List of Free code RESTful


  • AKYouTube
    Simple REST client to YouTube v3 API.
  • AmzonProductAdvertising APISample
    Example REST Requests for Product Advertising API.
  • apitester
    Tool to quickly and easily test rest apis.
  • budgets iphone
    An example iPhone application that talks to a RESTful Rails application to manage budgets and their related expenses.
  • CatalogBrowser
    CatalogBrowser is the iOS App for querying web service with REST interface for list of items and discovering properties of the items.
  • DKAPIRequest
    Classes that make it easy to make API requests to Ruby on Rails REST apps.
  • DropboxREST
    Cocoa framework for accessing the Dropbox REST API.
  • exileassistant
    iOS Assistant for Path of Exile using public REST API.
  • expenses iphone
    An example iPhone application that talks to a RESTful Rails application to CRUD expenses.
  • Flashless
    A WebKit plug in to display preview images for Flash based video services and block the rest.
  • flattr
    Flattr REST API Library.
  • FriendREST
    Simple REST API with RESTkit, such as Syncing local DB with remote Server.
  • FSTest API
    Simple Cocoa ISBN lookup example code using the REST API.
  • gosugamers ios
    An iOS client that consumes the Gosu Gamers RESTful API.
  • httpriot
    Simple HTTP Rest Library for iPhone and Cocoa projects.
  • IntAirAct
    A Framework enabling Device Interaction using REST.
  • iorm
    iOS simple ORM connecting to a JSON Rest web backend.
  • ios app with customisable uitableview and demand loading
    An optimised and easily customisable base. For projects that require custom UITableViews and the use of RESTful webservices and uploading camera photos.
  • JAAPIDemo
    A RESTful API abstraction layer demo app.
  • JJCloudEngine
    An Objective C wrapper for the REST based CloudApp API.
  • JSRestNetworkKit
    Lightweight library to manage the backend of your iOS / Mac OSX applications perfect to work against a model based REST backend.
  • LocationAwareHotelSearch
    Using REST APIs of
  • LocationSearch
    Sample iOS app to show how to connect from iOS to Yahoo REST based API to obtain local commerce listings based on keyword search.
  • LRMimic
    An Objective C client for the Mimic REST API.
  • LRResty
    Yet another Objective C REST client library , inspired by Ruby's restclient gem.
  • MALinkedIn
    Framework for working with the LinkedIn REST API.
    MELI iOS SDK is an API to access MercadoLibre REST web services.
  • MEREST Framework
    A RESTful framework written in Objective C for iPhone & Mac OS X.
  • MovieFinder
    Small training program showing Rest API integration on iOS.
  • myGengo Objective C2.0 framework
    wrapper to myGengo RESTful API.
  • NSMutableDictionary REST. framework
    REST category for NSMutableDictionary the way it should be done.
  • ObjCradle
    A thin Objective C wrapper around CouchDB's REST api.
  • OEGFlamingJune
    Models backed by a REST web service.
  • OUIRTFReader
    OmniGroup's RTF reader for iOS without the rest of their frameworks.
  • REComposeViewController
    Sharing composers for the rest of us.
  • RestCat
    A RESTful library for iOS.
  • RESTframework
    A simple RESTful framework for Cocoa (Mac) & Cocoa Touch (iOS).
  • restful metrics objc
    Obj C Library for RESTful Metrics.
  • RESTful Service Jersey and Client RestKit
    Working RESTful webservice example biuld on Jersey stack and a client for that webservice for iOS build on RestKit framework.
  • RestKit
    RestKit is a framework for consuming and modeling RESTful web resources on iOS and OS X.
  • RESTMagic
    RESTmagic: Make a nice API and we'll do the REST: an iOS framework that provides automatic view routing. deploy new features without waiting for the appstore, and then implement the native views when you have the resources.
  • RESTtest
    RESTful Web Services testing application for the Mac. Also available in the Mac App Store.
  • ribbit ObjectiveC
    ObjectiveC libraries for Ribbit REST APIs.
  • RPAsyncServer
    A basic customizable asynchronous connection manager ideal for retrieving from REST APIs.
    REST Simple API: Link iOS Core Data to your RESTful web service.
  • RSParse AFNetworking
    Parse SDK for iOS using REST API.
  • SodaKit
    RestKit extension to support Socrata Open Data Rest API.
  • Spaghetti
    A Cocoa framework for object mapping to and from not so RESTful webservices.
  • SPRestAPI
    Simple REST API Wrapper for Share Point 2013.
  • SPTwitterEngine
    A cocoa Twitter engine with REST/streaming API.
  • STTwitter
    A comprehensive Objective C library for Twitter REST API 1.1.
  • TestDrive Rest
    Examples of using Kinvey's service in various languages.
  • TiREST
    A Tiny RESTful API Framework in LAN on iOS environment.
  • Twilinator
    Objective C wrapper around the Twilio REST API. Lets you send text messages using the Twilio API on iPhone or OS X.
  • TwitterKit
    A lightweight library for talking to the Twitter REST API for iOS and Mac OS X.
  • UnitTestExample
    An example of how to divide code to be testable when talking to a REST based API.
  • vines cloud ios
    An iOS client to the Vines Cloud RESTful API.
  • WeatherAPI
    A simple weather app. Retrieve data from web by parsing JSON and using RESTful Web Services Technique.
  • ZTRESTConnection
    A lightweight block based REST library for OBJ C.

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