List of Free code Framework


  • Aggregation
    Java Object Aggregation Framework.
  • akka sample app
    akka framework sample application.
  • Anasy
    A Java library providing object oriented framework for syntax analysis.
  • apaq framework
    Apaq's framework that puts in the missing links in the Java domain.
  • apple
    Java Apple Frameworks library, using JNA.
  • arooa
    A drag and drop java component framework.
  • asynchwork
    Java asynch batch framework.
  • Axon trader
    A sample to use the axon framework for a trading application.
  • AxonFramework
    High Performance and Scalability framework for Java.
  • BabelShark
    Java framework for easing conversion between formats (json,xml, java etc.) and allowing more streamlined annotation markup for objects.
  • baFwk
    just an another java framework.
  • BankApplication
    BankApplicaiton with Java Frameworks.
  • bb4 puzzles
    A java puzzle framework with generator and solver implementations for puzzles like Sudoku, Hi Q, OneTough Puzzle, Tantrix, and others.
  • BDD Java
    Using different BDD frameworks in Java.
  • benchkit
    Super simple benchmarking framework for Java.
  • Biblio Transformation Engine
    A java framework for filtering and modifying records from various sources.
  • bin4j
    Fast Binary Parsing Java Framework.
  • biojava
    Bio Java is an open source project dedicated to providing a Java framework for processing biological data.
  • blake java
    Java version of the blake framework.
  • bodoque
    A Simple Java Framework for Prevalence. Provides a prevalence functionality with a familiar Active Record Pattern.
  • bolt
    Bolt is a java framework for Kinect.
  • bus
    A java method call control framework.
  • butterfly
    A. java parser generator witten in Java in a CPS way. It is a code parser transformation generator framework. For training reasons it is written in a continuation passing style way. By now there is only basic datastructure an generation down to methods.
  • bvf java
    a business rules validation framework in java.
  • cache2
    A declarative cache framework for Java.
  • caff
    Conversion and Formatting Framework in Java.
  • CASALite
    CASAlite is a Java framework to develop communicative agent based robots using SunSPOT and iRobot Create.
  • chainbench
    Benchmarking tool for Java distributed locking frameworks. Hewlett Packard Software (China), released under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Clear4j
    A 'Clear Code' Remote Workflow Framework for Java.
  • cli parsec
    annotation based CLI parser framework for Java (1.6+).
  • clic
    Tiny framework for bootstrapping standalone Java applications.
  • codjo sample
    A sample application that uses codjo framework.
  • coevisualizer
    Coevisualizer is a Java framework to help design, experiment with, and visualize coevolutionary simulations.
  • commander
    A simple Java application framework based on the Command pattern.
  • comparador
    comparator between java frameworks.
  • compare java converters
    This repository has small framework to compare performance of popular Java object conversion libraries.
  • concurrentbuffer
    A general Java producer consumer framework.
  • confit
    Java configuration management framework.
  • Core Framework
    Tackle Java development complexity by these package of library.
  • Crud Java DWR
    CRUD em Java com framework DWR.
  • cuber
    Cuber Framework for Java.
  • Dakengo
    A Java framework for writing programs that play Go.
  • DaoPlayground
    An attempt at writing a simple expressive object relational mapping framework for Java. This is mostly junk.
  • Databugger
    A data debugging framework.
  • ddf
    Distributed Data Framework is an open source, modular integration framework.
  • dejava
    Java libs and frameworks.
  • Dekarrin Framework
    provides several useful java mini programs.
  • demoiselle nosql
    Demoiselle Framework Samples with NoSQL Persistence.
  • diffusive
    Distributed computing framework for Java.
  • DirectCryptography
    Framework for cryptography for Java.
  • DIY mock
    Minimalistic Java mocking framework.
  • elshard
    Scalable task framework for Google App Engine/ Java.
  • entangle
    A simple data binding framework for Java.
  • ERHighcharts
    ERHighcharts is a Wonder adapter framework , utilizing the Highcharts Java Script framework to create SVG reports and charts in Wonder applications.
  • eva
    Eva is a dataflow framework for Java.
  • Fettle
    A state machine framework for java.
  • Fido4 Java
    Framework to working with fido stuff.
  • fjage
    Framework for Java and Groovy Agents.
  • flip
    A feature toggle framework for Java.
  • FlotJF
    This is a Java Framework for Flot.
  • Flotr2JF
    This is a Java Framework for Flotr2.
