List of Free code Photo


  • 24 photos
    source code of 24
  • 365x6
    365 days, 6 photos each.
  • 500pxupload
    500px like Photo Uploader.
  • active test
    photo uploading with tagging.
  • actually
    Photo Hack Day 3 project!.
  • Ajax FlickrApp
    An app to embed Flickr photos in my web page.
  • allangles
    A photo sharing and aggregation web app that requires only the registration of the event organizers. Event attendees upload photos without the hassle of signing up.
  • ansel
    Ansel, the photo gallery.
  • arkhaios
    simple and opinionated photo gallery.
  • autophoto
    Autophoto generate simple beautiful photo album, without any database.
  • backuplikes
    Creates a backup of all liked photo posts in your Tumblr account.
  • Baroquesize Yourself
    A photo booth web app creating pictures with the style of baroque era art.
  • bash gallery
    Provide bash scripts to quickly generate html5 gallery for photos and videos, with thumbnails.
  • bcms lb photo gallery
    Photo Gallery Module For BCMS.
  • bieber mosaic
    user uploads a photo , this app creates a mosaic composed of bieber photos.
  • blackandwhite
    A fun little webpage that takes the users location and shows you photos from the other side of the world.
  • Boneimage
    BackboneJS photo gallery, based on Skelet.
  • boston bombing photos
    Website to upload photos from the boston marathon bombing. We will then send them along to the FBI.
  • brightkite archiver
    Archive your Brightkite checkins, posts and photos locally.
  • browsr
    A simple photo browser demo application for Coherent.
  • brscPicasa
    jQuery plugin for displaying photos from Google Picasa Web Albums.
  • bullseyephoto
    site for bullseye photo.
  • calipso gallery theme
    Gallery theme for Calipso, used for photo blogs.
  • Camron.js
    Camron.js is a cross browser photo taking library.
  • canjs demo photos
    A CanJS demo app basic photo browser.
  • CheerUp
    Web app to display random cute photos from imgur.
  • Circular Photo
    This is the code for the circularphoto, available at
  • committed mozillians
    Photos of Mozillians as they commit code.
  • composit
    Little HTML5 app that composites Flickr photos for any search term.
  • Concam
    An app that allows you upload photos to pages in Confluence with you iPhone.
  • cravat
    Stylish HTML5 photo booth for your website.
  • cubox
    A JavaScript camera app to make a 3 D cuboid model from 2 photos.
  • danlann
    A simple photo gallery website on Rails.
  • dopploadr
    A Flickr Uploadr extension for geotagging photos with Dopplr trips.
  • Draww old
    Photo sharing and collaborative art thing.
  • drySlide
    A content and photo gallery with slideshow.
  • easyslider
    jQuery plugin to implement a photo slide show.
  • emupholio
    photo portpholio js app.
  • envadrouille
    Fast and customizable photo gallery.
  • Esopenko Photo
    Open Source Portfolio Framework.
  • EXIFViewer
    An open source palm application to read exif tag of photos in Palm.
  • exposition
    A modern HTML5 photo gallery.
  • extended photos extension
    Extended Photos for Google+ Extension.
  • EyeEgg
    My hack for Photo HackDay.
  • eyefipresenter
    Receives photos from an Eye Fi SD Card and displays them in real time as they are taken.
  • Face to Faces
    Transpose a single face in a photo to all the faces in a photo.
  • familymeal
    An NPR project (built on Tumblr) centered around user submitted photos of their dinners.
  • fBrowser
    Flickr photo browser written only in client side Javascript.
  • fgallery
    fgallery: a modern, minimalist javascript photo gallery (mirror of git://
  • filtrable portfolio
    Filtrable portfolio using Quicksand and pretty Photo. Added a little script to allow external links to point to a pre filtered portfolio.
  • flashbulb
    Senior Project manage photos.
  • flickr browser
    A single page web app to browse an archive of flickr photos.
  • flickr machinetag geo
    A bookmarklet to read the machine tags on Flickr photo pages in order to get the associated geo information.
