List of Free code UI


  • 360UXC
    360UXC is an third party jquery UI components library.
  • accordionizer
    An animation accordion UI that reacts to the edge of its view. It shows more content than other accordions when nodes open.
  • Activable
    declarative UI components | 2K, 0 dependency, IE8 compat.
  • advancedSearch
    advancedSearch is a jQuery UI widget for building structured search queries like "Contacts with Firstname starts with A and Birthday after 1/1/1980 and State in (CA, NY, FL)"...
  • Akendoo
    Simple JavaScript Mastermind game with drag and drop UI.
  • almost flat ui
    Almost Flat UI Theme for Foundation Framework.
  • android layout finder
    The Android Layout Finder helps you create the code that ties your Android UI and Java code together.
  • angular form ui
    Make your forms beautiful.
  • angular kendo
    A project to create a robust set of Angular.js bindings for Kendo UI widgets.
  • angular mobile ui
    UI Kits for PhoneGap or Mobile Web App.
  • Angular UI Components
    JQuery UI Components wrapped as Angular Directives.
  • angular ui docs
    Helper component for building your angular modules as bower components.
  • angular ui handsontable
    Playground for creating Handsontable (data grid ) directive for Angular UI.
  • angular ui table
    A faster and better AngularJS data grid.
  • angularjs jqueryui
    This project contains a collection of AngularJS's directives that internally uses jQuery UI's plugins.
  • AngularJS NodeJS Express Stack
    Demonstrates possible document model for programming in AngularJS, NodeJS using Express, with drag and drop sorting and metro ui.
  • ApacheFlexUIBuilder
    UI Builder for Apache Flex developers using drag and drop.
  • api
    API documentation for jQuery UI.
  • app UI
    app UI is a collection of user interface components that may be helpful to web and mobile developers for creating interactive applications using HTML and JavaScript, especially those targeting mobile devices. app UI is a continual work in progress.
  • Aristo jQuery UI Theme
    The "Aristo" theme for Cappuccino ported to a jQuery UI Theme.
  • arkui
    Basic UI components for Douban Read.
  • atomic
    Modular UI Components for the Web.
  • aura
    Aura is a UI framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices, while providing a scalable long lived lifecycle to support building apps engineered for growth. It supports partitioned multi tier component development that bridges the client and server.
  • bermuda
    Cucumber step definitions for testing jQuery UI widget interactions with capybara.
  • blokr
    A 2D Carousel UI Grid.
  • Bookmark Tools
    Sort bookmarks in to folders with drag & drop UI.
  • breeze kendo
    Provides integrations from Kendo UI Data Source with Breeze.js.
  • brick
    UI Web Components for Mobile Web Apps.
  • bridging the phonegap
    A sample application built with Kendo UI Mobile and PhoneGap.
  • bubbleBox
    (in use) A simple jQuery UI widget to manage a list of items. There is a full suite of unit tests available written in Jasmine.
  • business rules
    A JavaScript library for building out the logic and UI for business rules.
  • Calculator
    Pure CSS3 calculator with UI.
  • CanvasLoader
    Heartcode CanvasLoader is a lightweight JavaScript UI library, which uses the HTML canvas element to draw and animate circular preloaders. The library is currently in beta, some minor changes and improvements might be done to it in the near future.
  • Centurion UI
    An intuitive data grid + a smart form to provide a JS CSS CRUD Components using jQuery.
  • chico
    A collection of easy to use UI components.
  • closure widgets
    UI widgets for use with closure library (and G Closure).
  • CloudFlare UI
    jQuery based UI framework as seen on
  • compass ui
    jQuery UI theme builder for the Compass CSS Authoring Framework.
  • concierge
    A responsive UI component for installing Open Web Apps via the browser.
  • conference test app
    iPhone Conference App written with PhoneGap and Kendo UI.
  • Ctl
    slider + number UI Widget , CSS skinnable.
  • customSelect
    (in use) A jQuery UI widget to pretty up <select> elements and allow users to input custom ranges.
