List of Free code HTTP


  • amd adl sdk
    This is the AMD ADL SDK , ? Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. See d0ec 4a8f 84ac eb6247123925 for license.
  • AnimatedGif Example
    A fork of and transparent gifs for iphone made easy/ that shows optimized animated GIFs correctly.
  • APIHandler
    API (HTTP) request handling and processing.
  • appaloosa ios sdk
    Some useful classes that you can include in your ios project to interact with http://www.appaloosa
  • AppFigures API
    An Objective C wrapper for the AppFigures API ( ? Untested.
  • Beeblex SDK
    The Beeblex SDK (
  • BHImageCache
    Basic Image Caching on iOS with support for HTTP Header Expiration.
  • BWAFNetworking
    Restfull http library inspired by the great RestKit and based on top of Afnetworking.
  • CoreNetworking
    Framework for building network clients and servers, includes a simple HTTP server out of the box.
  • CountryPicker
    flag images from FAMFAMFAM ( that have been painstakingly re named by country code to work with the library.
  • CryptoPP for iOS
    iOS porting of and some example code.
  • delegate example
    Example code for and creating delegates in objective c.
  • drupal ios sdk
    The Drupal iOS Software Development Kit provides a full suite of iOS methods to natively connect iOS applications to Drupal. Built by Kyle Browning at
    A time and labor saving iOS crash collection and analysis framework, accompanied by http://EGG.IO.
  • etherpad lite objc
    Objectiv C client for the Etherpad Lite HTTP API.
  • ExamplesForBlog
    Sample codes for my blog (
  • FayeObjC
    Objective C Client Library for the Faye Pub Sub messaging server (
  • FemtoHTTP
    A simple Objective C HTTP/1.1 network library.
  • Forrst API
    An iOS objective C wrapper for api ? outdated.
  • FutureSpaceship
    An iPhone space dragon game. Fun. Code modelled after Brandon Trebitowski's tennis game (
  • GCNetworkRequest
    An easy to use asynchronous HTTP networking library for iOS and OS X.
  • GetSatisfaction remote component
    Satisfaction Remote Component enables iOS developers to embed support for Get Satisfaction within their apps. This works somewhat like the "Feedback" widget on many websites ( example on homepage). Fork of Include last version of OauthConsumer and a lot of bugfixes.
  • HealthVault Mobile iOS Library
    personally controlled health record. The ?go live? process to deploy an application against the production HealthVault service can be found at us/healthvault/bb962148. Information about the API that the HealthVault service exposes can be in the documentation in HealthVault.NET SDK.
  • http push client
    HTTP Push client library for iOS.
  • http.m
    A HTTP server library written in Objective C.
  • IconOverlaying
    Sample project showing how to overlay information on Icon in iOS App. Read more application version on top of your icon/.
  • Image TextCellSample image and text sample/.
  • iOS AvPlayer Demo
    This iOS app uses the AvPlayer to play both a local and a streamed (over http) file.
  • ios blinkrc control
    Quick prototype iOS control application for the "Insurance Liability Bot" (BlinkRC servo controller). Requires Sparrow framework (http://www.sparrow
  • ios http demo
    Demo of sending sensor data via HTTP POST from iOS.
  • iOS5.1 Framework Headers
    iOS5.1 Framework Headers generated by dump/.
  • iOS5.1 Private Framework Headers
    iOS5.1 Private Framework Headers generated by dump/.
  • iOSColourLovers
    an iOS library to enable easy access to palettes / colour groups.
  • JEDownloader
    A super duper easy peasy simple and lightweight HTTP library for Cocoa.
  • Kaiwa
    Kaiwa is a cocoa/cocoatouch framework for adding a HTTP interface to your application, as well as allowing communication between Kaiwa enabled applications.
  • KBAPISupport
    Some support classes for easier HTTP API access.
  • Keyboard Schmeeboard
    Sample code to go along with schmeeboard/.
  • KeyedServer
    Setup for using NSKeyedArchiver and NSKeyedUnarchiver to encode decode messages over HTTP.
  • Learn iOS Game Dev Level 0
    Teeter clone accompanying tutorial at ios game dev level 0/.
  • LockScreenInfo
    Example project from MPNowPlayingInfoCenter tutorial available at: screen now playing with mpnowplayinginfocenter/.
  • MinimalNetwork
    Simple HTTP library for Objective C.
  • NativeAppSimulator
    Emulate native iPhone applications in iPhone Simulator. Perfect for producing a demo video of your iPhone application that incorporates or launches a native app. Read more about this technique in the corresponding blog post at Mobile Orchard native apps in iphone simulator for better demo videos/.
  • NuDataProvider
    Http request library for Objective C.
  • ofxASIHTTP
    A quick Http Post/get requests library for Openframeworks.
  • OpenRadar Framework
    OpenRadar is an Objective C framework for interacting with the Open Radar project at
  • Plist Demo
    ios plist Demo
  • PressurePaint
    Demonstration and example code for PressurePen support see
  • rdhttp
    yet another iOS HTTP client library.
  • rdio framework
    Rdio.framework is an Objective C framework for interacting with the Rdio social music service at
  • ResourceLoaderTest
    this is an upgraded example for the ResourceLoader lib from Bartek Wilczy?ski, find more info about it here:
  • Salami
    Just a sample code to answer drawing a rectangle on an imageview and adjusting borders.
  • SaneKit
    SaneKit is an Objective C wrapper for the Scanner access library libsane (http://www.sane
  • SGSmokeScreen View Controller
    Based on scree.
  • SimpleHttpClient
    The Simple Http Client is a library for the Objective C. It uses NSOperation and NSURLConnection.
  • SimpleInstapaperKit
    An iOS interface for the Instapaper Simple API ( api /simple).
  • SplitView Example
    Split View Example from views.
  • StatusBar Demo
    Demo app for a blog post on using the status bar's frame and height the status bars frame in ios/.
  • StorageRoomKit
    StorageRoomKit is a static library (iOS) and framework (OS X) that provides helper methods and classes to make it easier to use RestKit with the StorageRoom API (
  • StravaKit
    iOS wrapper for the Strava ( API.
  • TB 3DCore Animation
    This is the code for the tutorial "Introduction to 3D drawing in Core Animation " from
  • TI BLE Demo Fork
    Fork of the TI BLE Demo (Original code found here:
  • TryiOSCourse demos
    Sample projects from Code Schools Try iOS course
  • UITableViewControllerWithNSURLConnection
    UITaleViewController category support http request.
  • unirest obj c
    Unirest in Objective C: Simplified, lightweight HTTP library.
  • VCRURLConnection
    VCRURLConnection is an iOS and OSX API to record and replay HTTP interactions, inspired by VCR for ruby.
  • VideoStream Demo 2
    http live stream video player,custom interface and preview in timeline.
  • Web App
    An Objective C framework for serving HTTP over TCP.
  • WiiMapper Framework
    Extensions to the WiiRemote Framework to support sending signals using libmapper. Forked from remote/.

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