List of Free code Layout


  • 1Tuts Adv CSS Page Layouts
    Learning Page Layouts in HTML with CSS.
  • 2013 08 javascript modules
    PI & Mash JavaScript module layout.
  • 2x2 workspace using html5
    Create a 2x2 workspace/ layout in webpage using HTML5.
  • 3 column responsive layout sliding header
    3 column layout responsive.
  • 4south ember
    Basic Application Layout for manageable ember applications using node.js build tools.
  • a1
    A theme for Redmine. Based on the original A1, but adds a media query based mobile layout.
  • AdaptiveFixed Layout Application
    Sample application for blog post on adaptive fixed layout win 8 app.
  • albumJ
    An layout for large photo showcase.
  • amd three.js
    AMD + three.js example application layout.
  • angular pages
    Angular directive for managing the layout and transition of pages.
  • angularchat ngboiler
    Angular based chat app using ngBoilerplate layout.
  • anywhere eagle viewer
    Javascript viewer for Eagle Board layouts...
  • ap drilldown menu
    Javascript based navigation menu for mobile and responsive layouts.
  • app layout
    An iPhone app sales layout with a screenshot slideshow.
  • article layouts
    Plan Sponsor Article Layouts.
  • BareForum
    Barebone forum layout without all the clutter.
  • bbl
    buy by like layout.
  • bigpipe layout
    Supply default layout to Bigpipe pages.
  • blank site
    A folder layout and basic files that can be used as building blocks for website.
  • Blueprint FixedBackgroundScrollingLayout
    A fixed background image scrolling layout with 100% height panels and smooth scrolling.
  • BoC.Sitecore. MVC
    Use MVC to load layouts and/or renderings in sitecore.
  • bootstrapper
    Bootstrapper layout for Elefant CMS.
  • Borowoj Test Task
    Simple web page layout.
  • boxes
    This will eventually be a layout editor. Right now it's just too fresh.
  • BPM Calculator
    A simple beats per minute calculator with a responsive layout and support for touch or click events.
    Left is a clean, whitespace happy layout for Jekyll.
  • camping
    Winter Camping 2012 Layout Page.
  • cards
    Playing around with a layout to view cards.
  • careless admin
    Careless Admin is a responsive admin layout for careless developer.
  • cbach wp gridster
    Gridster is a WordPress plugin that makes building intuitive draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns. You can even dynamically resize, add and remove elements from the grid , as edit the elements content inline.
  • Cease
    Consistent Elemental Attributes Setup Engine. Setup your webpage layout using consistent css like attributes with more control over placement and size. NO HACKS to place objects where you want, instead more controls. The project is written in haXe, targets javascript and is based on jQuery.
  • CGM
    Custom Google? Menu aims to help you arrange links to Google? services on the Gmail? page. Links are represented as boxes and the new layout is created by dragging and dropping these boxes.
  • Chillin.js
    A layout engine for impress.js.
  • clinical forum layout
    The Clinical forum layout.
  • codeigniter layout module hmvc
    Layout Module for CodeIgniter Modular Extensions HMVC.
  • Columnizer jQuery Plugin
    The Columnizer jQuery Plugin will automatically layout your content in newspaper column format. You can specify either column width or a static number of columns. And, of course, it?s easy to use!.
  • com layout
    Nuby Express Layout component.
  • comprise
    Add layout and partial support to consolidate.js!.
  • Containers Bookmarklet
    Replace a websites media keeping the layout in place.
  • copal css
    Content and Page Layout CSS framework.
  • cornerstone
    Get started quicker! Sample app w/ Rails3, MongoMapper (on MongoHQ), ENV aware CM, Devise, SendGrid, Chargify, & a less crappy layout :).
  • CSS Grid framework
    A framework generating custom grid & layout css files.
  • css layout study
    This is for study.
  • d3.chart. layout
    A layout chart that enables to well structured your chart building by defining zones and providing options.
  • data driven view engine dncmag 07
    A deep dive into how to build a Custom View Engine whose View layout is stored in a database. This is Code for the Article in DNC Magazine Issue 7 (July August 2013). The magazine is absolutely Free.
  • diamond
    A component for layout and other many uses based on jQuery.