  • Datatables Bootstrap3
    Plugin for Datatables Bootstrap3 UI Compatibility.
  • date metabox plugin
    A Wordpress plugin to extend WP Alchemy with jQuery UI to create a date metabox for any post type.
  • datepicker angular
    Sample app integrating jQuery UI Date Picker with AngularJS.
  • Delta jQuery UI Theme
    Delta jQuery UI Theme.
  • Demo SemanticUIAngular
    Demo using Semantic UI and AngularJS to create a regisitration form in a NancyFX website.
  • dial
    A UI dial component.
  • dijit
    The Dojo Toolkit UI library. Please submit bugs to
  • diskusagereports
    Disk Usage Reports is a web based way to view disk usage on remote computers or servers, or to provide usage reports to users who store files on your server. Reports are stored as static JSON files which are retrieved via single HTML/ AJAX web UI. No database or server side scripting required.
  • Drag Builder
    message editor core based on jQuery, jQuery ui, underscore.js etc..
  • drag It
    jQuery ui widget to add mouse drag adjustment to input fields.
  • DragDrop
    A JavaScript micro framework for adding drag and drop functionality to elements for advanced UI development.
  • Draggies
    Demo application built on node.js, faye bayeux server, and jQuery UI.
  • elements ui
    ui components for elements.
  • elRTE
    Open source WYSIWYG HTML editor written in JavaScript using jQuery UI.
  • ember controls
    Ember Controls is a collection of community maintained UI controls for the Ember.js framework.
  • ember topcoat
    A set of reusable UI widgets built on top of Adobe's topcoat.
  • ember ui
    Collection of UI components for Ember.js.
  • emberjs kendo
    An library for Emberjs views using Kendo UI components.
  • envelope.js
    Envelope is a simple, event driven jQuery plugin for in app messaging designed to work with popular UI frameworks as well as without. See a simple demo here:
  • errai ui demo
    Tutorial Application for Errai UI.
  • esri leaflet geocoder
    API helpers and UI controls for geocoding with the ArcGIS Geocoding Service with Leaflet.
  • esui
    enterprise simple ui library.
  • fiji
    The jQuery Fiji project is a repository for various widgets built upon the jQuery UI widget library.
  • Filtr
    UI widget containing an input field and results that get filtered as you type.
  • finncss
    Mobile UI framework designed for creating apps in browser based web apps. Currently supports Android , iPhone and Metro.
  • flame.js
    Flame.js is a widget/UI library for Ember.js.
  • flatGallery
    flat ui inspired photo gallery.
  • flex compareSum
    The "compareSum" sample app from the flex ui selenium project.
  • formwizard
    jQuery plugin based on top of jQuery UI which turns a form into a multistep wizard. Integrates with the jQuery form plugin for AJAX submission of the form, the validation plugin for client side validation and the BBQ plugin for enabling the browsers back and forward buttons.
  • foundation mobile
    Mobile UI for Foundation based apps.
  • FubuMVC. Date Picker
    Integration of the jquery.ui datepicker into FubuMVC Html Conventions.
  • Geocoded Autocomplete
    Autocomplete widget that extends jQuery UI 1.8 using the Google Maps API v3 to give users an interactive map with which to explore suggestions.
  • github improved
    Incremental UI improvements for, in the form of useful user scripts (Google Chrome or Firefox + Greasemonkey), a Chrome and Opera extension.
  • gmaps autocomplete
    A simple demo of using jQuery UI autocomplete in conjunction with Google Maps geocoding API.
  • god web
    iPhone friendly web UI for God.
  • hallo
    Simple rich text editor (contentEditable) for jQuery UI.
  • handsome.js
    Javascript Form UI Replacements.
  • hCalendar Widget
    A JavaScript widget that loads hCalendar markup from the current page and displays them in a Google Calendar style UI. It's really just a bit of glue code around the hCalendar microformat, and the FullCalendar JQuery plugin.
