List of Free code WebService


  • afGoogleMapsAPI WS iOS
    iOS wrapper for the GoogleMaps API Web Services.
  • AFOAuthSignInViewController
    AFOAuth1Client / AFOAuth2Client Web Service Authenication View Controller within the App.
  • airport weather
    Simple Airport Weather App uses GeoNames Web Services to get Weather report.
  • AmazonCoverArt
    Objective C library to fetch media cover artwork from Amazon Web Services.
  • BlueVia
    BlueVia is the new global developer platform from Telefonica that helps developers take apps, web services, and ideas to market.
  • BWObjectSerializer
    Small library that transform an object into a dictionary that can be send to a web service.
  • BZWebServices
    A simple lib to query a Web Service using blocks.
  • cage the mine
    A sample project showing the two classes I typically use to interact with web services.
  • City Compass
    A not so simple compass that points not just to the north but also to any other specified location on earth. Gets your entered location's coordinates from Google's Web Services and calculates the initial bearing based on the shortest spherical distance.
  • cocoa wsf client
    Cocoa client for web services exposed with the Polar Rose Web Service Foundation.
  • curly
    a web service client.
  • HessianKit
    HessianKit is a Framework for Objective C 2.0 to allow Mac OS X 10.5, and iPhone 2.0 applications to seamlessly communicate with hessian web services.
  • IMDB
    Simple app that hits an IMDB web service.
  • iPhone Web ServicesClient
    This project showcases different transport formats and libraries to consume web services from an iOS application.
  • iphoneandjavawebservices
    An iPhone (Cocoa) and Desktop (Java) pair of applications that showcase the interop of iPhone apps and Web Services.
  • JSON Webservice Template
    An Objective C template for JSON webservice interaction, specifically (but not limited to) MVC4 Web API.
  • LBCache
    Image cache library for iOS, including classes for web services and encryption.
  • LightRPC
    A lightest protocol for Web Services.
  • MaxHealth
    iOS app. Track your heath across a number of different metrics and find correlations in the data. Customizable so you can track many things. Talks to backend web service.
  • MMRecord
    Seamless Web Service Integration and Core Data Model Population.
  • MPOAuth
    With MPOAuthConnection, all the work of talking to secure web services is taken care of for you so you only have to focus on how you want to use the data the remote web service provides.
  • MusicFinder
    Find artists by name, browse albums and songs with web service.
  • NPweb
    AFM for entities iOS app, GSIS web service.
  • objectivesync
    An abstraction of the various synchronization policies used when linking a remote iPhone app to a supporting backend web service. Abstracted from the ObjectiveResource project.
  • pico
    A light iOS web service client framework.
  • Posterous Library
    Objective C library for consuming Posterous web services.
  • Pushster
    An iOS App to receive Push Notifications using web services, half done, needs someone to finish.
  • RdioSimple Api Mac
    A simple Rdio Web Service API Objective C wrapper, for Mac OS X Cocoa Apps.
  • serviceclient ios
    A simple iOS library for communicating with web services.
  • SoapCaller Parser
    This library would call the soap web service and parse it according to the tags thus given to it and return an array of strings to the delegate.
  • SOAPDemo
    Calling SOAP Web Services from an iPhone App.
  • SOAPEngine
    This generic SOAP client allows you to access web services using a your iOS app.
  • SosumiObjC
    An Objective C library for interacting with Apple's Find My iPhone web service.
  • web service test
    Test webov? slu?by napsan? v Pythonu ( web 2py).
  • Web ServiceKit
    A web service library using NSURLConnection and NSOperation.
  • Web Services.ObjC
    Web Services Objective C (with ARC) MercuryPay Integration.
  • zkSforce
    Cocoa library for calling the Web Services API.

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