  • DisplayKeyboard Layout
    Gnome shell extention to display flag for selected keyboard layout on screen center.
  • Divvy
    Layout manager for web apps.
  • djax
    Dynamic pjax, responds to layout changes across requested pages.
  • dock spawn
    Dock Spawn is a web based dock layout engine that aids in creating flexible user interfaces by enabling panels to be docked on the screen similar to Visual Studio IDE.
  • dontexplain
    Source code for, a blog with a wacky layout.
  • DunDef Viewer
    HTML/JS viewer for Dungeon Defenders layouts.
  • easy Layout
    An online web page layout builder.
  • easyfader
    An Ultralight Fading Slideshow for Responsive Layouts.
  • Elastislide
    Elastislide is a responsive image carousel that will adapt fluidly in a layout. It is a jQuery plugin that can be laid out horizontally or vertically with a pre defined minimum number of shown images.
  • ember layout
    Layout implementation for Ember.js.
  • ember layout example
    Example application using ember layout and ember routemanager.
  • Empty Framework 5 Layouts
    The great HTML5 layouts of EF5 in pure HTML for your dissection.
  • enyo layout
    An Enyo layout package.
  • etch a layout
    Tools for the web professional. Build, design and style grid based layout.
  • eventful
    A javascript library for data management and layout binding in javascript.
  • example layout helpers
    An example using the layout helpers.
  • express ejs layouts
    Layout support for ejs in express.
  • express hbs
    Express 3 handlebars template engine complete with multiple layouts , partials and blocks.
  • express partials
    Express 3.x Layout & Partial support.
  • expressjs boilerplate
    ExpressJS boilerplate, expressjs MVC , expressjs layout.
  • extra strength responsive grids
    A Fluid CSS Grid System for Responsive Web Design The Fluid CSS Grid System for Responsive Web Design. Take total control of your layouts.
  • FDWjs
    Javascript Floating & Docking Layout Library.
  • first national bank q2 layout
    Q2 Layout for First National Bank.
  • fix me
    a troubling site layout needs your css help. $100 reward.
  • Flagship RWD
    Development of new responsive web layout for Flagship (
  • flex blog
    Simple responsive blog layout with use of flexbox.
  • flex layout
    BEM block for custom layout.
  • Flexi
    A Flexible layout schema for single page web apps.
  • flexible math
    A quick way to get percentages for your CSS when doing flexible layouts.
  • flipboard layout
    An experimental page layout that let's you navigate pages by swiping or dragging as in a booklet, inspired by Flipboard.
  • FlipboardPage Layout
    Magazin Flipboard Style HTML Template.
  • flowed layout tut
    A tutorial for SC.Flowed Layout.
  • fluid Grid .js
    Allows building intuitive draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns and rows.
  • fluid image grid
    Google image search results layout.
  • FluidHTML
    Creating a basic fluid layout.
  • fluidify
    In browser WYSIWYG editor for fluid and responsive grid layouts.
  • freemarker composition example
    Demonstrates layout implementation for Freemarker based on macroses.
  • ftcolumnflow
    A polyfill that fixes the inadequacies of CSS column layouts.
  • FTE layout spike
    my testbed project for layout ideas that might or might not make it into tinytlf.
  • FullscreenLayoutPageTransitions
    This responsive layout is based on an initial grid of four boxes. Once a box is clicked, it gets resized to fullscreen and the other boxes scale down and fade out. In the work section we experiment with another transition which is to show a panel.
  • GA Portfolio Site
    Stock Portfolio Site Layout.
  • galereya
    Responsive, easily customizable gallery with a masonry layout.
  • GammaGallery
    Gamma Gallery is an experimental responsive image gallery that attempts to provide an adjustable responsive images approach taking its grid layout and the full slideshow view into account.
  • geddy layout bug
    Minimal repo for geddy layout bug.
  • generator assemble
    Yeoman generator for Assemble, the static site generator built on Grunt.js. Kickstart new Assemble projects in just a few seconds, including templates, data, layouts , and a theme.
  • graphviz.js
    Graphviz layout engine running in the browser using the Emscripten cross compiler.
  • grid menu.js
    A grid layout menu library.
