List of Free code Servlet


  • apache shiro samples
    Simple samples using Apache Shiro, Spring core, Servlets, JSP, JQuery.
  • b3log latke
    Yet another simple web framework based on Java servlet technology.
  • b3log solo
    B3log Solo is an open source Java blogging program that can run on the GAE, BAE, OpenShift, CloudFoundry or a local servlet container.
  • BadAss Web App
    Java Web App demo featuring jQuery, JSON, Servlet 3.0, Spring 3.1, JAXB 2.2.5, JDO 3.0 & DataNucleus 3.0.
  • cirrus
    Javascript server side web framework using Java servlets and Rhino.
  • core
    Weld, including integrations for Servlet containers and Java SE, examples and documentation.
  • cors filter
    CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) is a mechanism supported by W3C to enable cross origin requests in web browsers. CORS requires support from both browser and server to work. This is a Java servlet filter implementation of server side CORS for web containers such as Apache Tomcat.
  • crud frameworks
    A CRUD Of the object " Framework " that has a set of possible clients, demonstrating the most known Java technologies (servlet, javafx, portlet and javaee).
  • cruzeira
    Cruzeira brings to Spring Framework implementing a subset of the Servlet API.
  • CS6320 Final Project Java Servlets
    A simple web application that inserts, displays and removes items from a database.
  • earthworm
    Early draft of a Java Servlet framework focusing on keeping server side as stateless as possible.
  • echo3
    . To the developer, Echo works just like a user interface toolkit. The latest iteration, Echo3, features the ability to write applications in either server side Java or client side Java Script. Server side applications run in any Java Servlet Container and do.
  • edu java
    Learn object oriented analysis and design, collections, servlets and JSP, JDBC and Hibernate, Spring Framework.
  • elfinder servlet
    Java connector for elFinder.
  • GeoTest
    A Java servlet application that reads and writes to a mongodb database. It exercises the mongodb geospatial query feature.
  • HTML2Mobile
    Student Project A Java servlet capable of intelligently converting content on a full size web site into a mobile friendly presentation.
  • icar rest json
    A minimal servlet based REST framework + JSON push parser.
  • image resize servlet
    Resize image servlet using imagemagick or thumbnailator.
  • java web jsp servlet
    Java Web Jsp Servlets.
  • JavaWeb CMS
    A Servlet based CMS in Java to set up your Website with Java plug ins.
  • jboss servlet api spec
    JBoss Servlet API Spec.
  • jetty.project
    Jetty Servlet Engine and Http Server project repository (jetty.project).
  • JUnitEE
    JUnitEE is a simple extension to JUnit which allows standard test cases to be run from within a J2EE application server. It is composed primarily of a servlet which outputs the test results as html or xml.
  • klink
    Kinetic Link is an open source web framework that allows almost any language to interact with your BMC Remedy AR system. Through Klink you can create records, view data, and update or delete information. The framework provides a consistent XML over HTTP interface utilizing Java Servlets and Apache Struts.
  • logback webfragment
    logback webfragment provides a ServletContextListener for loading/reloading logback configuration from files in a servlet 3.x, Java 7 enabled web application.
  • Mobi Web Web Java Library
    The Mobi Web Java Servlet Library.
  • mobicents mss pbx
    Sample PBX using Mobicents SIP Servlets.
  • netty servlet bridge
    Servlet API bridge for Netty.IO Framework.
  • org.diablitozzz.jera.jetty
    Servlet container for quick web develop in java.
  • rackinterfacefilter
    A java servlet filter that implements the rack interface for calling ruby web applications.
  • rift
    Web framework built on top of the standard Java Servlet API.
  • Sample Web Project
    Sample web project to practice with Java Servlets and JSP.
  • scalable web and application server
    A high load balancing and availability HTTP server like Apache Tomcat capable of running Java servlets and render dynamic web pages.
  • scribe java webapp
    Webapplication example for scribe java OAuth. Example is implemented using Servlets.
  • servlet
    Servlet Module: A portable extension for Java EE that provides enhancements to the Servlet API.
  • servlet 3 e fundamentos web online java /servlet 3 e fundamentos web.
  • Servlet Assignment
    This project contains Gmail account registration form with validations & user update its details, delete account if want also provide security.
  • simple json rpc
    Java servlet based RPC for POJO, using JSON.
  • spring mvc chat
    Sample code using the Spring MVC 3.2, Servlet based, async support.
  • Toy Web
    [ Java ] Extremely simple servlet engine.
  • UGM ServletJSON
    This is a web app built using Java Servlets, JSP and JSON Objects.
  • visural common
    visural common is a general purpose Java library. Highlights include an AOP caching solution for Guice based projects, a HTTP 301 Redirect Servlet Filter, a runtime class path scanner, a Base64 encoder/decoder, CSV reading/writing, a HTML "sanitizer.
  • webdav servlet
    Java servlet that provides an implementation of the webdav protocol. Underlying data storage ( database , custom file systems) can be easily plugged in.
  • webmin
    Webmin is a set of filters and servlets for the compression of HTML, CSS and Java Script content.
  • WebportingEngine
    Java Servlet Engine for generating report. Powered by Jasper Report.
  • webservice to jsonrpc
    This tool provides a solution for JSON RPC clients to use SOAP Web services. The solution is designed as a group of Java servlets to run under Apache Tomcat. It consists of the manager servlet and one or more, independent adapter servlets.

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