List of Free code Game


  • 2011CrossFit Games Visualization
    2011 CrossFit Games Visualization.
  • AccessibleTileGrid
    An example implementation of making a game like letterpress accessible.
  • AlwaysiPodPlay
    No stop iPod music when start game on iDevice.
  • AutoLayout Game
    Bejeweled clone using Auto Layout.
  • ballChain
    a small chain reaction game.
  • bison run
    Basic dodge the falling objects game written in Kobold2D.
  • bMath
    The first round for baby platform game !.
  • BMX
    My first real game. I hope.
  • Boidlings
    A mini game demonstrating the use of applying simple physics to make your game dynamic and intriguing.
  • BopAMole
    whack a mole style game.
  • BouncyCastle360
    A SpriteKit experimental game from the 360iDev Game Jam.
  • Boxer
    The DOS game emulator that's fit for your Mac.
  • brainNumbers
    This is the game Brain Numbers.
  • BreakingDawn
    Submission to the Gobal Game Jam '13.
  • BubbleShooterDemo
    Demo version of a Bubble Shooter like game.
  • bunny matcher
    A game where you select all the items falling in a topic.
  • Capitals
    A (Much Too) Easy Geography Game.
  • Carrom
    Pool like game palyed with wooden disks, a board game with Interactive physics.
  • Casual Game
    My First Casual Game like Fish Game. The game verify three elements in line.
  • CCTableViewExample
    Creating an in game store with multiple tabs using CCTableView.
  • Checkers TDD
    A simple Checkers Game developed using TDD.
  • coco
    a game about coco.
  • Cocos2DSimple Game
    Ray Wenderlich's Cocos2DSimple Game tutorial, part 1.
  • Cocos2DSimple Game 3
    Ray Wenderlich's Cocos2DSimple Game tutorial, part 3.
  • CocosDragon
    Simple game that demonstrates how to use CocosBuilder.
  • CosBird
    A small interactive game which can detect ambient sound and change its status based on the volume of sound.
  • cross over
    A simple but interesting game in c++ that you can can play & create levels.
  • cube
    A fork of the Cube 3D shooter, as it had better game play than Cube 2 / Sauerbraten.
  • d0nym
    A top down shooter game.
  • Danmaku
    bullet hell game playground.
  • DblfDice
    A dice rolling program for macs, geared towards the d100 gaming system.
  • Dice3D
    Open sourcing my 3D game prototype from 2009.
  • direnis the game
    Direni?: the way of ?apuling.
  • DoodleFalling
    doodle falling game app.
  • dots
    A simple dots example with a game loop.
  • DrawBattlefield
    Simple yet fun simulation game based off various ideas over the years.
  • elsfk one
    a little game project.
  • EmojiCharades
    A game wherein users create charades using emoji.
  • Extendaword
    Two player word game.
  • FastStory
    FastStory is Own Creating Game.
  • fiona
    Fiona's Walk A game about a woman, and her husband.
  • Fish
    Lung Defense Game , Comp314.
  • FlagQuiz Game
    The Flag Quiz Game app tests the user?s ability to correctly identify flags from around the world.
  • FlatPillButton
    Flat pill like buttons made famous by the Letterpress game.
  • FlickMario
    Simple Action Game using SpriteKit.
  • game 357
    a small line drawing game.
  • Game Hub
    The better way to game.
  • Game KitCenter
    A (better?) alternative to Apple's Game CenterManager.
  • Game KitMessage
    Sample code illustrating Game Kit functionality for CIDUG March 2011 presentation.
  • Game Test
    test interface for ETD.
  • Game X
    Example game for the Intelligent Headset.
  • GamesWithTeams
    A multi player chess game that synchronizes via Couchbase Lite.
  • GanjaFarmer
    Game for Software architecture class 2011.
  • Gemeralds
    Pinball game using CocosBuilder and Chipmunk Pro to make the collision geometry.
  • GenSoup
    Simple Implementation of Conway's game of life, that lets you discover new creatures, save and load them.
  • GetRich Game
    Get rich for bragging rights, play with stocks, its fun.
  • GGJ2012
    Our game project for Global Game Jam 2012.
    Generic Game for Ubiquitous Learning in Interacting Virtual and Real Realities.
  • GhostGuy
    A game where nothing is the same...
  • goblin hacker
    Goblin Hacker is a save game editor for Eschalon.
  • GPULife
    GPU accelerated Game of Life screensaver.
  • GridSim
    Grid based simulation/adventure/sandbox game. Works on windows!.
  • Guess n Match
    Simple guessing/memory game game.
  • GuessFlag
    It is a mini game where the goal is to hit the country name from the flag.
  • GVE homework3
    A text adventure game for University of Idaho CS428 Homework #3.
  • GYM objectManagement
    I created this to figure out a way to manage all the stuff you have inside a simple role play game.
  • helloworld game
    Hello World The Game.
  • Heqet
    Heqet is an useful utility collection for game development on Kobold2D.
  • HMGGJ2013
    Our entry for Global Game Jam 2013.
  • HSFaces
    Memory Game for students at Hacker School.
  • Icpong
    A pong game using the icons on your desktop.
  • IDifferences
    A Find Differences Game That Shows Lot of Tecniques And how You Can Use Them at Your App.
  • iPadPoker Game Client
    Poker Game Client for use with Poker Server.
  • Japan Nonograms
    Japan Nonograms game , editor and solver.
  • JourneyTag
    JourneyTag is a geolocation game that is available on the App Store for free.
  • Jul26
    Updated Star Con Asteroid game.
  • KeyboardTools
    MacOS drivers for Logitech Gaming Keyboards.