  • flickr module
    A plugin for Croogo CMS for displaying random flickr public photos of a given user in a block.
  • flickr4osm
    Make it easy to link Flickr photos to OSM entities.
  • flickrdupfinder
    Flickr Dup Finder find duplicate photos on your Flickr account.
  • FlickrGalleryJS
    A client side photo gallery built from a user's flickr photosets.
  • flickrscroll
    Scroll through public domain photos from flickr.
  • flipGallery
    jQuery Powered Animated Photo Gallery.
  • Flixplore
    Flixplore displays first 110 photos from daily Flickr Explores using Meteor (
  • framer
    Framer is a simple, dynamic file proxy and photo resizing http server intended to be behind an http cache or act as a CDN root server. Framer accepts uploads and stores it's files in Amazon S3.
  • Gaellerie
    Photo book of Gaelle using Galleria jquery plugin.
  • galleria galleria
    Galleria Galleria is a fork of the Photo Galleria Wordpress plugin that is designed to minimize resources and selectively load javascript.
  • galleriffic
    A jQuery plugin for photo galleries.
  • galleruby
    A Ruby script to automatically generate a static HTML gallery (series of different albums) for your local photo collection so you can publish it on e.g. S3.
  • Gallery.js
    A super simple photo and video gallery in Javascript.
  • GalleryView
    jQuery plugin for creating photo galleries.
  • Gander
    Web based photo viewing suite.
    US Census / geotagged photo browser.
  • gitCover
    photo slideshow project using perl and javascript.
  • Golden State
    A super simple photo gallery with zero server side dependencies.
  • Gowalla Style Photo Browser
    Page through your photos with ease using jquery.
  • gulliver
    passport photos , id photos , and travel deals.
  • hack week fall 2013
    Photo sharing social networking.
  • HaruHaru
    Learning exercise cum photo gallery.
  • has attached photos
    Adds a possibility to attach pictures to certain model, show them in different ways, store in different sizes, and comment the attached pictures.
  • hunter
    Website for Hunter's Photos.
  • imagerate
    Photo contest web app.
  • imakes
    Photo and video blog using IMAP server to fetch new material.
  • img rotation
    Take photos from all directions (arduino + servo + remote release) and rotate them in web browsers (JavaScript).
  • infinigram
    Instagram photo viewer with infinite scroll. Built on Node.
  • infinite scroll gallery
    TYPO3 extension to display photos as you scroll.
  • infrapix
    flask app for developing infragram photos , tailored to work on dreamhost.
  • instabox
    web version for see some photos of instagram album.
  • Instagram Most Popular
    See the most popular photos on Instragram.
  • Instahood
    Meteor application to view photos by geographic area using the Google Maps API and the Instagram API.
  • instapad
    Photo frame web app for the iPad. Uses Google App Engine (Pyhton runtime). Inspired "Fnews" by rsms.
  • instasheet
    Simple app to show a user's 'liked' photos on Instagram.
  • instavision
    displays an instagram feed of photos from a user's follow list. it displays them in a retro tv both online and literally on a retro style TV at Boulder Digital Works in Boulder Colorado.
  • insthumbor
    A app and web service similar to instagram using Thumbor as photo engine. It's was a hackathon project during the FISL12 event in Brazil.
  • iphone photo
    Photo application for IPhone.
  • iPieuvre
    iPieuvre aggr?ge photos et vid?os sur un site unique.
  • iscrubber
    Jquery plugin mimics i Photo 's picture scrubbing feature.
  • isha photo workflow
    Rails based Web App implementing Photo Management workflow at Isha Foundation.
  • Jackilyn PS Panel
    Custom Photo Shop panel with my most used tools.
  • Java Script Photo Gallery
    Java Script Photo Gallery.
  • jazzycat emit meow
    Mapper Maker, a generalized geotag visualizer; collecting data from photo hosting services and presenting it via Google Maps.
  • jphototag
    Another photo tagging plugin.
  • JQPretty Photo Contrib
    Foswiki module JQPretty Photo Contrib.
  • jquery face selector
    Select faces on photos !.
