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  • ActivityIndicator Image URL
    Sample code for Stack Overflow answer.
  • AFNetworkingSignedS3 Example
    Example of using AFNetworking to upload a file to S3 using a signed URL.
  • AMShortenURL
    A URL Shortener for Ryan Petrich's Action Menu.
  • AppDataSharing
    The AppData Sharing sample project demonstrates how iOS applications can locally share user data using URL schemes and a private pasteboard.
  • Block Image Loader
    iPhone Classes to load UIImage's from remote URL using Blocks.
  • Cortito
    A Safari Plugin to create really fast short urls using the Cortito Web Service API.
  • customMKAnnotationView
    Loading Image for MKAnnotationView from URL Asynchronously.
  • DownloadImg
    A simple URL image downloader that displays using Image View.
  • EPCKit
    A set of objects to help in iOS development. Includes a UIScrollView with multi images and zooming support, a customized UITabBar, a UIImageView with automated URL loading, a Combobox and other useful UI custom components.
  • File Listener
    The simple iOS application shows how to execute the simple code in the background. Set the remote URL and exit the application. If content of this file is changed, you will get a push notification.
  • Fling
    Send songs, videos, web urls from your phone to your desktop with a flick of your wrist.
  • fluidium
    A Modern, Native Mac OS X Browser Platform based on Web Kit with a Cocoa plug in architecture, tabs, userscripting, userstyles, URL shortcuts, Twitter integration, more.
  • InstantBackgroundUploader OS X
    A simple menu bar OS X app to convert a local image (in the clipboard) to its online URL (in the clipboard), uploaded to Image
  • iPhone Web Crawler
    This is a sample code for a simple web crawler for iPhone. It takes a base url and find all the links at that url and goes on crawling those url.
  • iZettle API sample code
    iZettle Custom URL Scheme Example Apps.
  • JBAsync Image View
    A fully customizable UIImageView subclass that allows you to load an image from a remote URL asynchronously.
  • JLRoutes
    Advanced URL parsing designed to handle complex URL schemes with a block based callback API.
  • KSADNPostParser
    A small library to parse Markdown URLs for ADN posts.
  • KSInstapaper API
    An Instapaper API controller with the ability to queue URLs when the network is down.
  • MSText View
    URL aware Text View for iOS.
  • ObjC NImageView
    NImageView is an iOS image view that load images from a url and provides caching.
  • Quick Web View
    Open URL in Web View via URL Scheme.
  • remote imageview
    Replacement for UIImageView that asynchronously shows an image downloaded from an URL. While the download is running an activity indicator is shown over the view. A block is invoked when the image has finishing download.
  • SBRXCallbackURLKit
    Simple library that makes it easy to add x callback url support to your app.
  • SELoad Image ASync
    Simple Static Obj C method used to load image from URL into a UIImageView Asynchronously and cache it in device.
  • STPImboClient
    STPImbo is a simple helper to create image URLs for imbo Image Server.
  • Swyp
    Framework for transferring any file from any app, to any app on any device: simply with a sw?p. Master at URL below.
  • UntarAction
    An automator action for OS X 10.6 which will take a list of tarfile paths/URLs and extract each one to the same directory.
  • URLRaider
    A test helper for rewriting responses at Cocoa URL request API.
  • utility ThreadPool ios
    The thread pool and URL dispatch library used by Lightstreamer's iOS client library since v. 1.2.
  • VILoader Image View
    This class is a subclass of UIImageView designed to take in an image URL and display the image.
  • Web BrowserTutorial
    Web BrowserTutorial is a simple Objective C project that shows the content of a URL.
  • Web Ex
    Dispatches http(s) requests to specific browsers based on URL.
  • Web Log
    An app which uses a NSStatusItem with a custom view to allow dragging/droping of url's and saves them for later use in a similar way to Read it Later.
  • Webmailer
    Handles mailto URLs by opening your webmail. (OS X).

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