashMap
  10. Android Cache Bitmap
  11. Android Create Circular Bitmap
  12. Android Create Resized Bitmap
  13. Android Crop Bitmap Center
  14. Android Flip a Bitmap
  15. Android Get Bitmap from file path
  16. Android Get Bitmap from View
  17. Android Get Bitmap from visiable region of a WebView
  18. Android Get Bitmap size
  19. Android Get Bitmap Thumbnail
  20. Android Get Drawable to a Bitmap
  21. Android Get red, green, blue alpha bytes from Bitmap
  22. Android Loads and creates a scaled bitmap by path / widhDp / heightDp
  23. Android Load Bitmap and scale
  24. Android LruCache based Bitmap Cache
  25. Android Read Bitmap from a Uri
  26. Android Recycle a Bitmap
  27. Android Rotate Bitmap
  28. Android Rotate Image
  29. Android Save Bitmap to a file
  30. Android Save Bitmap to file path
  31. Android Scale a bitmap relative to a view
  32. Android Scale the bitmap