  • FPMadOP
    Framework for programming FRC robots in Java in a style reminiscent of functional programming and block diagrams.
  • Framework BioInfoCPQGM
    Este programa ? desenvolvido em JAVA e tem por int?ito o desenvolvimento de um framework interoperacional com as mais diversas funcionalidades afim de facilitar a an?lise de dados biol?gicos.
  • Framework for Distributed Computing
    A framework written in java for solving tasks that are parallelizable on multiple computers.
  • framework java
    using open source frameworks to make some kind of application skeleton, demo for guide.
  • frameworks base core java android hardware fmradio
    V4L fm java interface.
  • Fun Framework
    CodeIgniter ported to Java.
  • functional frameworks
    A small project for comparing functional Java frameworks.
  • GeneticPIDExample
    A program that uses the Java Watchmaker framework to optimize a PID controller.
  • geo platform
    The first pure java opensource framework webgis oriented.
  • gibbon
    A framework for creating Java console applications.
  • gig
    Gig is a Java application framework which is including the best of breed full stack runtime and toolkit.
  • google app engine jappstart
    Java framework for Google App Engine.
  • GPStreetTracker
    Java framework for traffic sign recognition.
  • grains
    The "Grains" Java framework generates thread safe, versionable objects.
  • hangen. java
    A simple java object transformation framework.
  • HelloPlay Framework
    hello world in java play framework.
  • hollywoodi
    goofing around with my own little dependency injection framework in java.
  • HueControl
    Java based framework for working with the Phillips Hue system.
  • iew framework
    This repository contains the framework code of my Java projects.
  • Iglu
    Atomic component framework for Java that helps developers to stick to a design and separate concerns.
  • immutable geo
    Immutable geometry framework for Java.
  • inforails
    framework like rails for infonic with java.
  • Jails
    This project provides the intial rails like framework support for java world.
  • jamppa
    A Java framework for building XMPP components.
  • jargo
    Jargo is a framework for creating Java Inversion of Control (IOC) Containers.
  • jauk
    A framework in java for object oriented parsing.
  • Java Actors
    a really simple actors framework for Java.
  • Java AkkaDemo
    This is a pretty simple demonstration of how to use Akka messaging framework in Java.
  • Java Boost
    a java based boosting framework.
  • Java Enterprise Development Library
    A framework which can be used for developing enterprise java based applications.
  • Java FRC
    For experimenting with the Java FRC framework.
  • Java Haddi
    A sample java framework.
  • java jme3 procedural placement
    this library contains a framework for placing object procuderaly in a jme3 terraingrid.
  • java koans
    A framework and lessons to learn java syntax and idioms in a logical sequence.
  • Java Mock Comparison
    Comparison of various Java mocking frameworks.
  • java object diff
    Framework to diff and merge Java objects with ease.
  • Java RMI
    Java based Remote Method Invocation Framework.
  • java simple event
    super simple event framework inspired from disruptor.
  • java world engine
    World engine and graphics/rendering framework for Java.
  • javachecker2
    framework for java source code analysis.
  • javadapters
    Adapter framework for converting between different Java types.
  • javalin
    Java LSystems framework , supporting a rich set of operators and primitives.
  • javaontracks
    My old Java framework that had a million cool features in it.... back in the days.
  • javapickling
    Java framework for pickling types into target formats and vice versa.
  • javax.activation
    Modified versions of Java Activation Framework.
  • jbenchx
    Java Unit Benchmark Framework.
  • jcanonical
    Canonical accessor framework for java.
  • jdonframework
    DDD CQRS EventSourcing framework for Java.
  • jdragon
    A java extensible RAD framework.
  • jDTO Binder
    DTO framework for the java platform.
  • jdto sample projects
    Sample projects using the jDTO Binder Framework.
  • jenova robotics framework
    A simple Java based robotics framework for performing high level control on a host PC fed data from microcontrollers on the robot itself.
  • jetio
    minimalist java i/o framework using jetlang.
  • JEvents
    A non annotation driven event framework for java that mimics C# events.
  • jexpect
    A simple BDD framework for Java.
  • JFWU
    Project of a framework utils for Java. Intended to used during development of an actual framework.
  • jgpss framework
    [SIM] Fork of Java GPSS.
  • jinatra
    Sinatra esque framework in java.
  • jmessaging
    A simple local/remote messaging framework in java.
  • jmigrations
    Full Java Migrations Framework inspired on Rails Migration.
  • jnet
    Simple java net framework.
  • jparse
    Java parser combinator framework supporting left recursion.
