List of Free code TCP


  • .NET Serial To TCP proxy server
    serialtotcp allows to share your hardware serial ports as TCP port. You can easily turn your physical PC into terminal server. View session input/output or send commands to the physical port. Very useful when automating work with embedded devices. Developed in C#.
  • AVR Terminal
    A Windows application for connecting to an AVR via RS232 serial or USB-to-COM FTDI ports. Works on Arduino, Bare Bones Board, and any custom boards with max232/FTDI IC and USB or DE-15 connector. Also contains a rudimentary TCP/IP server for telnet access to your AVR.
  • DnDns and PocketDnDns - A .NET DNS Client Resolver Library
    A DNS protocol library written completely in managed code (C#). Supports common DNS records types like A, CNAME, MX, SRV, and more. Works on Windows .NET 2.0, 3., Mono 2.0, and .NET CF 2.0 for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile. Supports DNS resoluiton using both UDP and TCP protocols.
  • EnOceanNet
    EnOceanNet is at .NET API for the Thermokon STC-Ethernet transceiver, that is based on the TCM 120 EnOcean module. The source code is written i C#. The API operates in TCP server mode and supports multiple transceivers simultaneously.
  • MCE Controller
    MCE Controller lets you control a Windows HTPC (or any PC) over the network. Supports TCP/IP and RS-232.
  • Mirror Drive
    This project allows you to share a harddisk or folder via the a tcp connection. It uses a third party lib called Dokan.
    High performance open source TCP message send and receive component which written by
  • Port Inspector
    Port inspector is a simple TCP/UDP port scanner.
  • Port Ping
    A .NET 3.5 Based application to test text based communication with another application through any TCP/IP Port
  • SharpSTUNT
    Simple Traversal of UDP Through NATs and TCP too (STUNT). This C# library implement a lightweight protocol that allows applications running behind a NAT to determine external IP and port-binding properties, packet filtering rules and various timeouts associated with TCP con...
  • TCPEssentials
    TCPEssentials is a C# Library that helps simplify the task of managing TCP connections, and also gives you a few tools that may be useful.
  • TCPMessageServer
    Simple TCP Client/Server used to pass an object between client and server and tranfer files between Client/Server

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