List of Free code Widget


  • 3akai timeglider widget
    A timeline widget for Sakai OAE using Timeglider.
  • acewidget
    a widget which make ace trivial to embed in your pages.
  • alloy navigation
    Widget for managing window flow on a multiplatform app.
  • alloy rss widget
    Appcelerator Alloy RSS Widget.
  • arcgis dijit geocoder js
    JavaScript auto complete widget for locating places.
  • arcgis dijit layer swipe js
    A swipe widget to partially show a layer by dragging it left or right.
  • art
    vector drawing for buttons, icons, widgets and all that stuff.
  • aura example
    Example of pub sub between sandboxed widgets using Aura.js (
  • Awesome Gmail Widget
    Gmail widget for Awesome New Tab Page.
  • Awesome Weather Widget
    Weather widget for Awesome New Tab Page.
  • Awesome XKCD Widget
    XKCD widget for Awesome New Tab Page.
  • backpack journal
    OS X Dashboard widget to post status and new journal entries to Backpack.
  • Badass Pageflow
    A simple Alloy "pageflow" widget , which allows to open windows w/ styles back buttons. Features a complete a simple API.
  • barricade
    An Argument Structure Vizualisation Widget.
  • Basewatch
    A Mac OS X time tracker widget for Basecamp.
    Application model and widgets for BFG.
  • betaq widget
    Give your site a BetaQ waiting list with this widget ! Contributions welcome.
  • bigger notes
    MacOS Dashboard Widget for pasting text. Bigger than sticky notes, and scrollable.
  • boilerplate
    A boilerplate for Aura widgets.
  • BtcTickerOSX
    A simple OSX dashboard widget for Bitcoin prices.
  • buzz stats widget
    A widget that shows you all the buzz going on currently.
  • carousel js
    Our general purpose carousel widget which can be used for multiple use cases.
  • cbwidget syntaxhighlighter
    A Widget to use that uses the SyntaxHighlighter project to format your code for ContentBox.
  • chiliproject clocking
    (Alpha) Time clocking widget.
  • Choban
    Mechanical Turk Widget Set for Pyjamas.
  • cinder.js
    cinder.js is an ember.js based wrapper library around jQueryUI widgets.
  • citation manager widget
    citation manager for sakai3.
  • ckanext os
    Spatial widgets developed in mainly by Ordnance Survey (CKAN extension).
  • client libraries
    various wrappers for existing apis, widgets , modules etc.
  • clinch
    YA ComonJS to browser packer tool, well suited for widgets by small overhead and big app by smart settings and fast process.
  • code cola widget
    visual widget for codecola.
  • college football widget
    Mac Dashboard Widget for college football schedules.
  • colorClash
    colorClash is a JavaScript Widget which performs some simple Imagemanipulation in a performant way.
  • com.clinsoftsolutions.tabs
    Alloy tabs widget that is cross platform and manages it's own stack.
  • common Widget
    Some elegant widgets from qzone touch.
  • contributors
    contributors is a JavaScript widget to display the contributors of an open source Github project.
  • controldepo 3 widgets
    A collection of widgets.
  • Crowd Factory JS Toolkit
    The Crowd Factory Javascript Toolkit, widgets and support libraries for building Crowd Factory applications.
  • Dashboard Widgets
    Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets as Code Samples.
  • dashku
    Dashku Open Source Edition Realtime dashboards and widgets.
  • DeckchairJSWidget
    Example widget using the Deckchair SDK.
  • dm Widget GalleryPlugin
    Adds a Gallery widget to the Add menu.
  • dm Widget NivoGalleryPlugin
    Adds a Gallery with many different effects to the front Add menu.
  • dtreemap
    This project provides a dui based TreeMap widget.
  • EasyLang Widget
    Easy to implement language widget. Uses one file, modern browser is required.
  • EjectVolume
    A Mac dashboard widget that allows you to eject any active volume on your system.
  • Euro Stocks Widget
    European Stocks Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard.
  • Expression Widgets
    Project to support development of open based technologies to support education.
  • EyeClient
    EyeClient is a browser widget for the EYE reasoner.
  • fba widget
    Dashboard widget for Fucking Bad
  • fishbulb
    Browser library and widgets for Joyent's Cloud Analytics.
  • dashboard widget
    A simple dashboard widget for dispalying your local 7 day forecast.
  • formtastic sass on heroku
    Quick sample app throwing together haml and sass on heroku, using formtastic and a dynamic stylesheet widget.
  • freeagent widget
    A widget for tracking time in FreeAgent.
  • FreeRS
    A GTmob widget designed to replace the PRS student response system at Georgia Tech.
  • friendfeed widget
    friendfeed client for opera widget.
  • froglet.js
    sandboxed Widget boilerplate for bookmarklet and extension.
  • Fuzzymatcher.js
    Fuzzymatching library optimized for powering auto complete widgets.
  • gallery widget
    Edicy gallery lightbox widget.
  • gameolith widgets
    The complete collection of Gameolith widgets.
  • GDBCommandsDashboard Widget
    OS X Dashboard Widget for GNU Debugger Commands.
