List of Free code Table


  • AaltoJourneyPlanner
    Journey planner application for Aalto University's multi touch tables , AaltoWindow's.
  • adopt trees
    Adopt a Tree with a Fusion Table and some basics.
  • app tabletranscriber
    Table Transcriber (TT) is a PyBossa application that aims to take old books and use a series of crowd sourcing tasks to transcribe data inside tables (which are poorly recognized by OCR processes).
  • bestroutetb
    Generating the most optimized route table for VPN users.
  • bookaexplore
    booka explorer table concept.
  • carbon
    Middleware based proxy for cluster or table based routing.
  • cartodb gmapsv3
    Use your cartodb table with Google Maps v3.
  • cartodb leaflet
    Use your CartoDB table with Leaflet.
  • Confluence Table Aggregation
    Supported aggregation functions: Sum, multiply, divide, substract. Aggregate tables within Confluence pages horizontally or vertically.
  • coopyhx
    align and compare tables.
  • Crafting Table
    See the recipes by searching and clicking.
  • crawlingstats
    Simple app to record results of football table matches.
  • D3Grid
    javascript, d3 based, table builder.
  • Data Table
    ProcessWire Module adding Data Table page in the admin for easy editing or searching pages.
  • DMTool
    A tool for tracking mobs, damage, effects, etc. for table top Dungeons & Dragons.
  • ECHui
    Hobo Based User Interface for the ECHi data tables.
  • endless table skin
    A skin for app_ table which can browse your data like Google Reader without explicitly paginations.
  • ep table of contents
    Table of contents for Etherpad.
  • ez table
    A simple angular table directive.
  • FixedColumns
    Fix one or more columns in place on a scrolling Data Table.
  • FixedData Table
    A wrapper API that facilitates the mutual use of and
  • Fusion Table Map Template
    Searchable Map Template using Google Maps and Fusion Tables.
  • Fusion Table Map Template Heroku
    Searchable Map Template stuffed in to a Sinatra app with hooks to easily deploy to Heroku.
  • fusion tables viewer
    A simple application for viewing Google Fusion Tables layers.
  • gaia hash
    Hash tables for javascript.
  • gf Table
    gofight Table renders and loads tables of rows using knockout JS.
  • git ember treetable
    An Ember approach to Tree Tables.
  • insanely big tables
    Checking the behavior of insanely huge tables on particular speed.
  • interfacetable v3t
    interfacetable_v3t (formerly check_interface_ table _v3t).
  • jsSpreadsheet
    jsSpreadsheet is an editable table that uses KnockoutJS to handle it's bindings.
  • LanboCMS
    Simple cms with custom fields for static pages in one table | Kohana 3.2 module.
  • lasca
    JavaScript collation table based Unicode sorting for internationalized applications.
  • localstorageservice
    An angular.js service that gives you a table based localStorage API.
  • magic summary tool
    ScraperWiki tool to summarise stuff about any table of data.
  • moodle block boaidp
    on block instance configuration. No dynamic creation of metadata schema. No additional tables. No preload fields values (users must fill manually). The main aims of these metadata is to serve as basis (Data Provider) for OAI PMH 2.0 Harvester.
  • multiplication table
    An interactive multiplication table for the kids.
  • node tab
    Unix style tables for command line utilities.
  • note
    A concise encoding for hash tables.
  • Ovation
    Chord Structure Table Software.
  • pKa values
    A table of pKa values and a quiz.
  • PkoerStats
    small poker table for private use.
  • polymer datatable
    Polymer data table element.
  • processtable
    Simpel process for the execution table.
  • ebay mp apis
    Tables and routes for eBay Market Places APIs.
  • tables
    External API and service tables for
  • REDIPS drag
    Drag and drop table content/rows with JavaScript.
  • REDIPS table
    Merge and split table cells with JavaScript.
  • sheepdog tables
    Table API, Generalized and Translated as used in several Sheepdog projects.
  • shiny Table
    An R package that integrates Handsontable with Shiny.
  • sinatra scaffold
    sinatra extension to display records from tables in a quick way.
  • Stocks
    Stock Management (Data Tables /HighCharts/JQGrid).
  • t Table .js
    t Table.js work with tables like a boss!.
  • Table
    table for our lunch.
  • table beet
    Reference generator for turnip steps of existing.
  • table setter generator
    A rails generator for table setter.
  • tabler
    Client side table generation.
  • tablerone
    Tablerone fancy js table interface for your webpage.
  • tables
    Generic CRUD Tables solution.
  • tabula
    Tabula is a tool for liberating data tables trapped inside PDF files.
  • tabulalingua
    A table. For languages.
  • The Elements
    Periodic table plays along with Tom Lehrer.
  • Time Table Share
    Railway timetable manager on browser.
  • toggle Table Column
    Versuch Spalten aus einer Tabelle ein und aus zu blenden.
  • tostones
    Easy local testing and deployment to S3 of Table Setter tables.
  • ts editable tables
    Thought Shop's WYSIWYG Table Editor.
  • TTMan3
    Time Table Manager 3.
  • turnThe Table
    javascript bookmarklet to add custom skins to
  • twinsects
    Twinsects tries to visualize follower overlaps w/ Venn diagrams. These are rendered for 2 4 accounts, otherwise a stats table is displayed.
  • Uglee
    A "fun" bot for Turn
  • Uni Tables
    Collaborative timetabling management for students.
  • waza zen table
    Zen Table Hacking for
  • WiechertData Tables Bundle
    Allows you to automatically generate Datatables from Doctrine Entities.
  • wiki rich content
    Enrich the default Share wiki page view with support for dynamic tables of contents, embedded document previews, in line data lists/ tables and syntax highlighted code.
  • wp tinymce tables
    Add table controls to the WordPress TinyMCE editor.
  • ymailtables
    yql tables for yahoo mail.
  • youtube dj
    A turn table set where your CD's are YouTube videos.
  • YUI2 Scrolling Data Table Footer
    YUI2 Footer extension for ScrollingData Table.

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