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  • 3DAR Chess
    An iPhone app for visualizing data in augmented or virtual reality by linking from another app or web page.
  • ACConnect
    Client libraries for connecting with HTTP, FTP, S3 and Web DAV servers.
  • Andraxar
    A small web browser!.
  • ArchMyCamp
    Archive basecamp stuff, and backup them up into a web drive or whatever the user choose.
  • ARTSATDataTestiOS
    Test iOS Apllication For ARTSAT Web API.
  • Barista
    A modular, embeddable web server for Objective C.
  • beholder
    Internet Web image finder.
  • BHTabBar
    A web browser like tab bar implementation for iOS4+.
  • bkxititag
    iPhone Objective C class for Xiti (a Web analytics provider).
  • Canned
    Canned is simple librayr for iOS to record web requests and then play them later while testing.
  • capybara touch
    A Capybara driver for Mobile Webkit to test mobile web apps.
  • CardSwitcher old
    CardSwitcher is a Web OS style multitasking interface for iOS.
  • Chivy
    iOS web browser control which looks and behaves like modern Safari and is highly customizable.
  • cloudlog
    Keep your phone call history on the Web.
  • cocoa php
    PHP as a thin wrapper for a Cocoa CLI program to serve web requests.
  • cocoa web resource
    A file transfer solution for iPhone and iPod Touch. Support uploading, download and delete files via browser.
  • cocoa websocket
    a Web Socket class for Cocoa, based on AsyncSocket and code from Esad Hajdarevic.
  • CocoaHTTPServerExpress
    The goal is to be an embedded HTTP Server used for testing. This project is inspired by iOS Fake Web and Express.js.
  • CoffeeScriptAtOnce
    Minimal web development environment on iOS.
  • DailyComics
    Daily Comics is a mobile client that shows a set of the daily comics. The set can be localized based on your current network location. The comics are served from my web server. The official website for the application is at comics/. There's source code of the client available for Windows Phone 7 and iOS.
  • DataImporter
    Import Shadowrun data from web sources.
  • DataKit
    DataKit makes it easy to add web backends to your apps!.
  • DataManager
    To act the web request,local data read as the same way.
  • DAVKit
    A Cocoa framework for talking to Web DAV servers.
  • DCTWebBrowser
    A view controller to act as an internal web browser.
  • DDSimpleHTTPd
    This is a simple web server written in Objective C using the CCFNetwork (for OSX and iOS).
  • DeploydKit
    DeploydKit makes it easy to add a professional web backend to your iOS app with Deployd.
  • deskweb
    A little tool to embed web pages in an OS X loginwindow or Desktop.
  • DevColor
    A simple color picker for Mac, iOS, and web development.
  • DMWebBrowserViewController
    A simple web browser view controller instantiated view blocks.
  • DTWebArchive
    A lightweight class to allow interaction with the Web Archive Pasteboard type used by Apple's iOS apps.
  • DZ Web Dav Client Example
    This project tries to implement DZ Web Dav Client for example.
  • DZTSMini Web Browser
    Internal web browser control for iOS applications. Derived from TSMini Web Browser after it's support suspended.
  • DZWebDAVClient
    An Objective C Web DAV client based on AFNetworking.
  • Equilibrium
    with OCUnit, GHUnit, and OCMock frameworks. The test management is supported by TestLink and Mantis as integrated bug tracker. A project management tool is setup for the Scrum process, it is called iceScrum. All three a web based services running on Amazon EC2.
  • FastEasyConcurrent Web Fetches
    Infrastructure to manage pools of web interface operations, elegant, simple, and quickly cancelable.
  • feelingneedish
    iPhone application for consuming the Needish API developed for the Web 2.0 Rockstars challenge.
  • firebase gwt wrapper
    Google Web Toolkit wrapper for Firebase.
  • Flynn
    Fast animation for the Web.
  • Geolocation Examples
    Example code from my presentation on Geolocation in Web and Mobile Apps.
