List of Free code Game Framework


  • Apple SpriteKit Game Examples
    A collection of game examples using the Apple SpriteKit framework.
  • AshObjectiveC
    Objective C port of Ash (ActionScript 3 entity system framework for game development).
  • Chroniton
    Objective C Game Framework.
  • cocos3d
    cocos3d is a sophisticated, yet intuitive and easy to use, 3D application development framework for the iOS platform. With cocos3d, you can build sophisticated, dynamic 3D games and applications using Objective C.
  • FlyEgg
    An iOS game based on Sparrow framework.
  • Fuji
    An iOS game development framework with a clean and extensible component base design.
  • Game Framework
    Game Framework for iOS devices.
  • Game OfLifeObjectiveC
    A Game Of Life Objective C project setup using Kiwi as test framework.
  • ios store
    In App Purchase library. Part of The SOOMLA Project framework for virtual economies in mobile games.
  • iosOldSchool
    First attempt at an ios oldschool game framework.
  • MacAssistant 2012
    A Football Manager 2012 Assistant application that is based on littleblue's fmsx save game framework.
  • Mole
    iOS game build with Sparrow framework.
  • Proelium
    A 3D Rogue Like game built with the Polycode framework.
  • SHGameCenter
    Prefixed category convenience selectors on the Game Kit framework, also adding blocks instead of delegate calls.
  • SneakyInput
    An Input Framework for iOS gaming.
  • WibbleQuest
    A Text Adventure Game framework for iOS.

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