List of Free code Card Game


  • Big2Calculator iOS
    This iOS application allows users to input the final score of their big 2 card game and calculates the winnings of each player. This calculator can accommodate multiple wage amounts (1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 1 dollar) and can also calculate wage amounts for 3 5 player matches.
  • cs193p Winter 2013 hw2
    An enhancement to the solution from Assignment 1 to add a second card game , Set, to the card matching game app.
  • DotAHero
    Board/Card Game base on DotA.
  • Matchismo
    Playing Card Game from cs193p.
  • matchismo 2013 14
    Playing Card Game from cs193p.
  • Mod10
    A simple solitaire card game for Mac OS X 10.6+.
  • OpenPogmatch
    A simple card matching memory game on the iOS.
  • Set
    Various old projects related to the "Set!" card game.
  • snap
    Snap! Card Game Tutorial on
  • Stanford W2013 Card Game
    Standford's Winter 2013 Card Game project.
  • SuperCard
    Super Playing Card Game from cs193p.
  • Three13
    A simple iOS card game.

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