  • jpreferences
    Java framework for managing preferences for your Java application.
  • jquantlib
    JQuantLib is a free, open source, comprehensive framework for quantitative finance, written in 100% Java.
  • jSCSI
    A Java iSCSI Framework.
  • jtheque core
    Framework to create modular applications in Java.
  • Juggernaut
    java framework to execute automated builds.
  • jwbf
    Java Wiki Bot Framework is a library to maintain Wikis like Wikipedia based on MediaWiki.
  • jxlint
    Static analysis framework in Java.
  • kaliya
    Kaliya Java Script Distributed Computing framework.
  • ki
    A simple mobile agent framework , described in a series of articles for Java World c. 1998.
  • klatsch
    a framework and language for exploring and analyzing feeds of social media data.
  • las2peer
    A Java based Framework for Distributing Community Services in a Peer to Peer Infrastructure.
  • LCSFramework
    A generic Java LCS framework.
  • li.strolch.model
    Strolch is a generic framework for building parameterized models for modification at runtime written in Java.
  • Linked Data QA Dashboard
    Framework for evaluation and visualization of quality measures for Linked Data.
  • logicobjects
    A Linguistic Symbiosis Framework for Java and Prolog.
  • Machine Learning
    A Generic Java Machine Learning framework with a C4.5 implementation. This framework allows for a standardised way of creating supervised training models to produce classification engines.
  • madison
    Madison Java Framework de Regras.
  • MapPush
    An Atmosphere framework implementation sample.
  • mettle framework
    A fast TDD framework for Play Java applications.
  • microDI
    An extremely tiny Dependency Injection Framework for JAVA.
  • MinDispatch
    Minimal event driven framework for Java.
  • miui framework
    smali and decompiled java for miui's framework.jar.
  • mk application
    Simple java application framework.
  • mockachino
    Mock framework for java.
  • Mocking
    Materials for an article on the differences between Java mocking frameworks.
  • moolah
    Simple Financial transaction framework for Java.
  • mpoems in java knapsackProblem
    knapsack Problem implementation using the mpoems in java optimisation framework.
  • mud
    MUD rpg framework written in Java.
  • mullteatouch
    Access the Mac?OS X multitouch framework from Java.
  • Multitouch Framework
    Simple and flexible Java framework facilitating the handling of multitouch input and the gesture recognition.
  • MWF
    este es un framework java bien sencillo.
  • Nice Java
    Nice Java is a small library and framework. It is dedicated for small applications and startups. Nice Java 's fast, small, simple and easy to use. Make your job easy and funny with this :).
  • Node. java
    A node.js like Java framework.
  • nova
    An easy to use framework for asynchronous, event driven programming in Java , influenced by Node.js.
  • nucleus
    a simple client/server framework base written in java.
  • nxt java robot
    A automation framework and robot program for NXT lejOS.
  • OAIHarvester2
    The OAIHarvester2 Open Source Software (OSS) project is a Java application that provides an OAI PMH harvester framework.
  • ObjectG
    Framework for generating java objects with random\unique data set in them.
  • onexus
    Onexus is a modular framework to manage the complete life cycle of data analyses. Data analyses follow these steps: analysis definition, analysis execution, results storing, results browsing and finally results publishing.
  • ooo app
    A simple framework for social apps written in Java.
  • opoopress
    OpooPress blogging framework is a java based blog aware static site generator.
  • optiq
    Dynamic data management framework.
  • orm4j
    O/R Mapping framework for Java.
  • parallel sort
    Implementation of merge sort and quicksort using the Fork/Join framework (RecursiveAction) of Java 7.
  • Parse4SJM
    Java based language parsing framework that does not require any code generation steps.
  • parsr
    simple java framework for ragel based parsers.
  • PerformanceTools
    A Java benchmarking framework.
  • phoenix
    Java publish/subscribe communication framework.
  • pipes
    A Lazy Data Flow Framework.
  • play framework demos
    Various snippets and demonstrations of how to do certain things with the Play Framework ( Java ).
  • plivohelper java
    Plivo Framework Java helper Library.
  • pluris
    simple framework to handle plurals in java apps.
  • polaris
    Application framework in java.
  • PureMvp Framework
    pure java Model View Presenter framework.
  • radargun
    The RadarGun benchmarking framework for data grids and distributed caches.
  • rambi
    Rambi is a simple framework to let you develop on Google App Engine using Java Script.
  • Randomness Framework
    The missing java.random package.
  • rayo java client
    Java client framework for Rayo.