  • getbeer
    Send SMS message in shell using curl and, or an OSX widget that waits for process to end.
  • Gist OSX Widget
    This is an OS X widget that creates a github gist from your clipboard and places the resulting gist url in your clipboard instead.
  • GitCommandsDashboard Widget
    OS X Dashboad Widget listing Git commands and usage.
  • github latest commits widget
    Simple widget that shows a repo's latest github commit activity on your site.
  • Google Events Widget ANTP
    Displays Google Calendar events from your private calendar feed on Awesome New Tab Page [ANTP].
  • groupmeetingscheduler
    A widget for scheduling meetings.
  • groupon javascript widget
    nothing to see here.
    Gittip Widgets + API.
  • HabraDash
    Mac OS X Dashboard widget for Habrahabr.
  • HabrometerDash
    Dashboard widget for project.
  • Hidden File Toggle Widget
    An OS X widget to toggle display of hidden files.
  • hispeed sms widget
    Mac OS X Dashboard Widget to send SMS through Swiss ISP cablecom's service.
  • hoptoad widget
    A Mac OS X widget for the HopToad exception tracker app.
  • hotel api example ruby
    A simple rails app that demonstrates the ease of implementing Real Travel's hotel API and widgets.
  • hubinfo
    a github repo info javascript widget.
  • imperavi redactor widget
    Imperavi Redactor WYSIWYG widget (OEM licensed for Yii).
  • Indigo Widget
    Mac OS X Dashboard Widget for controlling home automation system with Perception Automation Indigo.
  • innertube
    The API for building personal informatics widgets for the Innertube Dashboard.
  • integrity menu
    Integrity Project Status Dashboard Widget.
  • isepta train view.wdgt
    A dashboard widget that combines the best of iSepta and Septa's own TrainView data.
  • iwc
    Enables the interwidget communication and drag and drop between widgets.
  • JetPlurk dash
    JetPlurk widget for Dashboard experiment.
  • jQueryUI contextmenu
    a contextmenu based on jQueryUI 1.9 widget factory/ jqueryui menu.
  • js calendar widget
    Highly customizable calendar display with Google Calendar like features.
  • jsm
    A simple AMD setup for widgets.
  • jtv dashboard
    Dashboard widget for viewing JTV channels.
  • just calendar
    Calendar widget on native Javascript.
  • keyboard
    provides english keyboard (used as a widget for browserling).
  • koliseo widgets
    A collection of widgets that make use of the Koliseo API.
  • Leaflet. widget
    Leaflet vector management widget.
  • Leaflet.zoomslider
    A zoom slider widget for leaflet.
  • lsd native
    LSD widgets that use in browser widgets (no lovely scalable drawings).
  • lsd widgets
    A set of scalable powerful widgets that use LSD.
  • lyiightbox
    Yii widget of Lightbox 2 script.
  • lyrics widget
    See the lyrics of the track currently playing in iTunes.
  • map widget maker
    Create at embed able map iFrame using WMS services and leaflet.
  • markitup widget
    Allows to use markItUp as a widget.
  • mascp jstools
    Javascript widgets and tools for manipulating MASCP data.
  • mbs
    Multi boxes selection widget for Wicket. This widget is dependent on wiQuery.
  • mirosubs jetpack
    Simple jetpack extension for turning all videos on a page into Universal Subtitles widgets.
  • moefm widget
    Moefm widget , a website widget.
  • montastic dashboard widget
    A Montastic Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X.
  • mptttreewidget
    javascript tree widget for mptt.
  • muruca widgets
    Rails widgets to use with Talia (and other Muruca components).
  • nl.fokkezb.loading
    The widget provides a simple loading mask that can be easily styled and configured.
  • nlgovwidgets
    Some widgets for the Dutch government.
  • noawidget
    Now On Air Widget.
  • notifications
    The GoInstant Notifications widget provides real time growl like messages inside your application.
  • OhmMarks
    Simple OSX Dashboard widget retrieving and displaying pending marks University.
  • onyx
    A widget library for Enyo.
  • opera widgets
    source code for opera widgets.
  • Ordrin Dashboard Widget
    Order food from Mac OSX Dashboard.
  • Pastebin Widget
    A Pastebin Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X.
  • pelagios widgets
    Embeddable Javascript widgets to access Pelagios data.
    Website hosting Pelagios Widgets and scalagios library releases.
  • Phonetic
    NATO Phonetic Dashboard Widget.
  • picasatter
    real time picasa viewer widget that likes monitter.
  • plone. formwidget .recurrence
    Recurrence widgets for Plone.
  • pretty pieces.sass
    widgets built upon foundation.sass.
  • pricing widget
    browser widget to accept payments by credit card.
  • pugpig components
    Pugpig Components is a collection of widgets intended for use within Pugpig ( publications. The aim is to build for speed and low memory usage with a focus on progressive enhancement.
  • Quotes on Design Widget
    A OS X Dashboard widget that interfaces with the soon to be announced Quotes on Design API v3.0.
  • qx contrib Dialog
    A set of often used dialog widgets.
  • RDFauthor
    RDFauthor creates formular widgets out of RDFa enhanced webpages.
  • redmine.wdgt
    A MacOSX dashboard widget for Redmine tracker.