  • hierarchy ui
    A user interace package that provides a breadcrumb and table tree view for representing hierarchical content.
  • hobo jquery
    Hobo plugin for jQuery.UI widgets. This has been merged into Hobo 1.4.
  • imgurer
    A Kendo UI Mobile application for uploading photos directly to Imgur.
  • InputAssist
    AutoComplete UI component for Adobe Flex 4 with item highlighting.
  • inputosaurus text
    A jQuery UI widget that allows an input[type="text"] element to have multiple values.
  • iOS. css
    High quality lib ( CSS , JS) to imitate native iOS UI elements in Web Applications.
  • iQuery
    A general test framework to query UI control on mobile platforms.It is released under GPL v3.
  • ist ui panel
    jQuery UI Panel (Content Grouping) widget with horizontal and vertical sliding.
  • j4x lib
    jQuery UI Components for x Libray.
  • janux security .js
    Janux security provides a permissions based authorization scheme that is extensible and flexible, and can be used to vary the functionality of a client side application based on the Role/Permissions that a user has, without hard coding the Roles in the UI layer.
  • JBN Layout
    JavaScript UI library for creating and managing absolute positioned HTML layouts.
  • jeditable datepicker
    In place editing with a datepicker. Clean and simple. Based on jQuery UI and Jeditable.
  • jqamp ui spinner
    jqAmp UI Spinner is a jQuery UI widget that allows you to turn any input into a typed spinner of any object type (defaults to numeric).
  • jQRangeSlider
    A jquery UI range selection slider that supports dates.
  • jqswfupload
    a jQuery UI upload component using swfupload.
  • jquerui l2l
    JQuery UI List to List Widget.
  • jQuery Accessible RIA
    a collection of strictly WAI WCAG 2.0 and WAI ARIA conform web applications based on jQuery UI. Currently a lightbox app, live form validation & sortable tables are ready to use. Released under MIT licence.
  • jquery ajax nav
    jQuery AJAX Navigation Framework with history, forms, URL hijacking, UI disabling and events support.
  • jquery combobox
    A ComboBox widget based on the JQuery UI infrastructure.
  • jQuery Date PlusTime Picker
    An extension to jQuery UI Datepicker adding time to the mix.
  • jquery delegate
    Delegate your jQuery UI widgets.
  • jQuery Image Gallery
    jQuery Image Gallery is an extension to the Dialog component of jQuery UI, to ease navigation between a set of gallery images. It features mouse and keyboard navigation, transition effects, fullscreen mode and slideshow functionality.
  • jQuery jKit
    A very easy to use, cross platform, jQuery based UI toolkit, that's still small in size, has the features you need, and doesn't get in your way of doing things!.
  • jquery mapify
    recreate Google Maps UI for custom map images.
  • jquery mobile square ui theme
    jQuery Mobile Square UI Theme.
  • jquery pane
    A jQuery UI widget which allows you to present entry points (or windows) into your data that can be served up from a server action or from static HTML (similar to a portlet in portal technology). Backed by jQuery's AJAX libraries, each pane acts independently from other panes achieving a clear separation of concerns between user actions.
  • jQuery Photoshop UI
    jQuery works with PHOTOSHOP psd and png files.
  • jquery phototable
    A jQuery UI photo gallery plugin.
  • jquery plugin
    Lightweight jQuery plugin factory based on jQuery.ui. widget.
  • jquery pt slideshow
    A jQuery UI widget that creates versatile slideshows.
  • jquery sliderbutton
    jQuery UI/Mobile plugin which provides a widget (button) that needs to be slided to be activated.
  • jquery tablesheet
    experiment on using jquey tmpl in custom jquery ui widget.
  • jquery ui
    The official jQuery user interface library.
  • jquery ui carousel
    jQuery RS Carousel is a responsive and touch enabled carousel written on top of jQuery and the jQuery UI Widget Factory providing a full and familiar API in less than 2.6kB minified and gzipped.
