Android How to - Android Activity Example

  1. Android Change Activity Screen to Horizontal
  2. Android Change Activity Screen to Vertical
  3. Android Change Screen Brightness
  4. Android Check if Sd Card is available
  5. Android Check Is task running
  6. Android Close Activity
  7. Android Determines if this application is top activity
  8. Android Get Activity from ViewParent
  9. Android Get and set Clipboard
  10. Android Get Browser Intent
  11. Android Get Class name of base activity
  12. Android Get Class name of top activity
  13. Android Get Package name of base activity
  14. Android Get package name of the process id
  15. Android Get Package name of top activity
  16. Android Get Screen Size
  17. Android Get Top Activity Class Name With Package
  18. Android Go to Activity
  19. Android Hide Input Method
  20. Android Hide show soft keyboard
  21. Android Hide Status Bar
  22. Android Initialize Activity Orientation from SharedPreferences
  23. Android Is Service Running
  24. Android Keep Screen On
  25. Android Load Image and Text from Asset
  26. Android Lock Activity
  27. Android Make Activity Full screen
  28. Android Navigate to Activity
  29. Android Remove Title Bar and Notification Bar
  30. Android Start Activity and Close
  31. Android Start Activity by class
  32. Android Start Activity from Apk
  33. Android Start Activity safely
  34. Android Start Activity withno History
  35. Android Start Activity with Bundle
  36. Android Start an Activity from another Activity
  37. Android Start the system gallery activity to pick an image
  38. Android Switch Activity


  1. Android Anchor Views
  2. Android Resize and Reposition
  3. Android Adapt To Display Orientation
  4. Android Change activity orientation
  5. Android Control the Orientation of the Activity
  6. Android Determine portrait mode or landscape mode
  7. Android Handle AsyncTask interruption during configuration change
  8. Android Log Screen Orientation Changes
  9. Android React to configuration changed event
  10. Android Save State during orientation change
  11. Android Setup view for orientation change


  1. Android Add animation to ListActivity


  1. Android Block draw measure layout thread


  1. Android Create custom Theme


  1. Android Handle key down event from Activity
  2. Android Activity User Event


  1. Android Hide Activity Title
  2. Android Set activity to no title bar and full screen


  1. Android Request window feature
  2. Android Set system UI to full screen
  3. Android Set system UI to low profile
  4. Android Set System UI Visibility

Life cycle

  1. Android Save data on pause and read back on resume for Activity
  2. Android Save State Information during Changes in Configuration


  1. Android Start activity vs start activity for result
  2. Android Turn Activity to Dialog