Android How to - Android Intent Example

  1. Android Bind Activity on Click
  2. Android Get Launch Intent For Package
  3. Android Intercept Parameter from Intent
  4. Android Is Intent available


  1. Android Download App from Market
  2. Android Download from market
  3. Android Intent Web Search with keyword
  4. Android Intent to call a number
  5. Android Intent to open Dialer
  6. Android Intent to open browser
  7. Android Intent to show a map
  8. Android Open Activities Using Intents
  9. Android Pick a picture
  10. Android Receive Alarm Intent
  11. Android Send E-Mail
  12. Android Start Intent for web search
  13. Android Take a picture
  14. Android Use Intent Share a message with friends
  15. Android Use Intent to do Speech Recognize
  16. Android Use Intent to get content and pick video
  17. Android Use Intent to Get Media content
  18. Android Use Intent to launch another activity to play m4v file
  19. Android Use Intent to pick contact People
  20. Android Use Intent to start your service
  21. Android Use Intent to send email with attachment
  22. Android Use Intent to send SMS message
  23. Android Use Intent to view PDF file


  1. Android Pass Data Using an Intent Object
  2. Android Resolve Intent Filter Collision
  3. Android Return Results from an Intent
  4. Android Use Intent Filters

Pending Intent

  1. Android Use PendingIntent to create Notification