  • grid preview
    A webapp to preview customizable responsive grid layouts.
  • gridster.js
    gridster.js is a jQuery plugin that makes building intuitive draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns.
  • grunt ejs static
    Grunt EJS Static takes an MVC approach to building a static site generator using EJS and Grunt. Models can be defined in multiple JSON files, which helps keep logic out of the templates and the data more maintainable. Views are defined in layout files.
  • grunt init assemble
    Grunt init template for Assemble, the static site generator built on Grunt.js. Kickstart new Assemble projects in just a few seconds, including templates, data, layouts , and a theme.
  • hachiko
    A jQuery sticky plugin that allows a relatively positioned element to be stickied onto the screen when the element is scrolled outside of the viewport. Instead of changing the position of the element on window scroll, this plugin creates a clone of the original element and set the clone to be fixed positioned so the original layout is always preserved.
  • handlebars layouts
    Handlebars helpers which implement Jade like layout blocks.
  • helm
    Helm ? Responsive Layout Utility.
  • Hollo Layout Bundle
    Layout bundle for future symfony2 projects.
  • HorizontalSlideOutMenu
    A horizontal slide out menu with a grid like thumbnail layout for the submenu. With media query examples for smaller devices.
  • HowTo Layout
    How to layout in HTML.
  • html js template
    using a html5 boilerplate layout , ember js, with css less or stylus, build scripts in the sublime config/setup, sublime as code editor.
  • HTML KickStart
    HTML KickStart is an ultra?lean set of HTML5, CSS, and jQuery (javascript) files, layouts , and elements designed to give you a headstart and save you 10's of hours on your next web project.
  • html5 boilerplate
    Provides a simple boilerplate HTML5 web layout including svgweb, sass, html5shiv, ie9.js, jquery, jquery templates and hashgrid.
  • html5 layout
    HTML5 Layout Generator for Rails 3.
  • html960 boilerplate
    merging html5 boilerplate with 24 column layout and sticky headers and footers.
  • hudkit layouts
    A collection of predefined layouts for hudkit.
  • hyde cmanon
    Hyde layout for my site.
  • hyde site
    Content, layout and deployed files of a hyde generated website.
  • ibus avro
    Avro phonetic bangla typing layout for ibus.
  • iGoogle interface
    Basic iGoogle layout ( widgets ).
  • incomOrg2 Layout
    This is some code that generates indesign documents from json data taken from
  • initTest
    Site to test out new layouts.
  • ink template
    Ink Sapo responsive layout and slider.
  • interfaceLift
    Gem for installing rails layouts stylesheets and other resources.
  • iView
    iView is easy to use jQuery image slider with animated captions, responsive layout and HTML Elements like (Video, iFrame) slider. Easily add unlimited number of slides and captions. Use it as image slider, image gallery, banner rotator, banner ads, or even presentation.
  • Javascript Screen Responsive
    A javascript controlled responsive layout.
  • Jet js
    A light weight library used to provide structure to the layout and organization of code, both in the filesystem and the runtime.
  • jewelicms
    A Rails CMS that keeps it simple. Jeweli was created for busy agencies, designers and developers who want an uncluttered interface that also lets you write your layout in Rails. If you don't know any Rails, you'll just need to start with a simple Jeweli generated site and copy the functional bits.
  • jobsboard
    Search indeed jobs in a pinterest like layout.
    An experiment with JavaScript MVC, the single page web app concept and responsive layouts.
  • jqm mail
    An experimental responsive web app layout using jQuery Mobile controls.
  • jquery layout
    A lightweight layout factory.
  • jquery megakrill
    Compact navigation for mobile devices and responsive layouts !.
  • jquery reticulator
    Put a grid over your layout!.
  • jquery.fluidboard
    A dynamic fluid layout plugin for jQuery.
  • jQuery.nwslider
    jQuery image slider with vertical thumbnail layout.
  • jquery.scalerow
    A plugin to mimic a Google Image Search results layout.
  • jsApp
    how to build layout with ko.
  • JSLayout
    Intuitive, unobtrusive, and fast library to make flexible application layouts in JavaScript.
