List of Free code GWT


  • bookaui
    Booka GWT User Interface.
  • bookmarklet and chrome addon
    Pearltrees bookmarklet and chrome addon (based on GWT).
  • burocrat
    A Java web development framework built on top of GWT that allows developers to efficiently implement complex web applications at a high level of abstraction.
  • gae sample 4exo ide
    Sample Aplication for GAE + GWT.
  • gflot
    gflot is a GWT wrapper of flot, a Java Script plotting library.
  • gson gwt
    Emulation classes for Json Element and Json Parser classes in json.
  • gwt channel api
    GAE Channel API in GWT.
  • gwt chatrooms portlet
    Sample GWT portlet for Liferay portal. It demonstrates how to (1) place multiple GWT portlet instances on the same page (2) how to implement GWT RPC or JSON to make use of Liferay services (3) how to preserve GWT state between reloads.
  • gwt contacts
    A version of the gwt "contacts" example from google.
  • gwt d3
    A GWT wrapper library around the d3.js library.
  • gwt d3 js
    GWT modules containing d3.js script files.
  • GWT Demos
    GWT Demos and Examples.
  • gwt dispatch sample
    Sample GWT dispatch project.
  • gwt gae image gallery
    Image Gallery demo application showing the high performance image serving API at work.
  • gwt hack
    a trivial example app for gwt mpv.
  • GWT Hangouts
    gwt hangouts api wrapper.
  • gwt i18n server
    A project to make GWT localization available on server side.
  • GWT Maps V3 Api
    GWT Maps V3 Javascript Bindings.
  • gwt maven example
    A working example combining a multi project maven build together with GWT 2.
  • GWT maven GPE sample
    A simple GWT project with a minimal POM to help you started with GWT, maven and GPE.
  • GWT Maven3 Sample
    This is a Google Web Toolkit demo project created by gwt maven plugin 2.4. It's to demonstrate how to configure Maven3 and gwt maven plugin to test, run, package a GWT project.
  • Gwt Meta Data
    Annotation processor for metadata.
  • GWT Relative Time
    Bringing timestamps for humans to your GWT client.
  • gwt rest
    A port of the hibernating rest/.
  • gwt scheduler
    Scheduling application written in Java using Google Web Toolkit.
  • gwt security
    Some tips and tricks to secure GWT applications.
  • gwt seminar
    sample code for gwt 2.1.
  • GWT Spring Hibernate Maven2 ReferenceProject
    GWT / Spring / Hibernate / Maven2 Reference Project.
  • gwt spring hibernate tutorial
    An Example how to use GWT, Spring and Hibernate together.
  • gwt spring security sessionless sample
    A example webapp using spring security and GWT without session.
  • gwt test utils
    gwt test utils is a Java framework that allows to test GWT client side code in a efficient, easy way.
  • gwt test utils samples
    Samples project to show how to use gwt test utils.
  • gwt testtask
    The sample project. GWT only.
  • GwtMobile PhoneGap
    gwtmobile phonegap is a GWT wrapper of the PhoneGap Javascript library. PhoneGap is a cross platform development framework that provides core mobile device features to web based mobile apps. GWT by Google is a new way of developing web applications write apps in Java then compile into javascript. gwtmobile phonegap enables a GWT mobile application to use PhoneGap functions.
  • gwtprojsonserializer
    JSON Serializer/Deserializer for GWT using code generators (fork of Google Code Project).
  • GwtSpringDemo
    A simple demo / proof of concept of a JSON based Spring MVC + GWT Project.
  • GwtTree
    Sample WebCTRL Add On using GWT to render a tree and retrieve trend data.
  • Hermes
    A GWT Server side I18N Library.
  • jsondto
    JSON pickling and RPC for GWT.
  • JSONfan
    GWT JSONValue implementation for JSE.
  • lib gwt file
    A GWT encapsulation of the W3C File API.
  • mail dist
    Mail forwarding to individual based on distribution list. GWT + GAE + Spring + Spring Security.
  • OpenIdGwtAppEngine
    OpenId Gwt App Engine Example.
  • piriti
    JSON and XML Mapper for GWT.
  • Proj 3D GWT
    Final Project 3 GWT.
  • resty gwt
    Like GWT RPC but with REST/ JSON coolness.
  • RFSample
    Sample Application for GWT RequestFactory. Also implements a one line client logger.
  • samplegwt
    Sample GWT is an archetype and a utility library to create GWT almost complete base projects.
  • todomvc tessell
    port of todomvc sample app to gwt mpv.
  • totoe
    JSON and XML parser for GWT with json /xpath and namespace support.
  • tvguide sample parent
    Sample app to get to know GWT, Guice, Gin, and Maven.
  • w ide
    Web based IDE using GWT and server side Eclipse.

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