  • jQuery Large Photo Box
    A jQuery plugin to view large photos.
  • jquery multiple photouploader
    The jquery multiple photo uploader used in my symfony jquery photo uploader plugin.
  • jquery phocus
    A fullscreen photo gallery using jQuery.
  • jquery photo gallery
    Files for learning how to create a very simple photo gallery with jQuery.
  • Jquery Photo Tag
    Jquery plugin for tagging people in photos.
  • jquery plugins
    jQuery plugins Photo Rotator.
  • jquery simple gallery
    Quickly create highly customizable photo galleries.
  • jQuery Skim
    A jQuery plugin to recreate the i Photo skim effect.
  • jquery. photobooth
    Create a simple mechanism for take webcam photos , using javascript.
  • JS Picture Puzzle
    An HTML5 JavaScript photo scramble app.
  • jsRandom Photos
    Random Picture Generator using Javascript.
  • kaleidoscope
    Real time Instagram Photos.
  • Leaflet. photomarker
    A leaflet.js photo marker.
  • lens
    Simple app using the flickr api to display photos from multiple users for the same time period or tag.
  • libereco
    Liberate your photos from the hosting platforms lockin.
  • locate pics
    Browse Instagram Photos By Location.
  • locationgram
    View Instagram photos from people in your neighborhood easily on a map.
  • Magento Gallery Extension
    Photos gallery Extension For Magento.
  • map mosaic
    Mosaic photos made from map tiles.
  • MapGrams
    Shows the most recent Instagram photos from a given location.
  • media kraken
    Let your friends easily upload photos from the last party.
  • Melbourne Open Photo theme
    A clean theme for your Open Photo site.
  • meropixs
    Yet another photo viewer.
  • meteor foam
    A mass of bubbles of photos in a matrix of liquid internet, especially an accumulation of fine, frothy bubbles formed in or on the surface of a liquid, as from agitation or fermentation or Meteor and d3.
  • mobile photo gallery
    a photo gallery for browsing pictures, optimized for mobile.
  • Mobile Photo Viewer
    It's photo viewer for mobile like smart phone. it has scrolled thumbnail and lazy loading also provide full screen mode. Gracias.
  • Mobile Web Gallery
    Photo collection with user customizable galleries in javascript and HTML5. Tested on iPhone.
  • mojito. photosnear .me old
    Photos Near Me (implementation in mojito).
  • Mongoid carrierwave mini magick crop
    Test application for cropping photos using carrierwave and jCrop.
  • monster
    This is the web app for visualizing the photos that have been eaten by Pixel Monster users.
  • mt plugin assetgallery
    A plugin for Movable Type that allows users to embed a photo gallery within a blog post using Movable Type Pro and custom fields.
  • mt theme shady
    Shady contains two themes for Movable Type: a blog and a photo gallery.
  • MugShot
    MugShot A opensource Photo gallery suite written for Mono/.Net platform.
  • mule example activiti photos
    Mule with Activiti example demonstrating the process flow needed to request photos , similar to STOCK.EXCHG.
  • multi photo resizer
    Web based tool for resizing photos.
  • MURRiX
    MURRiX is a specialized Content Management System. MURRiX enables storing and organizing of photos, written tests, events etc. All items in the database can be connected to people, things and should be positioned geographically as well as in time.
  • my friends collage
    photo my friends from socaial networks.
  • my photo app
    Display and manage photos.
  • neumont photo
    Neumont Photo Gallery On Google App Engine.
  • nibles
    My project for the 2009 Hackathon. This is a super powered bookmarklet that lets you grab individual photos and text from web pages into private silos for organization/consumption.
  • nookstagram
    Use your Nook as digital photo frame for your Instagram photos.
  • northmanV2
    Photo web page for northmens.
  • original
    Photo gallery web app.
  • otherplaces
    Grails site for Travel photos.
  • not use
    Page of Photos sample application.
  • paparazzi
    Sample: Photo booth style application for taking photos and applying effects.
  • Paper sizes for webOS
    A reference of ISO/DIN and North American paper size series and common photo print formats for Palm/HP WebOS.