  • jquery ui contextmenu
    jQuery plugin that turns a jQueryUI menu widget into a context menu.
  • jQuery UI Data Grid
    Simple jquery ui datagrid beta.
  • jQuery UI DatePicker Error Windows 8
    While initializing the DataPicker widget Windows 8 balks at it.
  • jquery ui datepicker lite
    A lightweight alternative to the jQuery UI Datepicker.
  • jQuery UI Elements
    jQuery UI extension with forms, tables , searchform and hopefully more to come ?.
  • jquery ui expandable
    Expandable widget that integrates with jQuery UI and Themeroller, similar to the jQuery UI Accordion but allows multiple items to be open at once.
  • jquery ui extensions
    Items that extend current jQuery UI widgets.
  • jQuery ui gdatepicker
    Google Style Datepicker Widget.
  • jquery ui layout
    A Flat UI implementation of the splitter using the JQuery UI Layout plugin.
  • jQuery UI Listbox
    jQuery UI Plugin which leverages the jquery ui menu control, styled with your existing jquery ui theme, features hover highlighting, click and double click. This plugin will not be officially released until jQuery UI version 1.9 is released (which includes the menu as an officially supported widget ).
  • jquery ui lookup
    A lookup widget based on the dialog and autocomplete widgets from jQuery UI.
  • jquery ui Mask
    Simple extension to the jquery.ui library that displays fullscreen spinning loader. View and message can be customized. No external graphics , css nor divs is required.
  • jquery ui multiselect widget
    jQuery UI MultiSelect widget.
  • jquery ui ninjaturtles game
    Demo of using jQuery UI effects, draggables and droppables.
  • jquery ui pt image mapper
    A jQuery UI widget that graphically creates HTML image maps.
  • jquery ui themeswitcher
    Rewrite of jquery ThemeSwitcher. Now a ui. widget !.
  • jquery ui tree
    Widget for jQuery UI. Adds nested expanded/collapsed tree with drag'n'drop support.
  • jquery ui widgets template
    A template for creating libraries of custom jQuery UI widgets.
  • jquery ui. daterange
    modified version of jquery ui.datepicker with range support.
  • jquery video
    jQuery UI video widget.
  • jquery. drag multiple
    A jQueryUI plugin enabling the selection, drag and drop of multiple ui draggable elements.
  • jquery. format DateTime
    jQuery plugin that formats a date object to a date/time string. Forked from the jQuery UI datepicker formatDate method to additionally support time elements.
  • jquery.entwine
    Concrete UI programming library for jQuery.
  • jquery.servercomm
    SImple UI and API for jQuery. ajax ().
  • jquery.simulate.drag sortable.js
    Simulate drag events within a JQuery UI Sortable widget (primarily for integration testing).
  • jquery.transform ui
    A jQuery UI widget for jquery.transform.
  • jquery.treeview
    a jQuery UI TreeView widget built on my jquery.observable lib.
  • jquery.ui datepicker range selector
    Select a range of days and return start and enddate.
  • jquery.ui. draggablenavbar
    A jquery ui nav bar that can be dragged via multitouch or mouse.
  • jquery.ui. layout
    Layout widget for creating responsive laytout and user resizable layouts.
  • jquery.uix.editable
    A lightweight expandable rich text editor for JQuery UI using the widget factory standards.
  • jqueryui layout builder
    Simple HTML layout builder using jQuery UI.
  • js Form
    jQuery based form library to handle data in js objects. This is a ui support library for a json communication backend.
  • js repl
    An in browser javascript repl, based on jquery[ui/ layout ], prettyPrint.js.
  • jsMetro
    Set of jQuery and Javascript functions meant to help develop Metro UI components on websites.
  • jui datagrid
    jQuery datagrid plugin using jQuery UI CSS Framework.
  • kendo breeze knockout
    Kendo UI Datasource extension to consume BreezeJS with sample project.
  • kendo ui forms
    Full Featured HTML5 Forms Polyfill that Leverages Kendo UI Widgets and Framework Validation.