  • HTTPForm iOS
    Web form likely post request class for iOS.
  • i Web
    iOS Web Browser favorite bookmarks just like iPhone apps.
  • i Web Search pro
    Open Source Of My Paid Application In Cydia.
  • ibrowser
    Please refer to the Chapter 13 samples instead. DEPRECATED Browse your normal (non jailbroken) iPhone contents using a Web browser.
  • iCommerce
    Projet iCommerce Option Technologies du Web Avanc?es.
  • IGWebLogger
    IGWebLogger allows you to view your iOS app logs over web browser in realtime.
  • iLeapLib
    A simple LeapMotion library which use the Web Socket LeapMotion server.
  • Image 2Web
    Strip profiles, convert to RGB, and optimize image file size in preparation for web deployment.
  • Image BackgroundWebView
    a simple app for ios dynamic web browser and image background.
  • Image CachedLoader
    iOS Web Image Loader with Parallel download.
  • imbed
    This is a starting point for using web content in an iOS app, complete with rake tasks and pre written handlers for common iOS tasks.
  • InAppBrowser
    Easy to use drop in classes for browsing web pages without leaving your iOS app.
  • iOS Fake Web
    Simple HTTP request mocking/interception for testing module.
  • iOS OnionBrowser
    An open source, privacy enhancing web browser for iOS, utilizing the Tor anonymity network.
  • iOS Sandbox
    Pushing Content to the Web.
  • IOS Streaming Browser
    , or to allow students to give presentations from their iPads. From a teacher perspective, it will allow teachers to view the activity of all students in a classroom, if this application is set as the default web browser, and broadcasting is turned.
  • iOS Web GL Viewer
    An iOS project to view Web GL web pages on iOS devices.
  • iPhone Inline Web Browser
    An simple to use iPhone inline web browser that allows your users to surf the web without leaving your application. It supports back/forward navigation, sending links to a website via email, opening the current page in Safari, landscape mode, reloading pages and error handling. Requires iPhone OS 3.x.
  • iPhone iSelect
    An iPhone app that will improve people's reading experience of web contents by filtering information based on emotions.
  • iPhone Webtech
    Files for my iPhone View Controllers session at Web Tech 09.
  • iPhoneSDKExamples
    Examples from O'Reilly's iPhone SDK Book, Learn Objective C on the Mac and other related web resources like
  • jsconsole iphone
    The iPhone native version of JS Console (with Web Socket support).
  • JSONBus sample iOS with wvjsbridge
    EXPERIMENTAL & ABANDONED: Sample of the JSONBus idea on iOS, using Web ViewJavascriptBridge. License: MIT.
  • jumpcut
    Fork of Steve Cook's Jumpcut clipboard history utility (, hopefully adding web syncing.
  • KaitenExtensions
    Extensions to Cocoa similar to Project WOnder's extensions to Web Objects.
  • KTDownloadManager
    Downloads and caches data retrieved from the web. Written for iOS.
  • Kurt
    A concise web server for use with Nu and Objective C.
  • LFWebAPIKit
    Objective C library for writing apps with web APIs. Provides HTTP request object, site reachability check and utilities.
  • Light Web Browser
    my first ios app.
  • Live Web Preview
    Web development tool for automatically refreshing a page when the content changes.
  • Local Web DataKit
    Sync local data from a web store.
  • machine learning module
    the best machine learning tutorials on the web.
  • MDWamp
    MDWamp is a client side objective C implementation of the Web Socket subprotocol WAMP.
  • MockNSURLConnection
    mock web requests for Objective C.
  • MRStackExample
    This is a sample iPhone app that uses the StackExchange API to show a properly decoupled architecture for mobile apps to interact with web backends.
  • Multitouch Web Sockets
    A project to allow multitouch hadware to interact with web applications throught web sockets.
  • NetDataKit
    A library for retrieving data elements from the web.