  • Redshape AS
    General propouse applications development framework for Java platform.
  • remoteproxy
    Remote Proxy framework for Java.
  • rite
    A pilot job framework written in Java.
  • saf
    Simple Application Framework A java &php application framework wanting to be powerfull and simple to use for the developper.
  • sail. java .android
    Java libraries for the Sail Smart Space framework.
  • SAW LATurboPascal Java
    An adapter framework to make it easy to migrate old Turbopascal sources to Java.
  • SAW StateMachine
    A state machine framework written entirely in Java. Very slim and easy to use.
  • SBPAgent Framework Java
    This is the SIS Baseline Profile Agent Framework.
  • SBPDemo Java
    This is the Demo Project to illustrate the use of the SBP Agent Framework.
  • SeqFilters
    Java filtering framework for sequence data.
  • shell framework
    A framework to create your own shell application in Java.
  • shooter
    Simple Dependency Injection Framework For Java.
  • SIFCommonOpenADK Java
    This is the SIFCommon Framework ( Java ) that is based on the OpenADK. The default build is for the SIF AU Data Model.
  • SIFDemoOpenADK Java
    This is the Demo Project to illustrate the use of the SIFCommon Framework , using the OpenADK with the SIF AU Data Model (default).
  • Signals
    Event and Messaging framework for Java.
  • siJACK
    simple java application configuration framework.
  • simple java petrinet
    A simple Petri net framework in Java. I had to write this for my studies and figured it might be helpful for someone.
  • SimpleComponent Framework
    Einfache objektorientierte Komponenten Architektur in Java.
  • sisyphus
    a high performance data processing framework in java.
  • SlippyJ Core
    A framework for building SlippyMap styled interfaces in Java.
  • Smartobjects
    A Java framework for Smartobjects.
  • social framework
    A framework to develop Social Platforms and Applications.
  • socialsensor framework common
    This project contains the main class and interface declarations to be used by other projects.
  • SoDCube Framework
    Framework DDD in Java.
  • solutions google compute engine orchestrator
    The sample application demonstrates orchestration framework which includes an App Engine application that periodically queries all currently running Compute Engine instances for their status (depending on the application, this may be CPU load and memory.
  • soluvas framework
    Soluvas Framework : Integrated Libraries and Tooling for Java.
  • soot
    Soot A Java optimization framework.
  • SpaceBumper Java framework
    (Unofficial) Java AI framework for the SpaceBumper compo at The Gathering 2012.
  • spark
    A Sinatra inspired framework for java.
  • spf4j
    Simple performance framework for java.
  • spinfw framework
    A Java micro framework inspired by Sean Corfield's FW/1 for ColdFusion.
  • stompize
    A java STOMP framework.
  • storage access framework sample
    The sample of storage access framework.
  • symmetry
    A user interface abstraction framework for Java.
  • Syringe
    Dependency Injection Framework for Java.
  • TalkingNet
    VoIP framework for Java applications.
  • taro
    Java framework that makes it easy to programmatically build excel spreadsheets. Built on top of Apache POI.
  • tcontainer
    Simple Java IoC framework.
  • tini
    Java AIO client/server framework.
  • tinybo
    a java blogging framework.
  • treej
    Decision Tree framework for Java.
  • Tron
    A sophisticated finite state machine framework for Java.
  • Trooper
    Trooper is a Java module like framework for building applications using one of the supported runtime profiles. Currently supported profiles include Batch, Service and Orchestration. It additionally has a number of useful libraries that may be used independently of the Trooper runtime.
  • ttff
    The Tiny Filtering Framework Java lib for working with object sequences.
  • UndoRedo
    Undo Redo framework for Java.
  • UnHosted Java
    Java implementation of the UnHosted framework (client only).
  • university jade pubsub
    Topic based publish / subscribe framework. Built in Java using JADE agents.
  • updates r simple
    An auto update system for Java , free of frameworks and signatures.
  • vasco
    An inter procedural data flow analysis framework using value based context sensitivity.
  • venom
    Fast Java Actor framework.
  • voidbase
    queue based soft real time parallel data analysis framework.
  • woodstub
    Stubing framework for java.
  • Xochi Java
    Java framework for music study and development.
  • yaml schema
    Java based schema framework for YAML.
  • yesevent
    Java Based event framework.
  • zabbixj
    A simple Zabbix framework for Java.
  • ZeroFrame
    A java based, event driven, extensible development framework for digital assistants. Currently ALPHA.

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