  • kendoui
    Kendo UI widget and utilities code.
  • kendoui extended api
    Extended API for Kendo UI.
  • kitteh gallereh
    A Kendo UI SPA sample (teh kittehs iz soooo cutez!).
  • KiUI
    Widgets , validators, bindings and other useful features for your everyday job with Kendo UI Web.
  • knockout jqueryui
    Knockout bindings for the jQuery UI widgets.
  • knockout kendo
    A project to create a robust set of Knockout.js bindings for the Kendo UI widgets.
  • knockout sortable
    A Knockout.js binding to connect observableArrays with jQuery UI sortable functionality.
  • Knockout UI
    A home for rich UI components based on KnockoutJS.
  • knockout.autocomplete
    Knockout.JS bindings for jQuery UI's autocomplete widget.
  • Layout Sample
    Web Sample page with 'jquery ui' & 'jquery layout '.
  • LightweightUI Components html5 js
    Lightweight UI Components for HTML5 and Javascript using non obtrusive and intuitive syntax.
  • listag
    JQuery UI widget for making form friendly tag lists.
  • loginui
    A Login UI Widget front end / back end combo.
  • Lu
    UI controls with an HTML interface.
  • malihu custom scrollbar plugin
    jQuery custom scrollbar plugin utilizing jquery UI that's fully customizable with CSS. Features vertical/horizontal scrolling, mouse wheel support, scroll easing, adjustable scrollbar height/width etc.
  • Map Layout Template
    Simple template for a mapping application using jQuery/jQuery UI/JQLayout/Google Maps.
  • matte
    Montage template package: Contains desktop UI components.
  • MetroNotes
    Metro UI style Notes application for Android.
  • mimetikit
    MimetiKit is a UI toolkit that implements certain Mac/iOS elements in HTML5 , CSS3 and JavaScript for WebKit runtimes.
  • MobileAudience
    Mobile Webapp mixing D3.js with a touch UI ; shows TV audiences and market shares for 8 fictive TV channels across several days.
  • modal
    A simple modal UI component.
  • modestmaps ui
    UI Components for Modest Maps.
  • Mother May UI
    BDD testing framework for iOS UI Automation.
  • moui
    OO based UI behavior modules behind CardKit(mobile webapp framework)'s view components.
  • MouseEmulator
    a jQuery plugin to emulate mouse movements/ dragging , useful for unit testing UI components.
  • MultiDialog
    MultiDialog utilizes jQuery UI Dialog Widget for a full featured Modalbox / Lightbox application.
  • multiselect
    multiselect is a jQuery UI plugin that transforms a form select combobox into a dropdown menu, that utilizes YOUR jQueryUI theme!.
  • music directory
    Serve your music over the web with a nice UI, or as JSON.
  • musiccrawlerweb
    meteor based UI for musiccrawler database.
  • nested form ui
    nested_ form UI helpers (sortable list, sortable tabs).
  • network management ui
    DT SPN User interface module.
  • ng grid
    UI Grid : an Angular Data Grid.
  • node photoshop inspector server
    Remote Web Inspector Server for Photoshop. Use the WebKit Inspector UI to goof around with your Photoshop documents!.
  • noflo ui server
    Server for the NoFlo Development Enviroment.
  • nova
    The android framework that uses html5 to build UI.
  • novaUI
    ui widgets of nova.
  • olControls
    A collection of UI controls for Cycling 74's Max6.
  • openmrs module uilibrary
    Library of useful widgets , decorators, and fragments for the UI Framework module.
  • overlay
    A simple overlay UI component.
  • Photo Jar
    App Academy Project 1: Photo Jar lets you share stories with your photos by wrapping and arranging any collection of photos in a stylized and attractive Metro UI tile arrangement that you can share with friends, family and fellow photo lovers.
  • picasa album
    An album and photos viewer plugin for Picasa, made with JQuery and JWQuery ui.