  • register.js
    Javascript library for a basic cash register widget tied to simple hashes of general ledger buckets.
  • reportcard
    Report Card widget for tracking your online coding school progress.
  • richwidgets
    A set of javascript widgets.
    RMF RDS Opera Widget.
  • Sakai OAE Calendar Feed Widget
    An iCalendar feed viewer widget for Sakai OAE.
  • sales analytics widgets
    Sales Analytics JavaScript Widgets.
  • scroll indicator
    The GoInstant Scroll Indicator widget shows a notification when remote users scroll their browser viewport, and when they're viewing a different part of the page.
  • ServerMonitor Widget
    Linux Server Monitor OSX Dashboard Widget.
  • shorten amazon url widget
    Mac Dashboard widget to shorten an Amazon product page URL.
  • show your github activities
    This is a tiny web service for generating widget that show your GitHub activities.
  • sillaj widget
    A OSX widget for Sillaj.
  • silverstripe book
    SilverStripe 2.4 Module Extension, Themes, and Widgets : Beginner's Guide.
  • solr angular demo
    A little search widget for instant Solr search with angular.
  • soundcloud group recorder
    SoundCloud Group Recording Widget.
  • SpinnerControl
    A spinning Integer Text Box Widget.
  • springer analytics
    Embeddable analytics widgets backed by Disco.
  • stackoverflow flair.dcproj
    A dashboard widget to show your StackOverflow flair.
  • tablemutt
    A JavaScript table widget for large tabular data sets.
  • talkback
    EarthLink version of the Lexipod feedback widget.
  • temperature widget
    Temperature widget app that talks to Ninja Block's temperature sensors.
  • time range selector
    a time range widget for selecting time.
  • tipsy
    A YUI3 Tooltip widget that is fast, customizable and extensible. Used for Popovers too.
  • todo widget
    Codebase used in my "The Return of the Fat Client" talk.
  • tw 2 . d 3
    d 3 widgets for toscawidgts 2.
  • tw2.jqplugins.chosen
    Tosca Widgets 2 SelectFields enhanced with the Chosen javascript library.
  • tw2.jqplugins.select2
    Tosca Widgets 2 SelectFields enhanced with the Select2 javascript library.
  • tw2.wysihtml5
    WYSIHTML5 widget for Tosca Widgets 2.
  • Tydget
    TypePad + Widget = Tydget. It uses JavaScript to insert a doo dad ideal for sidebars.
  • TypeShow
    TypeShow is a stand alone widget that integrates with your website. It allows your visitors to test your fonts easily and beautifully. TypeShow runs on your own server and is fully customizable.
  • ucengine widgets
    U.C.Engine contributed widgets library.
  • upcoming
    Javascript widget to aggregate and display one or more public Google Calendar feeds.
  • urlshortener wdgt
    OSX Dashboard widget for shortening URLs with my own URL shortener.
  • user list
    The GoInstant User List widget provides a real time connected list of users inside a room of your application.
  • usercache
    The Usercache component implements a synchronous interface for working with GoInstant users and is used in various GoInstant widgets.
  • venue widget
    Widget to add to ticketing websites.
  • verbinski
    A three column Dashing widget that displays weather information from
  • videotron monitor mac
    Videotron Internet Usage Monitor widget for Mac.
  • vie related
    vie integration widget for tinymce to find related content.
  • VIE.autocomplete
    Autocomplete widget for VIE entities.
  • VIEwidgets
    User interaction widgets for VIE.
  • ViKi Widget
    ViKi Widget application code. View videos from!.
  • vis widget
    Starting point for iBook Widgets with D3.
  • weather widget
    A Dashing widget to display weather information using World Weather Online API and Skycons.
  • Webcam Website Widget
    Show your webcam captures uploaded by ftp in your webpage.
  • widgeds
    Widgets for education. Interactive Learning Activities in Javascript, running cross devices. Alpha.
  • Widget Pointer
    A Widget extension for YUI3 that adds that little pointer to a corner of your choice.
  • widgets
    API driven Meetup widgets.
  • widgets libraries
    A handful of Opera Widgets utility libraries for use in Widget development.
  • wijcal sample
    Sample Enyo wrapping of Wijmo's open source calendar widget.
  • wikipedia widget
    Wikipedia Dashboard Widget for OS X.
  • world loanmeter
    [DEPRECATED] World Loanmeter: an Opera widget showing loan information from
  • WWDC 2012
    WWDC 2012 Countdown Dashboard Widget.
  • wxtut
    Erlang Wx Widgets Tutorial.
  • wysiwyg
    Google styled jQueryUI widget.
  • yii highsoft
    Yii widget to Highsoft products Hightchart and Highstok chart wrapper.
  • Yii RedactorJS Widget
    Yii Widget for the WYSIWYG RedactorJS editor.
  • yii widgets CSwfUpload
    Widget SwfUpload to yii. Adding multiple upload file.
  • yui3accordion
    Accordion widget for YUI3.
  • zendesk widgets
    These are a bunch of widgets I have created for several customers that you might find useful.
  • zoomto widget
    ZoomTo Wijit for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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