  • just another grid system
    A responsive, liquid grid system designed for fast and effective CSS layouts.
  • jyu.portfolio. layout
    Experimental integration of for Plone 4.
  • keybindx
    An application that reads and writes KBML fit with translators for various application configs across different layouts and locales.
  • keyboard layout editor
    Web application to enable the design & editing of keyboard layouts.
  • keyboard layout swap th en
    This app changes text keyboard layout. Usage: when someone forgot to change keyboard layout before posted. TH < > EN.
  • keyboard portfolio
    An experimental union of interface and layout , this was my final project for GUI Design in AJAX.
  • L13
    Flat layout of pretty printed code.
  • lara layout
    HTML/CSS/JS for the lightweight activities runtime.
  • Laurel Layout
    Proof of concept layout for Laurel.
  • layemout
    An HTML5 comic book/strip layout and editing app.
  • layer
    Comfortable javascript layout engine for html.
  • layout balancer
    Balance a gallery interface so that there are no 'empty boxes'.
  • layout engineer
    Create a Layout Engineer that is inspired by the newly created SquareSpace 6 layout manager.
  • layout manager
    For creating 'Eclipse' style layouts that users can customise and save.
  • layout page
    Creative Circus project Web page layout.
  • layout proper hydration
    An assignment for creating a simple layout.
  • layouts
    themes for jekyll blog.
  • layro
    A Javascript library for simple row based layout.
  • left
    Left is a clean, whitespace happy layout for Jekyll.
  • less boilerplate
    Less framework sass and html5 boilerplate layouts fixed from
  • less border layout
    An example showing how to do.
  • LimeniusStackBoilerplateBundle
    Stack Layout + HTML5 Boilerplate for Symfony2 users.
  • liquid fixed layout template
    Liquid/fixed layout template with 2 columns + header/footer.
  • listview layout generator
    A Windows 8 Metro style app where you can easily test and design your own listView Grid Layouts.
  • Local HTML Playground
    A HTML Playground for starting up with HTML + CSS (or LESS), without needing any additional programming to separate the main layout from the content.
  • mac desktop
    jQuery based mac desktop layout.
  • Manager Layout
    Manager themes and code editor for OpenCart.
  • masonry ordered
    Alternative layout strategy for jQuery Masonry. Tries to preserve the previous/next relationship of the Masonry bricks.
  • Max2013CSSLayoutTalk
    Talk on CSS Layout at Adobe MAX 2013.
  • maximus.js
    Build layouts that use 100% of the browser window in IE6 using position: fixed and JavaScript.
  • mclosys test
    this one is a tragedy layout.. I was studying js and html.
  • meharancza template
    Clean html layout sporting collapsable sidebar and optional fluid width.
  • Minimalistic Layout
    PSD and HTML CSS code using 960 framework.
  • minx
    core minx panel construction and behaviour with sample layout and sample widget.
  • mobiflex
    Mobile Flexible Layout Helpers using CSS Flexbox and friends.
  • mobile layout
    Mobile Layout with Compass.
  • mobiwan
    Jekyll Template Project for Desktop Friendly Mobile Site Layout.
  • mru carpool web pages
    Repository containing pages layout for mru carpool project.
  • MyStyleFW
    This html & css framework is the basis of every website I build. It is based loosely on the HTML5 Boilerplate and 12 or 16 column layouts using the 960 grid system.
  • ndrsn
    Code samle for how to implement a fullpage deck layout.
  • nehan.js
    nehan.js is dynamic layout engine, enable to yield paged media in non blocking way.
  • nesta theme moshi
    A simple responsive Nesta theme based on the gem layout.
  • New Layout
    Create new layout template.
  • ng youtube responsive
    Youtube video embeds for responsive layouts.
  • Ochs
    Ochs provides a step back, focusing on a cleaner layout , single page, less is more approach for The New York Times web site.
  • odt layout
    Les Ombres du tr?ne Layout.
  • offcanvas
    A multi device layout pattern.
  • OnScrollEffect Layout
    An on scroll effect template that animates the sides of sections once they are in the viewport.
  • optimization of web newspaper layout in real time
    Update the code for this 2001 article to work in 2011.
  • outfit design
    Design and layout for project.
