List of Free code Spreadsheet


  • angular paste
    Allows copy paste of tabular data from a spreadsheet into a webpage, updating any specified models.
  • cellect
    Select data in tables the same way you select cells in a spreadsheet.
  • dolly.js
    Simple jQuery widget that adds spreadsheet like cell cloning capabilities to HTML tables.
  • drop Table
    A jQuery plugin that allows you to drag and drop data from a spreadsheet, and then define an arbitrary handler method to handle each row (so you could call a web service, for example).
  • gdoc powered slider
    A mobile friendly inline slider powered by a Google Spreadsheet. Requires Tabletop.js and jQuery.
  • google spreadsheet javascript
    Read data from google spreadsheets.
  • grunt gss pull
    Grabs data from a google spreadsheet, writes it as a json file.
  • Jquery GSpreadsheet Datasource
    A jquery plugin for interactic with data stored in a google doc spreadsheet. The google doc spreadsheet has to be published and exported as rss. The plugin performs an AJAX request for retrieving the RSS file: in order to avoid cross domain script issues you may need to have a local proxy to forward the request to the server serving the RSS file.
  • jQuery.sheet
    the ajax spreadsheet, jQuery plugin flavor.
  • localize with spreadsheet
    Create a localization file in Android or iOS format from a Google Spreadsheet.
  • mapsheet
    Easily create interactive maps from data in Google Spreadsheets. Supports Google Maps, Leaflet, Mapbox, MapQuest, etc.
  • newsquiz
    Make a quiz from data in a Google Spreadsheet. Requires jQuery and Tabletop.
  • node csvdb
    Read only document store based on a text/csv documents. Can be used, for example , to use Google Spreadsheets as a source database.
  • raw
    The missing link between spreadsheets and vector graphics.
  • Sale
    Connect to Google Spreadsheet API to get JSON. Then use PHP to process data to push to a website.
  • sheetclip
    Copy/paste from your HTML5 web app to a spreadsheet.
  • sheetsee cache
    write/cache google spreadsheet data with node.js work in progress.
  • sheetsee.js
    visualize data from a google spreadsheet.
  • Slick Grid
    A lightning fast JavaScript grid /spreadsheet.
  • stored sheet
    create a data table as easily as a spreadsheet, but stored centrally.
  • tabletop
    Tabletop.js gives spreadsheets legs.
  • tabletop calculator
    Spreadsheet web application for making tabletop army lists.
  • tabletop to leaflet
    Template for converting data from Google spreadsheet to Leaflet using Tabletop.
  • timeline setter
    A tool to create HTML timelines from spreadsheets of events.
  • visijax
    Dead dumb simple Ajax spreadsheet Rails app.

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