  • NSOperation Web Fetches MadeEasy
    Add the OperationsRunner class to your class and get going with concurrent web fetches today!.
  • Nunja
    A cross platform web server that's scripted with Nu.
  • opentok ios sdk webrtc
    OpenTok iOS video SDK for Web RTC.
  • OWAParser
    Objective C parser for Outlook Web Access.
  • pagemunch objc
    An ObjectiveC SDK for the PageMunch web crawler API.
  • PandoraBoy on your mac... without a web browser.
  • ParmaStack
    ParmaStack is a smart web stack for Mac OS X with Apache, PHP, MongoDB and RockMongo.
  • PBWebViewController
    A light weight, simple and customizable web browser component for iOS.
  • PKWebSocket
    Web Socket client for Cocoa.
  • preview app osx
    ArcGIS preview application to locate, view and interact with web maps. Code Contains Esri Application Framework (EAF).
  • PVAsync Image View
    A simple NSImageView subclass that let's you download images asynchronously from the web on the Mac with some other useful properties.
  • PWFake Web
    Stub out HTTP requests for testing HTTP related Objective C code.
  • qdesktop
    Qdesktop lets you set a web page of your liking as the desktop background of your Mac.
  • QuickCompress
    A small OS X application for compressing web content.
  • RadHTTP
    Simple Objective C web server for iOS, OS X, and Linux systems with GNUstep.
  • reamaze sdk
    A Simple Objective C SDK for interacting with Reamaze's Web API.
  • Remote Web
    iPhone as simple Web Server.
  • RequesterExample
    A simple Objective C object that can be used to make web requests.
  • RestfulCoreData
    An attempt to come up with a sane web API to Core Data synching pattern, using the Pivotal Tracker API.
  • RockemSockem
    A simple Web Socket server.
  • RogueHTTP
    A little web server for your iPhone.
  • RPRadarChart
    Simple Radar Chart (or Spider Web ) Generator for iOS.
  • RSWebSocket
    A Web Socket client framework for Cocoa/Objective C (RFC 6455 conformant).
  • RunLog iOS
    A Simple Running Log for iPhone & Web.
  • SafarFee
    A browser that lets you own the web.
  • safaricookiecutter
    Cookie editor for Safari & other Web Kit browsers.
  • Sample Browser
    A little experiment to see how much of a web browser I could make in 30 minutes. This is licensed under the BSD license.
  • Savannah
    A web native bridge for hybrid apps.
  • SBBrowser
    Browse the web. Anytime, anywhere.
  • scalaone iphone
    Hybrid native/ web iPhone app for the Scala portion of Oracle's JavaOne conference.
  • Scan Find
    Scan&Find Sample project with Zxing scanner doing lookups against various web sources.
  • sdk ios
    Add dynamic web based content to your app, see README.mdown for more details.
  • selenium objective c
    Selenium Web Driver Bindings for Objective C.
  • Shadow Web
    shadowsocks client for non jailbroken iOS device.
  • SIKHttpRequest ARC
    SIKHTTPRequest is an easy to use wrapper around the NSURLConnection which is iOS native protocol for communicating with web servers easier. It is written in Objective C with ARC Enable. In next version it will have SIKFormDataRequest subclass which will makes it easy to submit POST data and files using multipart/form data.
  • simple web browser
    I'm learning to write Cocoa apps. Care to follow along?.
  • socketio cocoa
    Cocoa interface to Socket.IO by way of Web Sockets.
  • SoftLanding
    Component for OS X soft landing / welcome page using Web Kit.
  • STWebArchiver
    Archives a webpage as.webarchive without Web Kit.
  • SvIncrementally Image
    InCrementally load Image from web.
  • syncdav
    Web DAV syncing classes for Cocoa.
  • TeamDisk iOS
    TeamDisk_iOS is a Web DAV based APP.
  • TFWebSocketHandler
    Web Socket server implementation for Web AppKit.
  • Thunder Tracker
    Menulet App that uses mobile web data to get status and info related to the OKC Thunder.
