List of Free code Wicket


  • almira project
    Java application template for clustered web development (Spring, Hibernate, Wicket).
  • Build rich XML enabled applications with Apache Cocoon 3.0 and Apache Wicket
    Sample code for blog entry.
  • demo wicket order
    Sample web application using wicket as UI frame work and Ebean persistance framework.
  • fiftyfive wicket
    Bootstrap Apache Wicket with testing utilities, Apache Shiro security , JS dep management, and more.
  • gaewicketblog
    GaeWicketBlog is a simple open source blog engine running on the free hosting service Google App Engine. GaeWicketBlog is built using the Java web framework Wicket (
  • heroku wicket examples
    Apache Wicket examples running on heroku.
  • less wro wicket
    Sample wro4j configuration project.
  • msm sample webapp
    A sample (wicket) webapp for playing with memcached session manager.
  • obiba commons
    Reusable code for persistence (hibernate), security , spring and wicket.
  • portal
    Devproof Portal Available modules Blog, Articles, Downloads, Boomarks (using Apache Wicket, Spring Framework, Hibernate ).
  • Ubercharts
    Charting API for Wicket, based on Highcharts.
  • Whiskey
    Sample webapp java (Wicket Spring Hibernate): inventory of my whiskey collection. But could also used for beer or wine collections. Main purpose is finding a fast way to build web enabled applications.
  • wicket
    Wicket CDI Integration Module: A portable extension for Java EE that provides CDI integration for Wicket.
  • wicket 6 example
    Apache Wicket 6 Authentication and Authorization Example.
  • wicket ajax bookmarks
    Interact with the Browser history while using Ajax in Wicket.
  • wicket bootstrap navbar
    Example Wicket application using reusable component that contains Twitter Bootstrap Navbar (Navigation menu).
  • wicket hibernate archetype
    A Maven archetype for a Wicket application with Hibernate 3.5 final.
  • wicket jsr303 parsley
    Basic integration between Wicket, JSR303 and ParsleyJS client side validation library.
  • wicket praxis
    Wicket Praxis Code Samples.
  • Wicket rest annotations
    Annotations for Wicket to build REST based API.
  • wicket security 1.4
    Local copy of wicket security code for Wicket 1.4 to work around's instability.
  • wicket spring boilerplate
    Maven archetype for creating a Wicket 1.5/Spring 3.1 web application that uses NO XML configuration files.
  • wicket spring security example
    Example of integrating Spring security in a Wicket web application.
  • wicket test examples
    Canned Wicket Test Examples.
  • Wicket tutorial examples
    This repo contains code examples for my personal Wicket tutorial.
  • wicketGuardian
    Aims to incorporate wicket and security solutions to easily sit on top starting with Apache Shiro as first supported solution.

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