List of Free code HTML


  • BCText View
    A rich text view for iOS with basic HTML rendering.
  • CoCoHTTP
    100% Cocoa URL Routing / Dynamic HTML server. Direct output from NS API 's to browser clients.
  • DrawKit
    git mirror of DrawKit OS X framework from
  • EGOImageLoading
    What if images on the iPhone were as easy as HTML?.
  • IconApp
    iOS port of Matt's AppKit drawing example from drawing using appkit.html.
  • Image PickerViewController
    Image PickerViewController is base on Apple's My Image Picker Image Picker/Introduction/Intro.html.
  • Live HTML API
    A jQuery like way to configure your UIWebViews without JavaScript evaluation.
  • MMMarkdown
    An Objective C static library for converting Markdown to HTML.
  • MTImageMapView
    An image view working like html map.
  • MTPopupWindow
    Popup window style view for Objective C, which loads contents of an HTML file. Easy one line usage. Check the readme for example.
  • nitrox
    AIR like library for native wrapped iPhone applications written in HTML/JS. Like Phonegap but based on an internal AJAX service.
  • OCPDFGen
    PDF from HTML generation library for iOS.
  • p120728 Og Image Library
    Library to get og: image with sample project. The URL of og: image is got from regular expression finding with whole HTML. The character encoding must be set to proper one.
  • PdfReportKit
    Library that generates a pdf report starting with HTML code.
  • Power HTML
    Power HTML Easy Coding, Easy Sharing.
  • RichContentLabel
    A HTML stylized label with fully image layout support without using UIWebView.
  • Trans Web
    Demonstrates how to implement UIWebView with a transparent background. To achieve this you need to make the HTML body's background color transparent by doing the following 1) set the UIWebView's backgroundColor property to [UIColor clearColor] 2) use the UIWebView's content in the html: <body style="background color: transparent"> 3) the UIWebView's opaque property set to NO.
  • turing fluid osx
    OSX version of Turing Fluid demo fluid.html.
  • UIWebView RemoveShadow
    iOS UIWebView category to remove the top and bottom shadow that Apple automatically adds to every webview. This is particularly useful if you want to use HTML to create a view in your application that's scrollable and want to use your own self.view.backgroundColor or similar.
  • Web Here
    HTML scraping for Objective C.

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