  • TouchHTTPD
    An iOS compatible Cocoa Web Server.
  • TOWebViewController
    A modal view controller for iOS that allows users to quickly view web sites from within an app.
  • TSMini Web Browser
    In App web browsing support for iPhone apps.
  • tweetSaver
    Obj C Screensaver with Web Kit.
  • UbiSOA
    A mashup framework based on the Web of Things to facilitate the development of Ubiquitous Web Applications.
  • Unitt Web SocketClient
    A mirror of the Unitt Web SocketClient, originally available here Web SocketClient.
  • Visual
    Navigate through images stored in a web page with "sequential" names. Think of it as a sequential image navigator.
  • w2a teatimer
    a tea timer, built first for the web.
  • w2w
    Companion to i Web to facilitate uploading to ftp sites.
  • Wallboard
    A multi monitor aware, full screen Web Kit browser designed specifically for use with information radiators.
  • web 2native
    Turn web apps to native apps in minutes.
  • Web Albums
    Web Albums application for the iPhone.
  • web api
    Tester for our web apis.
  • Web AppKit
    A framework for creating web applications using Cocoa and Objective C, running on Mac OS X.
  • Web AppWrapper iOS
    An web app wrapper for iOS.
  • Web ArchiveExtractor
    Mac OS X utility to un archive.webarchive files (like when saving from Safari).
  • Web Asynchronous
    Web Asynchronous for objective c.
  • web Browser
    created web browser for PW.
  • Web Checker
    Check IF WWDC Website is on.
  • Web Collector
    Take screen shot web sites in iOS Apps.
  • Web Comix
    Web Comic Reader I am not maintaining this code anymore.
  • Web ConnectController
    Simple way to submit data in iOS.
  • Web Fusion
    A fourth installment of Web Fusion client, using a new client programming scheme.
  • Web GLBrowser
    An iOS browser shim that supports Web GL.
  • Web GLEditor
    An Objective C Web GL editor using private API's.
  • Web Launcher
    Simple app that launches a web page in Safari (and Safari alone).
  • Web OS.sugar
    Makes developing HP Web OS apps with Espresso on Mac OS X vastly easier and more pleasant.
  • Web P iOS example
    Script to build libwebp for iOS + example of use.
  • Web Paste
    Sample code showing how to do copy/paste of complex items in iOS.
  • web preview
    mac app that provides helpful web preview functionality during development such as live previous, continuous integration testing, etc.
  • Web Projects
    All the projects done during my coursework at USC.
  • web request demo
    Simple iOS web request demonstration.
  • Web Scraper
    iOS library for web scraping.
  • Web ServerTest
    Zum testen von Serverzugriffen und so...
  • Web ServiceCall
    Simple Strava API call & display.
  • Web ServiceClass
    Web ServiceClass Objective C.
  • Web Socket for Objective C
    Web Socket Protocol implementation for iOS based on RFC 6455. Under development.
  • Web Sockets Cocoa
    Objective C implementation of Web Sockets and BLIP protocols, for iOS and Mac OS.
  • Web ToApp POC
    This is a proof of concept on how a web application could communicate to a low level application using ZeroMQ.
  • Web Toasters
    Flying toasters screensaver, except they're webpages. And they're not flying. So really, just a screensaver with a configurable webpage.
  • Web ToPicture
    Save the whole web page to a PNG filie.
  • webdesktop
    Overlay a web page on your Mac desktop.
  • webedit
    think TextEdit but using Web Kit.
  • webrequest
    A lightweight class for iOS for making asynchronous web requests.
  • websupport
    Cocoa utility classes for dealing with web resources.
  • Wharton Web ConfDemos
    Demo apps shown at the 2013 Wharton Web Conference.
  • wtfisthis
    A mobile/ web project at KYH Stockholm.
  • YSWeb Image Picker
    Provides a UIImagePicker experience with web images , Implements Bing Image search API.

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