List of Free code Framework Web


  • abandoned AjaxPostBackServlet
    A simple and easy AJAX framework for Java web development.
  • android context
    A framework for the integration of data collected from on board sensors, web services, social media and external biosensors into a ContextProvider a unified, query able interface to all contextual data on the device.
  • appverse web
    A multi frontend technology capable web application framework incorporating the best of breed open source stack to meet the challenges of secure and robust server side service development, integration and delivery.
  • Attila The Framework
    A simple Java web framework for efficient application development.
  • bazaruto
    Simple Java web framework.
  • Bolt
    It's a micro web MVC framework write in Java.
  • bubblegum
    java micro web framework.
  • citrus
    Java based Web Framework for Alibaba Group.
  • Coffee Framework
    Really simple, lean, fast, component driven architecture for Web Development with Java.
  • drumlin
    Drumlin (a simple Java Webapp Framework ).
  • easyweb
    Java web framework (library).
  • EggFramework
    Java application framework for rapid development of web applications.
  • eweb4j framework
    easy web framework for java.
  • firefly
    Firefly framework HIgh performance full stack java web framework.
  • framework
    simple java web framework.
  • Framework
    java web framework , JFinal derivatives, integrate ExtJS conveniently.
  • framework x
    Java Web Application Framework.
  • framework2
    Java web mvc framework.
  • fwf
    Experiment in creating a fun web framework for Java (BTW, it failed).
  • gigue
    a java web development framework.
  • granola
    Granola is a simple java web framework.
  • guppy4j
    Pure Java web framework.
  • home
    Web 4thejob is an open source java framework for the rapid development of data centric web applications.
  • httpextractor
    Java web framework using matchers and extractors.
  • J2Free
    Open source java web framework.
  • jandal
    A Web app framework in Java that's a hybrid of HMVC and state machines named after a friend's dog, and never used for anything.
  • jango
    A Django inspired web framework for Java.
  • Jarpur
    Really stupidly simple java web framework.
  • java webcont
    Continuation Web Framework in Java (archive).
  • java webframework comparison
    Compare Java Web Framework by implementing tiny todo application.
  • javango
    A basic Java framework for web apps. Inspired by the Python/Django project.
  • JCL
    Jar Class Loader, a configurable and dynamic custom classloader designed to create, manage and manipulate isolated Java classloaders in IoC frameworks and web applications.
  • jfw
    Web Application Framework( Java ).
  • jogger
    Jogger Java Web Framework.
  • jplume
    Lightweight Java web framework.
  • Juva
    A simple Web framework in Java.
  • jweb
    A Java framework for web applications.
  • jwf impls
    Simple Java "signup" sample webapps implemented in various frameworks.
  • jWic
    jWic is a java based development framework for developing dynamic web applications with the convenience and familiarity of 'rich client' style programming.
  • LightFramework
    A lightweight web development framework for java.
  • mattoni
    A library of utilites for writing web applications in Java. Without frameworks!.
  • mechjack
    Web services framework written in Java.
  • micro
    a modular micro MVC framework for Java web applications.
  • miranda
    A java web MVC framework made with regard to study.
  • miso
    A simple web framework. The simplicity of Ruby meets the power of Java.
  • mojave
    An annotation driven, POJO based Java web MVC framework, supporting DI with Guice.
  • MyBlog
    A java web demo without any frameworks for beginners.
  • othello
    Othello Java Web Framework.
  • planets
    java web crawler framework.
  • PSWebV1.0
    Java Web App Framework.
  • pulsar
    Minimalist Web Framework Java.
  • punk
    The Pure Java 8 Web Framework.
  • Ravenous
    Open source web framework for Java.
  • rd4j
    An experimental Java web framework using ideas from Django and Stripes.
  • Recite18th
    A java web framework developed to be as simple as PHP CodeIgniter framework.
  • Rich Web Client
    A Rich Web Client for the diretto platform ( Java Framework Vaadin).
  • shogun
    SHOGun a Java based Web GIS framework.
  • SimpleJS
    A simple Java Script Framework useful for educational purposes and small web projects.
  • Sistema Eletr nica JavaWeb
    System to a Electronic Business, built in Java Web without Frameworks.
  • sparkle
    Lightweight java web framework.
  • spiderweb
    The Spider Web Framework is a framework for building web applications in Java.
  • stripes
    Stripes is a Java framework with the goal of making Servlet/JSP based web development in Java as easy, intuitive and straight forward as it should be. It's stripey and it doesn't suck.
  • SugarCRMJavaSOAPClient
    Java SOAP Client for accessing Web Services exposed by SugarCRM. The client version of the framework is based on Apache Axis (1.4).
  • swiftweb
    Make java web applications swiftly sinatra inspired web framework.
  • swoop
    Simple Web oop(s) A sinatra like Java web framework.
  • UClassify
    Java framework to consume uClassify webservice [text analysis and classification].
  • untitled web framework
    utilities for rapid webapp development in java , based on google guice.
  • vaadin
    Vaadin is a Java framework for building modern web applications that look great, perform well and make you and your users happy.
  • vraptor
    Simple Java Web MVC Framework.
  • vroom web framework
    Ajax Framework for Java Web Applications.
  • webapp
    Java Web Application Framework.
  • Webservice Base
    Framework for developing API Services in Java.

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