  • passport eyeem
    PassportJS strategy for connecting Eyeem (a photo sharing community).
  • PavBhaji
    Attempt 1 at photo browser and navigator.
  • PhluffyFotos
    PhluffyFotos is a Web 2.0 Picture Gallery Service where users can upload their pictures from the web or mobile device. Users can upload, tag, and share photos in this sample.
  • phog
    Static photo gallery generator with S3 uploader.
  • photo album with play framework
    A photo album using Play! framework.
  • photo app
    Sample Application source code.
  • Photo Bio
    A place to keep private photos , can sign someone up to have permissions to view photos , tagging + long term backups.
  • photo booth
    Photo Booth app using rails.
  • photo catalog
    Generates a picture catalog (PDF) for a gallery.
  • Photo Contact
    Simple mobile app to take photo and record simple user contact info.
  • Photo Gallery
    Photo Gallery app similar to the native iPhone's photo gallery app, made with Appcelerator.
  • Photo Gallery Foundation
    A sample photo gallery using ZURB's Foundation.
  • Photo Jekyll
    Template for creating an art portfolio website with Jekyll.
  • Photo Log
    My photo blog app.
  • photo mapper
    An example Cordova app for Android and iOS.
  • photo notes
    Take notes on photos.
  • Photo Pinboard
    A sample HTML App that allows users to share photos.
  • photo site
    Octopress photo sharing site.
  • photo slide viewer
    A client side javascript photo viewer.
  • photo slideshow captions
    W3C compliant photo slideshow with transparent caption overlays and linking.
  • Photo Topo
    A javascript library for viewing and editing climbing topos.
  • Photo Tour
    App that Shows Photos Taken 10Km near from where you are.
  • photo upload
    Phonegap App with photo upload functionality.
  • photo viewer
    Embeddable photo viewer library.
  • Photo Year
    Rails Application for 365 Days.
  • photoalbum
    download and save photos.
  • photoblag
    Minimal photo blog that uses the flickr API and sinatra.
  • photoboard
    ipad photo board and other element.
  • photochecklist
    Photo Checklist application based on Flask.
  • photocommons
    WordPress plugin to include photos from Wikimedia Commons on your blog.
  • photogenix
    Main distribution of Photogenix, a simple script for digital photo frames and narrowcasting.
    Photo sharing app based on
  • photonews
    Photo News showcasing "modown" in action.
  • photorepo
    A Web Based photo gallery that uses git as a file store.
  • photos
    Photos web app for capturing, organising, viewing and sharing photos.
  • photos er
    Code for my photo website.
  • Photos10
    Photos Demo Application of SproutCore 1.0.
  • photosurface
    Play with your photos on a surface, like you did when they weren't digital.
  • photosv0.9
    Timeline view of your photos.
  • PhotosViewer
    Masonry style photos viewer.
  • phototype web
    Photos browsing web interface based on metadata.
  • picsee
    Express Compatible middleware that offers support for uploading photos , setting custom sizes, and storing them locally or remotely.
  • picsha
    Chat roulette with photos.
  • pixgrid
    Node.ACS sample photo uploader app.
  • placio
    A simple app that allows users to save places on Google Maps and upload photos that are associated to that place.
  • Polaroid Photo Stack
    A Jquery Pluggin that produces Polaroid like Photos in a Stack.
  • popit
    PopIt is a way to create, store and share key facts about people, especially their job titles, photo , contact details and career histories Check the Wiki for more.
  • portra
    A proof of concept photo sharing web app using iOS6's file upload capabilities.
  • pretty photo
    Integrates Pretty Photo with Symphony CMS admin.
  • Pretty Photo displayer
    A custom displayer for The Secretary CMS using Pretty Photo galleries. A Demo can be viewed below:.
  • prettyAutoIndex
    Prettifying apache autoindex for photos.
  • prettyphoto rails
    Rails gem for easy pretty Photo integration.
  • pubnub ommshot
    Real time Photo Sync Powered By PubNub and S3, mostly PubNub.