  • pink ui
    boostrap + flat ui + fixed sidebar menu layout.
  • piui
    Add a UI to your standalone Raspberry Pi project using your Android phone.
  • play ui grid
    Experience at integrating Play framework with jQuery UI Grid.
  • ply
    Ply is a lightweight JavaScript framework for creating reusable UI components and managing application logic.
  • polymer kendoui
    Web Components (via the Polymer Project) for Kendo UI Widgets.
  • Product Grid Layout
    A responsive product grid layout with some UI details for inspiration.
  • Project Tyson
    A project about faking the UI of iOS 7 in HTML , CSS and Javascript.
  • pubnub phone
    PubNub Phone A Soft Phone written in HTLM5, CSS3 and JavaScript using PubNub as the signalling fabric. The PubNub Phone Signaling Interface enables device to device ringing. With an awesome iPhone Call Interface and UI Animation. Provides a Call API with events based on call state.
  • pytheas
    Web Resources and UI Framework.
  • qmlunit
    An easy to use Unit Testing framework for Qt Declarative UI QML [unmaintained].
  • radiant iphone extension
    This extension adds an iphone tailored ui to Radiant CMS.
  • Rb ui
    Interface components to use with Responsive Boilerplate Framework.
  • rcarousel
    yet another jQuery UI carousel.
  • responsive carousel
    NO LONGER BETA! A fully responsive carousel jQuery UI Widget that works on desktop browsers, iPhones, iPads, and Androids. Touch devices can touch swipe. Others can use the left/right nav arrows or mouse drag. It uses CSS 3 Transitions for animations.
  • rhok chasm
    A powerful data entry ui tool that creates local chasm.exe consumable files, and shares these files for grid computing landslide forecasting and prevention.
  • ripple client
    A UI for the Ripple payment network built using web technologies.
  • rlightbox2
    a jQuery UI mediabox.
  • sample aui layout portlet
    An example of the Alloy UI layout taglib. References blog post /blogs/alloy ui layout.
  • sausage
    A jQuery UI widget for contextual pagination.
  • scalejs. layout jquery
    Layout extension for scalable JavaScript applications based on jquery ui layout.
  • scui samples
    Sample App for Sproutcore UI (SCUI) Project.
  • Selene
    Selene: jQuery UI Theme.
  • semantic ui
    Semantic UI as a component.
  • server side dijit
    Rendering Dojo UI widgets on the server side.
  • SHA apad10
    Web based home automation UI for 10" Android tablets.
  • shared ui
    Shared Components for tm360 gadgets.
  • shotgun
    Shotgun Shell is a UI agnostic command line framework. It allows you to quickly and easily write commands and plug them into the framework. Rather than assuming an interface, such as the Javascript console, Shotgun Shell returns a JSON result that acts as a set of instructions so that any UI can easily be built to consume it.
  • Simply Mobile UI
    Provide a graphical interface forthe Simply Mobile app generator. Allow you to build complete Appcelerator Titanium mobile apps by drag and drop.
  • SiteColors
    Generate CSS colors for a UI design using layout images.
  • SliderPagination
    An experimental slider pagination using the jQuery UI slider. The idea is to use a simple navigation concept that preserves layout and style while allowing content to stay easily accessible.
  • sliding
    a jQuery UI plugin for smart sliding carousels, checkout example and docs.
  • SlidingDrawer
    A cross platform sliding drawer UI component for Titanium.
  • Smart Photo Stock
    Smart Photo Stock UI design and HTML coding project.
  • spring security ui service
    Spring Security UI Service.
  • sproutcore ui
    SCUI: A General UI Library for the Sproutcore Framework.
  • SPWidgets
    Sharepoint Custom UI Widgets.
  • storkCore
    Javascript UI framework with MVC patterns and prototypical OO (no classes & instances).
  • sui
    A ui components library for the SDK html5, including button, input, popup box components.
  • suit
    HTML /CSS framework for creating loosely coupled UI components.