  • LearnArabic
    A simple slider game im making for Cyrus to learn the arabic alphabet.
  • life
    The game of life.
  • Life Game ScreenSaver
    MacOS screen saver to imitate Conway's Game of Life.
  • LunarLander RLS
    An example game for teaching game programming to highschool students.
  • mac n back
    N Back Task Game.
  • Magic rockets
    Clone of PopCap Rocketmania game with advanced reskinning and mode making.
  • MapNotes2
    Game log that helps you record games you've watched/been to.
  • Mario
    A mario like game.
  • MatchTwo
    MatchTwo game for my mom.
  • Materia Online
    A really small simple and for now, text based game.
  • Mathema
    Educational Game created as a Graduation Work to FATEC.
  • MathIsFun2 V2
    This is a re write of my game MathIsFun2.
  • Maze Game
    maze game with balls that use core motion.
  • Micro game
    Game about micro organisms.
  • Minesweeper
    Yet another implementation of the classic Minesweeper game.
  • Monster Game
    Very simple, this is a battle between gunners and monster. The purpose of gunner is to kill all monsters that want to go through the wall of the gunners.
  • My ChineseJewelry
    This is a game like Jewelry.
  • MyFirstCocosShooter Game
    first shooter game for my cocos learning.
  • MyGeek Game Board
    My Version of Geek Game Board with an Extension of Spider Solitaire.
  • NewFish
    Lung Defense Game , Comp314.
  • NikoGuess
    A complex guessing game constructed from a fictional and unreasonable client.
  • ox game
    A very stupid OX game..
  • panda run
    Panda runs to temple a physics based game.
  • pebbles
    A game Titus and I are playing around making.
  • PetalsAroundTheRose
    A simple guessing game.
  • Physics Game
    Physics Game Snowball Toss by Rod Strougo from Voices That Matter conference 2010.
  • PixelPuzzles
    A flash game created for SuperFriendshipClub's November Pageant. The theme Editor.
  • Pom
    Pom game likes angry bird.
  • ProtectTint
    Game prototype from 2010 360iDev Game Jam.
  • Puff 1
    Lung Defense Game , Comp314.
  • QAT
    2 letter word game.
  • Rasende Roboter AI
    Artificial Intelligence resolving the "Rasende Roboter" game.
  • Receptor Roulette
    BIOS 15120 Mini Game.
  • Robots
    A simple robot coding/fighting game for MacOS X.
  • RuneDefense
    Game for the iOSDevUK game hack.
  • SantaRochka
    Sample Game for GGJ12 on Kobold2D.
  • SBGame
    game for PML's project.
  • sci Games
    sciGames project with NY SCI.
  • ScreamMachine
    A game for teaching App Development to Elementary and Middle School Students.
  • shipattack
    Ship Attack! Sample Game.
  • simon Game
    A simple memory game.
  • SMKEditor
    An editor for the SNES game , Super Mario Kart.
  • SNES SuperRoadBlaster
    Super Road Blaster is a game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System written in 65816 Assembler.
  • Spaceships
    A basic spaceship game with asteroids.
  • SpriteKitMonkeyDemo Game
    This is a demo game written for reference with the Sprite Kit Introduction Blog Post at
  • SpriteKitSimple Game
    A demo for starting using SpriteKit. Port famous Cocos2DSimple Game to SpriteKit.
  • Sunrise Browser r69
    up Nvu, an open source editor. I'm going to try to use Sunrise for a whole day to see if it would pass as an every day browser. The bookmark system is unique but likely cumbersome. Sunrise is wicked fast. If speed is your game.
  • SuperSlotCar
    a slot car game.
  • SwitchClick
    First little mathematically based game.
  • Tales of Gydia
    Tales of Gydia will be a tactical RPG game taking part in the Liberated Pixel Cup (see
  • tcCollision
    Bios 15120 mini game.
  • The Ball Game
    The Ball Game is a simple SpriteKit based game where you have to avoid red balls and get blue balls.
  • The Game 4
    Second prototype. No brainfuck code more.
    Project for the KEY game.
  • thecheat
    the legendary game trainer for macosx.
  • Thirsty
    the drinking game for Sphero.
  • Toupoutou Attack
    Toupoutou Attack TM2010 A Robot Unicorn Attack inspired game.
  • tower of hanoi
    The game of Tower of Hanoi.
  • TreasureHunt
    a game for apple.
  • trebulon
    Water Miners of Trebulon is a game made in a 48 hour competition.
  • Tripop
    This game is a variant of the classic color matching game where you connect the same colored balls by rotating the attached balls. Once you get used to the controls this simple game will keep you busy for hours. You have to prevent the balls from.
  • TSActivityIndicatorView
    Very simple view class that looks like an UIActivityIndicatorView but is fully customizable. It's great for you if you want to add indicator view to you game or app and it should be customized.
  • TurnBased Template
    Template project for turn based app with Game Kit and Parse.
  • Variz
    A little game find stuff on the screen!.
  • Venice
    Alex + Jose first game.
  • ViNoMania
    Visual Novel Tower Defense Game :D.
  • walkin catchem
    The Game inside v1 Walkin.
  • War Games
    fire foam rockets at build breaking perpetrators.
  • WordChallengeParody
    This is a gaming server/client implementation originally for testing purpose. It is a mock version of the playfish's already offline Word Challenge game.
  • xingbao crossword game
    a cross word game for xingbao.
  • YouMeAndWords
    A word game that helps you build your vocabulary, learn new words and have fun while doing so.
  • ZeptoMan
    Test task for ZeptoLab Simple Pacman game.

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