  • put a cat on it
    Put a cat (and more) in your photos! For Android devices.
  • QuickLook Photo Gallery
    A Safari plugin to turn an unorganized list of pictures on a website into an easy to navigate photo gallery.
  • rails swfupload
    Photo upload demonstration using Ruby on Rails, SWFUpload and AttachmentFu.
  • rainbooth
    Photo Booth for the Web!.
  • ravProjectStriper
    Get ravelry project photos via the (old) API, and use them to make strip patterns.
  • Readr
    Readr is a minimalist Tumblr theme offering lots of customisation options. It offers a great reading experience and beautiful photo posts as well as support for all other post types.
  • recorder.js
    Using HTML5 to capture photo / video via the camera of your device.
  • refinerycms photo gallery
    Photo gallery engine for Refinery CMS.
  • rembrant
    rembrant is a photo organizational tool and an online gallery builder.
  • Request.Flickr
    This plugin tries to retrieve photos from any user Flickr using YQL and executing JavaScript in Open Data Table.
  • Revolver
    A 360? panoramic photo viewer.
  • rich.slider
    Javascript animation for photo gallery naviation.
  • right gallery
    An ajaxed photo gallery example implemented with RightJS and Ruby On Rails.
  • ringmaster
    A simple web application that shows photos of items for sale at auction.
  • rubber duckie
    Naughty photo search engine.
  • S3gallery
    Generates thumbnails and a static web gallery for photos dumped on S3.
  • scaler garethstokes
    my fork of the scaler project to include content slides for each photo.
  • shaishai
    share photo with anyone.
  • shutterbug
    A toy turbogears based web photo album app.
  • sienna
    phonegap android photo project just for fun.
  • silverstripe photogallery
    Simple photo gallery with albums for Silverstripe.
  • Simipic
    Photo browser for Desktop and Mobile friendly interface.
  • simpletag
    Simple jquery photo tagging plugin. Based on imgareaselect plugin.
  • slickr
    A custom photo gallery with Flickr integration.
  • Snaps
    Interaction design for a photo album site.
  • SnapUp
    Simple photo upload webapp.
  • species identification by uploading a photo
    Google Summer of Code 2011 Project (MBL).
  • Spree Pretty Photo
    A lightbox for Spree.
  • spree zoom photos
    Lightbox+Zoom product photos for your Spree store.
  • stacked gallery
    Stacked Gallery is a jQuery gallery plugin that looks like flipping through a stack of photos.
  • StashYourStache
    App built at Photo Hack Day.
  • stocker
    Stock Photo Administration Application.
  • T1064300 Final Project
    Photo Album web application for our university project.
  • TagAvatar
    A photo management application.
  • tagbrowser
    A browser based Instagram client for browsing photos by tag.
  • tpdamw
    Things people draw at my work. Sucks Instagram photos into
  • Trending Bubbles
    and appealing manner. Furthermore it will provide all the information that you will ever need to know about the trending topic or personality by showing its photos , news as well as videos.
  • twisitor
    A simple and spectacular photo tweeting birdhouse.
  • umbra
    Grails photo blog application.
  • unity screenshot example
    Unity iOS example project: shows how to take a screenshot and send it to the photo album (camera roll).
  • Util
    The Util layer from Photo Swipe ( has been abstracted into a separate project for reuse in future Code Computerlove ( mobile based projects.
  • VKPorter
    Extremely small tool to export photo albums from
  • w3c gallery
    The server side components for a gallery of photos created through coremob/camera app.
  • Web Design Photo
    Simple template for a website.
    Take photo from webcam (cross browser solution).
  • WebcamSwiper
    An experiment to control a photo carousel using getUserMedia to watch for swipes left and right with a hand.
  • wedding page
    An Amazon S3 bases photo gallery.
  • wee flickr
    A flickr photo picker for blog integration.
  • wordpress theme pickle
    A Wordpress theme for photo blogs with mixed content based on Reflection and TwentyTen.
  • wp gallery
    Responsive Wordpress theme for photo galleries.
  • zozophoto
    Rails app to create photo gallery.

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