List of Free code ActiveDirectory


  • Access Control Service Extensions for Umbraco
    An extensions to Umbraco 4.7 which enables you to authenticate users from Facebook, Windows Live ID, Google, Yahoo, Active Directory and other identity providers. Setup, user management and handling of authorization policies are all seamlessly integrated in the Umbraco UI.
  • Active Directory Common Dialogs .NET
    .NET common dialog based wrappers for the Active Directory UI common dialogs, in particular the Directory Object Picker.
  • Active Directory Portal: uManage
    uManage is an Active Directory Self-Service Portal application designed for use on intranet systems. Users can update their information without IT assistance.
  • Active Directory Utils
    A collection of utilities and sample code for administering Active Directory. All code is in C#.
  • Active Directory Web App Availability Monitor for SCOM 2012
    Extend the web application availability monitoring in System Center Operations Manager 2012 with the ability to monitor Active Directory Authenticated Web Sites
  • ADModify.NET
    ADModify.NET is a tool primarily utilized by Exchange and Active Directory administrators to facilitate bulk user attribute modifications. See for launch details
  • Craig's Utility Library
    Craig's Utility Library contains various utility classes used in both web and desktop programming. The library contains classes to handle tasks such as encryption, compression, Microformats, serialization, dealing with Exchange, Active Directory, Twitter, Netflix, threads, etc.
  • Custom Membership Provider SQL + LDAP with one login page
    Custom membership provider to allow users to login to there portal from one login page whether its custom SQLDB or the current Active Directory.
  • LINQ to AD
    LINQ to AD (Active Directory) provides ways of querying Active Directory using LINQ syntax and Lambda expressions.
  • OAuthServer
    OAuthServer is an Open Authentication server that allows you to securely authenticate your Active Directory users directly on the internet.
  • PassCore: A Self-Service AD Password Change Utility
    Provides a simple web app that allows users to change their Active directory Password on a responsive, HTML 5 user interface.
  • Remote Commander
    Remote Commander is a GUI front-end for PSEXEC. It allows system administrators to search their Microsoft Active Directory domain for computers, and launch remote commands against them.
  • Slick-Ticket
    A trouble-ticket/help desk solution written by those who are tired of the bloated 'Industry Standard' systems. This is a free, open-source, scalable, tested solution that is already in use by a government agency with thousands of users. Windows and Active Directory integrated.
  • Systems Administration Helper
    Systems Administration Helper is a WPF program designed to help administrators who use ActiveDirectory or OpenAudit to perform tasks on their remote computers from one easy-to-use interface. Tasks include remote desktop, Wake on Lan, Ping, remote execute (PsExec) and copy files.
  • TB.ADBlock -- Active Directory Helper
    A C# class library used to maintain Active Directory, include User, OU and Group This library has used in production envirement about 2 years, and all is OK!
  • User Account Picture Manager
    This little app will try to fetch a users picture from active directory (thumbnailPhoto) and sets this picture on Windows Vista/2008/7/2008 R2 as User Account Picture
  • WPF Active Directory Explorer
    Robust and Extensible Active Directory Explorer and Editor

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