List of Free code PlayFramework


  • Biling
    Biling project in Java Play Framework.
  • blog java play
    Implementation of the blog in the Play! framework , 1.24.
  • CMS4Play
    Simple Java Content Management System (CMS) based on the Play framework.
  • Cream
    Java Content Repository module for Play! framework.
  • ems playframework 1.2.3
    Simple effort management system written with the Play! framework for java.
  • Japid
    A Java based statically typed fast template engine that can be used in any Java code. It has special adapter for use with the Play! Framework.
  • javabin play java demo
    Demo Java Bin application. Used to show some of the abilities of the Play framework.
  • jpagen
    JPAGEN is a module for the Play! Framework that aims at generating JPA Entities and Composite keys from metadata or a file containing a list of tables.
    A simple JSON DTO binding module for the Play! Framework.
  • montyhall java sdc2012
    The Monty Hall problem with Play framework 2.0.
  • PayMePayYou
    Expense sharing application using Java and Play framework.
  • Pimp my App
    This is the code source of the Play! Framework presentation I did in 2011 at more than 9 Java User Group all around France, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
  • play cucumber sample
    Play! Framework Cucumber Plugin Sample Project.
  • play drools
    Play framework sample with Droools.
  • play forum
    A simple forum in Java with the Play Framework.
  • Play Framework Example Library
    Very simple demonstration of the Play! framework.
  • play2 csp
    Content Security Policy for Play! Framework 2.
  • play21 origami plugin
    OrientDB Java O/G mapper for play! framework 2.
  • playframework oauthprovider's OAuth Provider Server for Play! Framework.
  • playframework1 sample webapp
    A simple webapp using play! framework and java.
  • PLint
    Play! Framework Lagoon? Security connector.
  • rdio simple play example
    An example of rdio simple for Java and the Play! framework.
  • RedirectAfterPost
    Play! framework sample project showing redirect after post tecnique.
  • sail. social
    Social Layer on top of S3 ecosystem. Based off of the Play Framework.
  • SociallySecure
    An example integration of the SecureSocial and Deadbolt security modules for the Play! framework.
  • Telesales Play
    Demo Java app running on Heroku using the Play! framework.
  • template java play
    Template app for Play! Framework.
  • Yabe Play20 Java
    Yabe for Play framework 2.0.4 in Java.
  • ZemBlog Engine
    A powerfull blog engine written in Java (fuck yeah) and powered by the Play Framework.

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