  • Suzi
    A responsive, Sass UI Framework by Izilla.
  • swagger ui
    Swagger UI is a dependency free collection of HTML , Javascript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger compliant API.
  • table packer
    A simple, pure JS UI layout library for HTML5 canvas and non browser based JavaScript.
  • tag it
    A jQuery UI plugin to handle multi tag fields as well as tag suggestions/autocomplete.
  • talk ui router
    Demo and slides for a talk on Angular UI Router.
  • Ti Grid Layout
    Ti Grid Layout is an Appcelerator Titanium module to Tile your Buttons, or any other UI View in a Grid / Tile layout.
  • Ti Table View
    Appcelerator Titanium UI Table View with Custom Data and Custom Row with Search.
  • TiFlatUISample
    Titanium Flat UI Sample Application for iOS.
  • TL Forms
    Easily creates forms and form widgets with jQuery & jQuery UI.
  • todo angular
    This is a todo app built in AngularJS. It uses Lawnchair for local storage, Angular UI for drag and drop resorting, and SASS.
  • topbar
    A JQuery.ui widget to show a top bar in your web site like the gmail top bar.
  • touch draggable
    jQuery UI like draggable widget.
  • transmission web ui
    Test driven implementation of Transmission BitTorrent Client Web Interface.
  • tuneup js
    A JavaScript library to ease automated iOS UI testing with UIAutomation and Instruments.
  • Tvheadend Mobile UI
    Tvheadend mobile web interface.
  • ui animations and experiments
    A collection of jQuery UI animations and experiments.
  • ui date
    jQueryUI Datepicker for AngularJS.
  • ui demos
    Microservices and toolchains for digital text edition.
  • ui grid
    Attempt to build a jquery.ui fully compatible grid.
  • ui progress bar
    Pure CSS Progress Bar.
  • ui sortable
    AngularJS bindings for jQuery UI Sortable.
  • UI Table Sorter
    Tablesorting libary that makes use of jQuery UI theming.
  • ui.anglepicker
    A jQuery UI Angle Picker Widget.
  • uifiddle
    A playground for generating the HTML for UI components.
  • uijs
    A new take on a cross platform mobile UI toolkit for apps.
  • uikit
    UIKit modern ui components for the modern web.
  • uilayer
    CALayer style API for building rich, high performance UI graphics in WebKit.
  • Unobtrusive jQuery UI
    Unobtrusive wire up of jQuery UI features using data ui * attributes on target elements.
  • varnish bans manager
    Varnish Bans Manager (VBM) is a simple server and web UI designed to ease management of bans in complex Varnish deployments.
  • ViewKit
    UI library designed for WebKit/Mobile Safari/ Android WebViews.
  • w2ui
    JavaScript UI library for data driven web applications.
  • waiting around
    wait around in a queue with this ui widget.
  • Web i Photo
    Client side web album. Use i Photo data, photos to browse albums in web browser. Mimics i Photo UI in browser.
  • web obex
    web based UI of obexftp to download and play music from mobile phone.
  • web templates
    Collection of beautiful UI design.
  • web ui fw
    jQuery Mobile widgets. ***NB this project (unfortunately) references the private project it originated from: we have only recently made this project public (for various legal reasons). From this point on, all development will take place at this location.***.
  • webgram
    A web UI for exploring Instagram photos.
  • webmap
    Web Map, a experimental UI to explorer the Web as a 2D map.
  • widgetfactory
    A presentation about the jQuery UI Widget Factory: What, Why, and How.
  • wordpress fss theme
    An FSS based theme for WordPress that implement the Infusion User Interface Options component (UI Options). Intended to be a base theme for any Wordpress theme that wants UI Options.
  • wtwui
    Web UI components , gorillastyle.
  • xcss
    CSS bundler for modular UI components.
  • ymockup
    UI mockups using HTML and CSS.
  • z way mini ui
    Minimal UI for Z Wave.Me Z Way server that illustrates how to write own UI using JSON API.

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