  • outlayer
    the brains & guts of a layout library.
  • packery
    bin packing layout library.
  • panel
    layout for support/admin panel.
  • paprless
    jQuery plugin for creating newspaper like layouts.
  • Parroccini.comSiteCode
    Open source homebase for my portfolio layout.
  • pdx
    Responsive layout for pdx website.
  • photo test
    A small experiment in digit layout components.
  • pinflickr
    flickr api + pinterest like layout.
  • planepacker
    A rectangle packing layout engine that scales and crops images to optimize relative size and visual appeal without leaving any empty space.
    Deco is a drag and drop layout composition system for Plone.
  • plugins d3 pack
    D3 plugin that uses the pack layout.
  • plumb
    Plumb is a web layout composition tool for use with the Blueprint framework.
  • Portfolio Layout
    Portfolio Layout Using Skeleton.
  • Primer Layout
    Layout ideas, sketches and the final stuff (at some point).
  • programmer dvorak
    Typing tutor for programmer dvorak keyboard layout for google app engine.
  • Pure Layout
    Pure Layout is a simple and efficient layout experimentation in CSS.
  • QDLayout
    Utility to create layouts for Web Applications : Layout , Parser, Manager (FSM).
  • qunit layout assertions
    Layout assertions for QUnit.
  • Rapid Grid
    Visual jQuery based layout generator for 960 Grid System and similar frameworks.
  • RatioRight
    A ratio based flexible layout scheme.
  • RazorEngineTest
    use razorengine dll to generate cshtml files based on Layout (Masterpage).
  • Readerframe
    Google Reader layout modifications for maximizing productivity.
  • Rectangle Packing
    My reverse engineering of Pinterest's grid layout. Added bonus: column spanning!.
  • redde
    redde admin layout generator.
  • ResponCSS
    A fluid, responsive CSS layout framework to help free your web apps from the tyranny of pixel "perfection".
  • responsive book experiment
    Tiny book off canvas layout experiment for books.
  • responsive design
    An interactive demo of media queries and mobile conscious layout.
  • Responsive Fullscreen Grid
    Boxed layout , responsive and used masonary for this project.
  • Responsive Layout Basic
    Reworking my portfolio page to be responsive and making the code public.
  • Responsive Layout WithIsotope
    Using a mobile friendly responsive layout with the jquery plugin Isotope.
  • responsive map layouts
    Examples of responsive design with maps.
  • responsive scroller
    ScrollSpy & ScrollTo plugin with Responsive layout support.
  • responsive section layout
    Responsive styles for lists of posts layouts (ie home/category/tag pages).
  • responsive web node less
    A simple 2 column responsive layout using Node.js and LESS.
  • Rocking Layout
    PSD 2 HTML/CSS/JS layout.
  • ruccanj layout
    Ruccanj front end side and layout.
  • sails grunt defaults
    a default grunt layout for sails integration.
  • scalejs. layout cssgrid
    CSS Grid Layout polyfill.
  • scalejs. layout cssgrid splitter
    Splitter for css grid layout.
  • scope
    Circular layout of sorted ranked lists of genomic features.
  • scripts
    My scripts, layouts and bashrc things.
  • service explorer tree map
    Treemap Javascript layout , to be used by Service Explorer.
  • sexySlide
    A sexy image slider that works with adaptive layouts.
  • SharePoint 2010 Template Layout
    A.NET MVC3 template that allows applications to resemble the SharePoint 2010 layout.
  • shmack.js
    A jquery plugin to stack items into fluid columns, creating a grid layout simialar to Pinterest.
  • shopany
    Trial layout directory of piece goods.
  • simple layouts revisited
    Backtracking, adding a controller and routing.
  • simpleSassFramework
    uses Sass for CSS grid layout generation and includes HTML markup.
  • sitelayouts
    Interesting website layouts and website libs for websites written by myself as feasibility test.
  • sitetemplater
    setup new website layout , include some handy libraries.
  • sixarm css stylesheets ? CSS ? Cascading stylesheets for HTML layouts.
  • sixarm ruby html ? Unix ? HTML helpers for layouts , lists, tables, etc.
  • slash server
    a luxury most OpenSocial containers can't make. We've also decoupled the layout of a page and it's components from code allowing non technical people to build and manage websites and freeing up the developers to focus on building dynamic components. Thanks to the Zurb Foundation framework your sites will also look great on mobile devices.
  • sld
    Simple Layout Definition A simple way to define a widgets layout in JSON. Originally intended for Dijit, but not limited to it.
  • slidejs
    Website template with a sliding page layout.
    Homepage for Smashing Layout The Sass Way to recreate Smashing Magazine's layout (circa 2009).
  • snb 1
    Layout (first draft) of snap bingo app directory layout.
  • spectral layout
    HTML/CSS concept layout for a support desk site.
  • srpintrest
    node.js project to show the srp as a pintrest layout.
  • stack presentation
    Using the d3 stack layout.
  • Sticky Navigation for Single Page Layout
    Boilerplate for Single Page Layout With Sticky Navigaiton/Menu.
  • swype layout
    single panel mobile and desktop friendly layout.
  • syklean html
    HTML Layout for the Syklean Octopress Theme.
  • Tab Resize
    Automate resizing tab windows to predefined and user defined layouts.
  • technoleg
    Novo layout do Technoleg.
  • ten rock solid layouts
    10 rock solid layouts.
  • TestNavigation
    LWDemo in javascript using navigation Layout.
  • thaicssframework
    CSS HTML Child Layout Framework.
  • threaded
    Threaded a HTML5 "mobile first" responsive blog layout.
  • Three button layout
    This is a clean and elegant layout which uses css transitions that make it more original.
  • ticketReservation
    ticket reservation system, initially made for Jacobs University. Can be easily used with any seat layout.
  • tiled
    Tiled is (yet another) grid layout plugin for jQuery that favors keeping the same gap and overall width over individual images having the same width.
  • tilesjs
    A simple JavaScript library for creating tile based edge to edge layouts. Built on jQuery.
  • TitlesFormerlyKnownAs
    Simple marionette project using ItemView, Composite View and Layout.
    my blog layout and posts.
  • trackliner
    Pluggable Track Layout Manager.
  • trackr.node
    ExpressJS application using the trackr layout.
  • tschichold
    Theoretical page layout brought to the digital age.
  • uol layout
    Desprite from template changes in the core system, this plugin is used for the layout of the Stud.IP @ Uni Oldenburg.
  • vanilla masonry
    Masonry layouts without any frameworks.
  • Versa Grid
    A versatile, dynamic grid layout plugin for jQuery. A focus on cohesion and uniformity at the cost of some cropping.
  • vertical masonary
    A dynamic and responsive layout jQuery plugin.
  • VerticalShowcaseSlider
    A tutorial on how to create a responsive vertical fullscreen slider that moves its sections in opposite directions. We'll be using jQuery, CSS Transitions and media queries to make the layout adaptive.
  • ViewModeSwitch
    A simple view mode switch that has two example layouts, a grid and a list.
  • viewports
    _viewports.scss is a SASS microlibrary that makes it easier to manage media queries in responsive layouts.
  • VSReddit
    and to define event actions. Colorbox plugin provided lightbox functionality for login and submit link lightboxes. The site design is a 960px two column layout with a fixed position header.
  • Waffles
    A responsive grid framework that supports automatic sizing and mixed fixed/ fluid layouts.
  • wall0
    Layout Editor for text editor.
  • web layout lab
    A series of exercises exploring new web layout features.
  • web layouts
    layouts in HTML and CSS. cool and clean designs.
  • webprojectsource
    Layout for HTML/CSS/JS project.
  • What Fucking Layout Should I Use
    Public code base for
  • Wookmark jQuery
    A jQuery plugin to create a dynamic, multi column layout.
  • work node
    Work directory layout for Node.js related projects.
  • wp life
    Ultra minimal WordPress theme using layouts and partials, Compass and Sass, rsync for deployment, and HTML5 video with flash backup.
  • yachtlayoutsrus
    database of yacht layouts.
  • zk anchorlayout
    anchor layout component for ZK.
  • Zurg
    Basic layout and styles.
  • zxcss
    ZXCSS is a CSS Grid Framework to help create fluid layouts.

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